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The Wonderful White Suit

For many years now I have been completely obsessed with owning the perfect white suit. To me, it is the ultimate ensemble to own for the warmer months. Chic and simple, it truly offers the opportunity to be styled a million and one different ways!

As with any great suit, it can be used as separates. So, not only do you have a fantastic pair of trousers, you also have a hot, white blazer! Especially with the white suit, you truly can use each of these pieces in multiple ways, both casually and to work. Each individual item is a sure bet to up the awesome level of your outfit. White is such a clean and bright addition that is a complete neutral so it really works with just about anything! What a recession proof styling idea???

This particular suit is insanely high-waisted, but if that isn’t your thing, don’t worry! The greatest thing about a suit is that you can find the best cut for your body shape and still be on point with the trend as long as it remains sleek. This means no boxy cuts or dense, unflattering materials! For the summer months, a linen blend is a perfect choice to cheap you easy and breezy. Basically, let’s not have a sweating contest!

For casual evenings out, you can pair your suit with a basic t-shirt and some fun bangles as this model is showing. No need to break up the separates depending on where you are going. A white suit automatically lends itself to a more casual feeling and by pairing it with a t-shirt you are only exemplifying this idea. If you are going for a more professional feel, I would add a flouncy underlayer, preferably it should be loose and airy. Chunky v.s. delicate jewels is purely up to you!!! This white suit with be your go to look of the summer!!!

The Trouser Fit Suit in Linen Blend
Pants: $79.99
Blazer: $99.99


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