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The Best Flip Flop Ever

The Reef flip flop has been one of my long standing favorites. There are a few go-to pieces in my life that have lasted me through the years and have quite simply been the best purchases ever. These amazing little gems are definitely one of them.

A surfer brand at heart, these shoes have been hitting the beach for years. Luckily for the rest of the overly fashionable world, the brand is starting to venture into fun and sassy styles. I have a pension for anything and everything gold and when I came across these suckers in Florida, I was smitten. They look SOOOOOOO much more expensive than they are. They actually even look like wood once they are on your footsies! The greatest part is that are actually rubber…. Oooh, comfy.

The reason Reefs are a definite piece to own is much more like a list than a point or two. Let me explain with a little story…. Back in ’01 when I was studying in Auckland, NZ I was hiking overnight (yes me) and I was in desperate need of a pair of flip flops. I got to the bottom of the mountain dirty and gross, the clouds parted and there it was, a tiny surf shack. There were barely any shoes left except for one shiny pair of blue reef flip flops in my size. They were clearly destined to be mine. Eight years later I still wear my fun purchase proudly. They have seen everything (I will not go into detail) and they keep on ticking. I cannot tell you how many times people have stepped on the back of them and they have yet to rip. How many of your flip flops have ripped apart? Exactly.

The second fabulous thing about them is that they DO NOT need to be broken into. They do not require bandaids or any type of first aid in order to allow you to wear them. They are comfy from the moment you put them on your feet. For less than $30 bucks and years of wearability, is there a better deal in town? I think not.

Reef Wispy Gold Juniors Sandals


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