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Make $ and Make Room!

Is there anything better than making some money and making room to buy even more! I don’t think so. Consignment is the beautiful answer to cleaning out your closet and truly making room for your fashion evolution. In this fantastic time of recession, we are all trying to figure out ways to make extra cash and not really change our lifestyles that much. This might just be the answer to our prayers.

As I have already promoted, cleaning out your closet twice a year is truly the best way to keep things organized, remember what you own and make way for your new seasonal goodies. Giving things to Salvation Army is the kind and generous thing to do, but passing along a Gucci blazer to a person who may as well think it came from Target is just a crime. So, I suggest putting together a separate pile of those beautiful items that true shopaholics may enjoy for half the price. In order to receive such gifts, you must give such gifts:)

Tribecas Closet is one of my latest and greatest finds. It is an on-line, yes on-line, consignment store. Does life get any easier? The greatest part is that if you live in the NYC area, the beautiful and lovely owner will actually personally come and pick up your garments! Talk about a custom-made service. Now, not only is consignment a fantastic way to clean out and clean up, but it is also the perfect answer to buying designer at half the price. Did I mention recession proof style? Well now I did…. Go be fabulous and frugal, no one will know the difference!

Go find fabulousness at Tribecas Closet!

A Real Bag for the Walking Gal

I cannot tell you how many women ask me what to do about their ridiculously heavy bags that they must lug around with them all day. In fact, the only people who will now be annoyed that I have found the answer are the chiropractors of the world (sorry my dear brother:).

There are certain times when I will not give up fashion for comfort, and rolling around a bag looking like a complete fashion faux pas is one of them. On the days when I must lug my computer, my gym stuff and my general life around with me, I cry. Seriously, you will see me walking the streets of NYC literally with tears coming down my face:) Honestly, I use and abuse my gym locker room stopping through there throughout the day to pick up and drop off my life. I am sure Crunch would be happy to know this:)

Well finally ladies, I have found a bag that is cute, functional and will continue to put you above tribes of women in every fashion circle. A lovely introduction (made by a follower of this blog!) has saved us all. This beautiful trolley bag can actually fit your laptop, lipstick and gym shoes. Praise be the lord, we are saved! Just look at how chic and fashionable this very happy model is strolling around town like she doesn’t have a care, or back problem, in the world! May be rid ourselves of our back problems and still be stylish just like her!

Serra Trolley Bag


Holy Crap, I am 30 Today.

  • by Amy Salinger
  • January 27th, 2009
  • My Style

For those of you who have hit this milestone, congrats. I am now a proud member of the “I made it through my ’20s and I am still alive to tell about it” club. After seven years in this business, I only love it more everyday. With all of the trials and tribulations of starting your own business, it is a miracle that I am still here:) The truth of the matter is that you must love what you do, believe that you are good and know that you will be great. They say that your ’30s are truly the beginning of the rest of your life and if that is true, let’s get this party started! Thanks for reading and even if my style matures with my old age, I vow to always understand “the young people” and what is hip and cool. I said hip, I must be old:)

Make a Statement (With your Earrings!)

Now you know that I love the statement necklace, but seeing as I often change my outfit twice a day, I might need another statement piece of jewelry! Rounding the corner at a close second are statement earrings. They were the new big thing (like anything is ever that new!) at fashion week and I am sure they will be making their way into your hanging jewelry organizer very soon. This depends on how closely and religiously you are following my blog and all of the style knowledge I bestow upon you.

The statement earring is like bling for your face. At least it is the closest thing next to actual face jewelry. Seriously though, you want to highlight all that is fabulous about your gorgeous face and this is the best and easiest way to do that. Choosing a color, like these big guns, are a very quick way to brighten up your overall look and bring sunshine to your tired, I work way too much, face:) The key to the statement earring is to make sure they are big, very, very big. They don’t need to be stupidly heavy, there are millions of styles out there that produce the same effects as heavier, earlobe drooping ones.

Owning these fantastic baubles means that you must show them off, don’t hide them in your hair! I always suggest a ponytail with a slight poof at the front to highlight these lovely earrings. It is fun, playful and sophisticated at the same time. Using a headscarf is also another accessory that meshes well with a large earring. Just be careful that neither the scarf or the earring is too overwhelming because you will just look like someone puked fashion on your head. Never a good look. Keep your outfit fairly simple as well if you do make the bold choice of pairing a scarf and statement earrings together. Take the leap and the net will appear, you can do it!

Banana Republic Turquoise Hues Chandelier Earrings

Angelina Jolie in an Arkris Suit

I do just love giving my opinion of the many fashion ups and downs of the Hollywood tribe, that is why I designed myself this blog here, ya know? I like to believe that I have some authority based on my profession to make such judgment calls. If you are reading this, then you must agree.

Usually I find Angelina Jolie to be boring. There is a difference between simple and elegant and trying to create an image to fit your personal side of mothering 52 (maybe 53 now) children. Her dress at the Golden Globes looked like a glorified night gown, although if I was with Brad Pitt I would be ready for bed all of the time too. She is a good samaritan to the world so I must defend her fashion choices somewhat.

This white Akris suit, worn to the premiere of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” in Germany, was one of my favorite looks she has pulled out in a while. It was sexy, sophisticated and her ’60s up-do added a retro feel that was truly appreciated. Honestly, it was just slightly different for her and that is what put a smile on my face. These actresses have the capability to be something completely different (style is being a camelion while still showcasing your personality), almost once a week during awards season, and they don’t take advantage of it! What a shame to pay all that money out to a stylist and make-up artist and not have them fully do their jobs.

Now you may be aware that I have not mentioned her Asprey jewels just yet because I was waiting for the kicker until the end….. One earring? Oh no dear. This is not a ’70s disco party draped in white (and I don’t mean people wearing it). I am sure that Asprey would have been more than happy to lend you out the other earring just for the night. That or Maddox hid the damn thing at which point it would be acceptable to choose another set. Angie, so close, yet so far away….. And Brad, shave that stupid thing off your face. I love you anyway.

Photo courtesy of mailonline.com