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Purple Reign: Add a Punch of Color

I love anything that makes a good conversation piece. I am not talking about being that person at the party with a ridiculous dress on or a crazy looking, over the top hat… No, I am simply speaking of having that one show piece that people not only stop and stare, but they feel the need to make a B-line for you just to chat about it.

Choosing an accessory as that pop piece is the most safe option. It can be anything from a beautiful cocktail ring to a fabulous belt, but whatever it is, it has got to sing! If it is a great item, most likely it will sing opera:)

This purple suede bag is actually singing opera to me right now. It is singing (in Italian of course), I am hot, I am interesting, I am sexy. Most of all it is singing, “Buy me!!!!”. Such a clutch brings an interesting and colorful twist to any ensemble that you decide to utilize it with. I would stick to making this your funky dinner and cocktails go to bag as the tassle makes it a bit much for anything more formal. The great part about it though is that it can easily make its way from a brightly lit afternoon affair into an evening soiree. Do not be scared of it’s rockin’ design and exciting color. Use any pop piece as a stand alone item that makes your outfit shine! The key is to keep the rest of your look fairly basic and add your pop piece as the cherry on top of the sundae of your outfit!!!

Top Shop Tassle Detail Clutch


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