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Tall Women Can Find Pants That Fit!!!!

One of my favorite clients is 6′ tall and hot. Unfortunately, the world of clothing is not her best friend. She has tons of trouble finding any pants that don’t end up looking cropped. Note to designers: Not all women are between 5’2″ and 5’8″. They also are not all 115lbs. This may come as a shock to them, but I will continue to try and get the message out there!

As always, I have put on my detective cap and found a store that caters to tall women. Unfortunately, like a lot of major stores, it only caters to them on-line. Alas, at least there is a way to find pants that you can even wear heels with! Crazy, I know.

Banana Republic is fantastic about having an amazing range of sizes… on-line. Big, tall, wide, skinny, this store actually does have it all. When I come across sizing problems, I always turn to their on-line store for both men and women.

This fabulous pair of wide-leg white pants is a perfect option for a taller gal. The amazing thing about this style is that they look the best on taller women and they aren’t even available to them! Listen up my over 5’10” friends, you are the only group of women that can sincerely get away with wearing flats and wide leg pants and look completely hot. Your legs will still look a mile long because they are! How fabulously amazing. So stop complaining that you can’t find pants, know that you can go on-line for incredible styles and enjoy your mile long legs…. While the rest of us are bitching that we have stumps, you can gaze at yourself lovingly and smile:)

Pleat Front Wide Leg Pants



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