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The Silk Button Down

Voluptuous women have all types of problems when it comes to finding a properly fitted button-down. Truthfully, even small-busted women, such as myself, have issues with the closure around the boobies. What boob obsessed man got all of the other boob obsessed men together to come up with this big plan? “We will create all button-down shirts to always remain open so we can view boobies all day long!!! Ha, ha, ha……”

Now because of their little plot, I have spent much of my styling days trying to rectify this problem. As I suggested in my “Perfect White Shirt” Sass N Style episode, a small brass safety pin or double sided men’s tape help to keep it closed. If tricks and fussing are not your thing, I have found the button-down for you!

Choosing a silk fabric, such as this lovely find that I picked up yesterday at NY and Co., helps with the fit of the shirt. It allows for more room around the bust because it is draping correctly throughout the rest of the garment. A structured button-down, when properly fitted, has strong darts along the front and often pulls at the bust because of this. Designers are trying to have the shirt be well-fitted throughout, but seeing as women have all different size boobies that do not always represent out shirt size, this does not work. The flowy nature of silk allows for movement, comfort and a great fit. Even if it is a little loose through the mid-section, the fall of the material helps to create a streamlined silhouette.

I strongly suggest not only picking some up, but head over to NY and Company right now because they are only $35!!! They have a million fabulous colors and prints for Spring! I am usually not an advocate of picking up several things in the same color, but with this basic style it is completely worth owning a few. They can serve a completely different purpose based on the color or print. Plus, how often do busty women really find a great button down? Buy, buy, buy.

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