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The Ultimate One Piece Bathing Suit

Everyone is always looking for that perfect bathing suit. The one that they can slide on without feeling dread and despair. The one that allows them to actually enjoy the sun without constantly tugging and tucking. Ladies, as your personal on-line stylist, I think I have found that suit.

There are many teeny tiny bathing suits, finding them is not a problem. Having time to work out five times a week and prepare overly healthy meals to achieve a bikini bod is. So, for the more realistic body types with curves, here is a bathing suit that you can drink a pina colada in without feeling guilty. Mmmm, pina colada.

This tummy tucking miracle suit is not only stylish, but literally has a panel around your mid-section to tuck you in! Ah, how the gains of modern science have truly helped us all!! The full coverage of the suit (including the backside) accentuate your hour glass figure while allowing you to be comfortable because everything is in place. As I discussed in my “Perfect Tank Top” post, the ruching and ruffle dead center only help in your quest to look more slender. When the material is bunched up as such, it detracts from any extra pounds you may have on your mid-section. The ruffle is drawing the eye to the center of your frame only again slenderizing your body. A wider sweetheart neckline is the perfect top to this figure flattering suit. It makes sure that “the girls” are in place while giving just a hint of cleavage. The key is to be comfortable, not hide your sex appeal!!!

With this great line of bathing suits going up to a size 16, it is appropriate for all curvaceous body types who want to get a little sun. The only thing that is not included is a big brim sun hat and spf 30!

Miraclesuit Solid Camilla Swimwear


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