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The A-Symmetrical Ruffle Shirt

I cannot stop dreaming about this beautiful style of a shirt. It is romantic, flirty, sexy and flat out fun all at the same time. You know how I like to hit multiple style types with one item! I want to be everything!

Since this shirt has so many possibilities, it also has a multitude of opportunities for styling! So much fun for me. Clearly her sad right wrist is crying out for a bangle. Even two or three…. Layer it on to even out the triple ruffle ladies! Why not? The other great option is to throw on a gigantic pair of statement earrings. Load up on the dangle and color. This shirt may be a busy silhouette, but because of the neutral tone, it screams for a pop! This is where free-will comes into play… You are in charge of your pop, make it good. I would also play up the “cha-cha” feel of the shirt if you have the guts. I feel I have been inching you into the fabulous world of fashion and you are ready for the plunge… Time to dive in! By adding a red accent you will automatically bring out your ‘Maria from West Side Story’ inner diva. “I want to be in America….” Can you hear it?

What I would not do is pair this with a belt or a necklace. Hello Banana Republic, did your stylist have off for the day? There is a certain flow that is halted by cutting off your waist or adding to much bling to the top. Both detract from the fabulous ruffle at the top of the shirt. You always want your silhouette to flow….. Now go and cha-cha your way right out and buy yourself a ruffle shirt.

Banana Republic Monogram Silk Asymmetrical Top


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  • Love it! There was an article in the newest instyle magazine about asymmetric necklines. If I wanted to wear this with a pencil skirt…would you tuck it in or leave it out?

  • You can tuck it in. I usually only leave things un-tucked with pants, the hemlines are too close with an un-tucked shirt and skirt. Add a belt that is the same color as your skirt. This way it creates a waist line but does not detract from the ruffle on the shirt! Choose a medium sized belt, nothing too delicate.

  • That was actually me!!!!

  • Thanks! But I thought you originally wrote that you wouldn’t pair it with a belt? I’m confused!

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