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The ’70s are calling…. Tie Dye is Back!

I remember one of my favorite days at sleepover camp, I referred to it as, “Tie dye your old crap” day. I put strange elastics all over my shirts to create weird and fun designs and then dipped away into colored dyes. Never was a masterpiece created, but I still wore those ugly suckers for years to come. I had to make sure my parents got their money’s worth for shipping me off:)

Now, it was certainly not the ’70s, but tie dye was still a good time. Fast forward to Spring 2009 and tie dye has gone from sleepover chic to high fashion chic. Open any magazine these days and they have at least a few pieces devoted to the newest, hottest trend. Jerry Garcia would be front row in the tents at fashion week.

Tie dye can be overwhelming to some people and I certainly do not fault you for this. Like many things that are a throwback to another era, it evokes feelings that leave you wanting to keep it where it came from. I encourage you to re-work the idea of tie dye and let it lead your ensemble. I am obsessed with this loose and easy vest that really does capture the entire feeling of hippie chic without going over the top. Weekend wear has never looked so good! Using a scarf to accent the trend is a great way to put a touch of tie dye into your look and not feel like you walked out of Woodstock. If looking office appropriate is how most of your week goes, there are some truly amazing cardigans out there right now just waiting to be worn. Wearing deeper, richer color combinations for a more sophisticated look.

Fleurish Tie Dye Vest


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