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Want Beautiful? Wear Marchesa.

I have been obsessed for a long time with the pair that create the unbelievable frocks known as the design house, Marchesa. Most likely you have seen one of their fabulously phenomenal creations grace the runway because they have been all the rage in Hollywood for some time now. There is good reason that the starlets of the moment are draping their bodies in Marchesa, their dresses are just simply amazing.

I think it is a cruel joke from God that co-designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig look just like supermodels and foster a creative genius far superseding most normal people. Jealousy does not begin to explain how I feel toward them. I will put my personal feelings aside for the love of their amazing pieces because I am a professional damn it and fashion is my business!
This dress on Jennifer Lopez worn at the 2007 Academy Awards was one of my favorites by the designers. She put aside her usual vamped up, sexy look for this flowing, Grecian gown. I actually saw this dress in person at Neiman’s and was blown away by the workmanship. The crystals are as sparkly and big as you want them to be, but what surprised me most is that there were small crystals also sewn onto the entire gown adding that something special. Jennifer looked feminine, regal and like the A list celebrity that we all know she is.

Now this might be a bit over the top, but fashion is art and this Marchesa gown from their Spring ’11 collection is just that. This thing is crazy. I cannot even imagine the pattern that is the backbone of this gown. It may not be walking down a red carpet (Though Chloe Sevigny could totally pull it off), but it will definitely grace the pages of high editorial fashion magazines.

Another dress from their spring collection is this armor inspired cocktail dress. This was a theme through many of their pieces in the collection and let me tell you, it was a pretty darn good theme. It is sexy and hard edged at the same time. Marchesa has a beautiful feminine sensibility to all their gowns so mixing the masculine energy of chain mail is borderline genius. LOVE.

So go save all of your pennies and buy a Marchesa dress for your new year’s celebration. Or go to Neiman’s and admire them just like I do:)


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