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TheTotally Tubular T-Strap Sandal

I became totally obsessed with the T-strap sandal about two seasons ago and it is still kickin’! It was the first shoe that I had found in a while that seriously complimented every outfit that I put on. Plus, I was moving into my more sophisticated portion of my fashion life (I emphasize fashion, not life:) and this shoe seemed like the perfect fit.

It is completely delicate and simple and does not distract or compete with anything else that might be making you look fantastic that day. It is a great purchase for any age and although it does buckle around the ankle, it is too fine of a strap to accentuate a possibly bulky calf. That is actually a key fashion concept, DO NOT buy shoes that have ankle straps unless you have smaller calves. Cutting off your ankle only defines and draws attention to your more hefty calf. It also helps to shorten your legs by literally putting a horizontal line through your vertical legs. If you must, buy shoes that have a very delicate strap such as this t-strap sandal.

These particular shoes are great in any color, but because of their possible versatility, I would choose a neutral color such as nude, gold or black. If you need your one “go-to” pair of sandals for the warmer months, I strongly suggest investing a pair of t-strap fabulousness.

Banana Republic “Kara” thin strap sandal