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The Country Music Awards Strike Again

I try and be nice, I really do. My mother and father raised me to be a sweet girl, but sometimes the fashionably challenged push me too far. And this time, Martina McBride is the culprit. What on earth was she wearing to the country music awards and even better, why does it seem that this awards show is always the most confused fashion wise?

I know these people have stylists, I really do. They are rich, they are famous and yet, they seem to miss the ball quite often. I am all for the overdone look of country even if it might not be my thing, but at least get it right. Nashville is a far way from Hollywood, but beautiful clothing travels well and designers are eager to show off their best pieces. Stylists are the middle man, so either Fed-Ex never delivered the package or the stylists never received the message. The tragedies are obvious.

Oh, Martina. Why the over-done beach tunic? A Vegas pool for a pina coloda maybe, but an awards show? To add insult to injury, you (or your stylist) paired it with a peep toe pump. A PEEP TOE PUMP!!!! When has ’50s style chic and Vegas showgirl beachwear gone together? Your very overdone Native American style earring are doing nothing but overwhelming your already insanely embellished neckline. At least you wore your hair done to mute the gaudiness of this ensemble. The ring on your pointer finger and layered bangles, although a crime, go almost unnoticed against the other atrocities of this look. And for my final blow, I will bring attention to the fact that you are a wrinkled mess. Oy, my eyes hurt.

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  • you are a fucking sorry excuse for a person. If you put half the effort from this inane, insipid bullshit into something constructive and noteworthy, I’d be fucking shocked. what the fuck gives you the right to criticize? Just because you have this useless forum? Sure, shrug this off – but remember – you are the real fucking problem here.

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  • Amy that was a just a little mean. 🙁

    BTW – I enjoy your youtube videos. Maybe you can give us a rundown of why you WOULD do with this outfit!


  • Sorry – hate the look too. And I’m not a stylist.

  • I too did’nt like the look at all!! Amy you are doing a great job. your videos and fashion tips always helped me and encouraged me to try out different things which i was hesitant to do earlier. keep up the good work!

  • Holy Moly! I cannot believe the strong reaction to this post! At the end of the day fashion is a choice and I believe that she made a bad choice. It just didn’t work for the event and was not put together in a way that I feel was complimentary to the base garment.

    Deborah: I think that this piece would have been best used in a more casual way. The atmosphere that would have been ideal for such a dress is having drinks on a patio is a more metropolitan area. Pairing it with a cute pair of black flat sandals (possibly a t-strap patent leather style) and one bold ring would work. Add a big, unstructured black bag for a more casual look. You cannot overdo it with anything else too flashy.

    Hope that helps and this forum is to to teach you the best ways to wear certain items as I do have the authority. I style everyday, all day for a living. See Frank, people pay me for this:) Hope the rest of you continue to enjoy the posts as they are all meant with no harm, just humor and helpful hints!

  • Thanks for the response! I respect your work!!! I watch your videos!

    I just wanted to know. I have a natural sense of style but haven’t figured out yet how to put it all together (in terms of my personal style, goals/dreams, image I WANT to portray, size/shape and budget!) I’ve often been told I am stylish but have been told just as much that I don’t wear the right TYPES of pieces for my body. 🙁
    I am good at picking good quality pieces, that don’t look and feel cheap and that are what I like but I haven’t figured out where/how to use them. I especially liked your video when you styled the young lady from her closet! Took notes… Literally! Wish I could afford your personal services right now!!!

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