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The Right Funk: The Rayban Wayfarer

I am all about the right piece that says it all. Truthfully, I am a pretty lazy stylist, I just want it to work. Why do you think I promote accessories so much?:)

The Rayban Wayfarer has been a staple trendy piece forever now. It may go and in and out of style, but it will never go away completely. This is the type of item that I promote holding onto. Flip through pictures 50 years from now and you will see them popping up about every 10 years…..

Whether you would consider yourself a hipster, alternative, a business person or otherwise, rocking a pair of Wayfarer’s will quickly put you in the “IN” crowd. They show that you know what is “of the moment”. I am certainly not saying to change your entire look to match the funk of these glasses, actually, quite the contrary. These are the cherry on top of the sundae of your look that ADD that trendy little something. I would not be wearing them with a suit, but any casual look would be complemented by this funky pair of sunglasses. Remember, one piece CAN make you standout!

Rayban Wayfarer
$78.00 (on sale!)


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