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Find Your Funk with This Great Bag

I am constantly on the search for amazing, new designers that create beautiful pieces without the ridiculous price tag. A great bag should be anywhere between $150 and $450…. Of course you can go higher, but this is a reasonable standard! Shih handbags fit that mark. They are realistic in style yet trendy in their design. I bought my first one at the beginning of the Summer and the world showed their love for it by complimenting my awesome purchase on every street corner and subway platform.

I was reminded of how much I love this designer when one of my best friends took me to Loehmann’s to get my stamp of approval on her purchase. The funny thing is that my friends and I share a fashion brain and I had already been scoping out this delightfully yummy bag. I got to live vicariously through the swipe of her credit card because the honest truth is I already have a black patent leather bag that would serve the same purpose. Be a smart shopper, you don’t need everything!!!! Truth is that I have been too busy buying antique jewelry lately, oops.

This bag basically kicks ass. Literally. Have you looked at the studs on this thing? I know they are similar to the Balenciaga motorcycle bag, but ladies, I would never direct you toward a knock off. Oh, hell no. It also is a perfectly manageable size to fit your everyday life into without losing it. My best friend and I have very different styles, she is dainty, I am NOT, but this bag really does work for many different “types” of women. It is your individual flashy piece that makes you stand out or, for me, it ties in the rest of my flash!

The greatest part about this bag is that the second strap does not fall off your shoulder. You know you hate that, so annoying. Your entire life is easily accessible and yet difficult for a sneaky pick pocket man to acquire. This is a completely reasonable thought process when you are buying a bag ladies!!!! A great purchase should cover all bases:)

Shih Handbags: Black Patent “Diego Toto” East-West Tote

Sweater Dresses

I love easy, comfortable and functional garments, the sweater dress is the ideal combination of these qualities. Not to mention that it is super cute and stylish!

It is often hard to wear dresses in the colder months, but the sweater dress keeps you warm and sexy at the same time! Adding tights and boots will keep you warm all the way down to your toes. In the freezing parts of the country I would even get crazy and wear two pairs of tights. Think opaque tights under textured tights. It adds a bit of bling to your look while being completely realistic.

This particular dress is perfect because it is right for the office or for dinner and drinks. Pile on the accessories for your night out with a bunch of bangles and a big pair of hoops. The neckline on this dress should be kept naked because you don’t want to take away from the button detail. I would also consider throwing on black tights with tall brown or bronze boots because it is not the obvious choice. Stand out in a fabulous, sexy and functional way!

Nine West Agent Sweater Dress


Headband Hotties

Bad hair days are a bitch. I hate them, you hate them, even Shinead O’Connor hates them. But lucky for you there is a solution for every problem (well, almost), and all this little issue requires is a hat or a headband, so quit your crying.

What a great way to style up an outfit by adding that extra punch to really hit your look home. So much for covering up a Medusa moment, embrace this accessory and use it on a GOOD hair day! What better way to say you are a “good girl” while acting completely inappropriately. It is the best throw back to your younger years while downing a vodka tonic. Oooohhhh, good times.

This particular band is great for the messier look. Literally throw your hair in a loose ponytail or a chignon and look fabulous. The only hair this doesn’t work with is short hair. It tends to poof out the bottom. Choose a regular headband either thick or thin. Patent leather, tortoise shell, gold, black, colored, love them all! I love to rock a bold pair of earring with a headband because then the world can check out not one, but two awesome accessories.

J Crew Double Strand Yoga Headband


Stop Sucking in and Get Some Spanx!!!

Here is one truth I am sure of right now. I ate a lot this week and I bet you did too. Who cares? It is the holidays and I love a good excuse to stuff cookies down my throat… and pie (s) and fudge and Chinese food (Jews understand this).
A calorieriffic week deserves a great “sucker-inner”, enter Spanx. Every smart woman knows what this is and every uber-intelligent gal owns a pair. They are truly God’s gift to women, more specifically, women’s mid-sections and thighs. Thank you God.
This nifty little gadget (anything that works this well must have some scientific backing) is the answer to all of your sexy and smooth silhouetted prayers. They come in all types of styles and each one serves a different purpose for a specific body type. This shorts style is my personal favorite because I think it has the most universal benefit. It can be worn under anything, including your tightest cocktail dress, and you would have no idea of its existence. Another style that goes below the knee is great for under pants and really helps with someone who isn’t the biggest fan of their knees. The third style that I find to be most popular with my clients is the type that actually clips to your bra! Thats right ladies, you are in a body suit of Spanx and nothing is getting through that sucker!
In a month when un-buttoning the top button of your pants is as much a ritual as putting the star on the tree, go and buy yourself the best present you will ever get. The only down side to this miracle of a piece is that you may find yourself a hot honey to love you longtime comforting you through the cold winter night… A quick trip to the bathroom and a large purse to store your fancy new present might be necessary (time estimates for removal depend on the elaborate nature of your Spanx).

Spanx Slim Cognito Seamless Mid-Thigh Shaper

$62.00- $66.00

The Right Way to Tuck Jeans into Boots

First things first, I am SO sorry that I have been MIA for a bit! The traveling for my media tour got to be crazy and truthfully, I was on a mini-holiday the past two days in New Orleans after my last TV hit there. I was busy re-invigorating the town by spending my hard-earned cash on amazing vintage jewelry. I think I am in love with the french quarter:)

Now back to the business at hand, how the hell do you tuck your jeans into boots….properly? One of my least favorite things that I am forced to see everyday is jeans IMproperly tucked into boots. This occurs because people cannot seem to find a simple and logical way to get this task done. This trend is not going away because it is warmer and functional during the winter months so let me now tell you the RIGHT way to get this look!

Step one, buy a pair of jeans that are stupidly skinny and look borderline ridiculous on their own. You know the ones, they are totally annoying to get on because they have the skinniest ankles in the world and you have trouble getting your normal sized feet through them. Also, make sure that they are tight through the knees, that is truly the trouble area once they are tucked (just like this lovely model is clearly showing on her right leg). Step two, buy tube socks. Ok, maybe not tube socks, but they should be sufficiently high without showing above the top of your boots. Step three, tight roll the bottom of the jean to smooth out any possible loose material. You don’t have to do the full out tight roll, just fold it over left to right (or vice versa) at the back. Now for the final step, pull your sock (which should already be on your foot so it is ready to go!) over the tight rolled jean to keep it in place. Now pull on your boot and you should be good to roll!!!!

The only other important part that will make this whole system run smoothly is to do this entire process with your leg as straight as possible, just as you would be standing up. It may not look pretty while you are going through this ridiculous amount of work (it really isn’t that hard:), but damn girl, at least I won’t be shaking my head as I walk by upset by your “loose knees” jeans.

Picture courtesy of BCBG runway show