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The Terror that Lurks Inside…

  • by Amy Salinger
  • September 16th, 2009
  • My Style

I have seen some crazy things during my days as a fashion stylist, but the occasional closet has really petrified me. Often times this space for beautifully organized clothing and glorious shoes, becomes a hub for what people don’t know what to do with. The “stuff it away and I will get to it later” space. The “my mother-in-law bought that for me so I can’t throw it away even though there is no way in hell I will ever wear it” area. Well folks, it is time to dive in, let it all spill out, and climb in to organize your brand new life. Having a visible wardrobe can actual change your style not to mention your mindset about getting dressed.

My wonderful NYC junior stylist and I had the extreme pleasure of re-doing an overwhelming space that used to be known as a closet. There were definitely clothing somewhere in there…. Along with Christmas decor, baby gifts (apparently never sent), and a rug among other things. Now let me be very clear, this is NYC and there is not a lot of space to keep everything you would like to. After living in a house all summer with my boyfriend, I realized pretty quickly that with more space, you acquire more things. As a New Yorker, I do not have that option. I am forced to clean out my closet twice a year without fail otherwise I would not be able to find anything and therefore would have no idea what I owned. This is truly a blessing in disguise.

And then there are the others…. The people that do not have the time to EVER go through what they own so it just keeps building and building and building… These people have two options: One, find and set aside 3 hours of your time twice a year to keep up editing and organizing your closet. Two, hire me. The second option seems much easier and logical:)

So here again, for the second glorious time, is my Sass N Style episode on closet organization. Enjoy and get ready for fall with your very own closet consultation!!!!


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