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Photo Shoot Madness!

  • by Amy Salinger
  • November 13th, 2009
  • My Style

I must apologize. I am a bad fashion blogger. I have been MIA for an entire week! But, let me explain…. I have been a very busy bee working on a photo shoot for an amazing up and coming artist name Paige Christensen. She is not only cute, but extremely talented. It made it that much easier to pull fabulous clothing for her!

I was lucky enough to be the producer of this shoot which means I asked all of my talented friends to work on it. The photographer, Alberto Vasari, is an old friend from my Chicago days. He is insanely talented (I am not just saying this because I like him:) and deserves to be a worldwide photography sensation. The make-up artist, Laura Nadeau, is equally as awesome. She mostly does bridal (you should hire her:), so this was a fun project for us to work on together! Add in my great assistant Jessica and Alberto’s photo assistant Maxwell, and you had a crazy (and talented) group.

My direction for the styling was simple and straightforward, make it quirky and edgy. With those two words, I just went for it. The great part about my job when I get to do photo shoots, is that I get to pull clothing from showrooms around the city. What are showrooms you ask? Designer’s hire showrooms to represent their lines. On any given day, stylists, magazine editors or buyer’s will be going to the showrooms to either pull clothing or check out the lines. The showrooms are basically the middle man between the designers and the world.

I had a busy week contacting showrooms that I thought would work for the shoot. Remember, I was going for edgy and quirky so the clothing at each of the showrooms had to represent this. Once I had the right places on board, it was time to pull. This quite literally means that I get to go in and point to as many items as possible and they sign them out for me to take to the shoot. It is like shopping for free! Except I don’t get to keep anything, just borrow it. Good enough for me:)

Then there is the shoot itself. I love shooting days, no matter how long they are. It really is important to have a team that works incredibly well together. I was the producer of this shoot, so I really was the only one who knew everyone. Luckily, everyone played very nice. Things can get very silly very fast which is how I like to live so this works out well for me. Imagine putting together several insanely creative people who all want to make the vision work, it can be lots of fun! As you can see, Maxwell was testing out the shot before we actually had Paige come in. I suggested that he model on his own as he is obviously a natural:)

So there you have my excuse for being a bad fashion blogger, I hope it was a good one! As soon as the final shots come out I will be sure to share them with you. They are AMAZING if I do say so myself! You should definitely check out the few tracks by Paige that are already out on her site, www.PaigeChristensen.com. She is awesome and the world is about to find out…..


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