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Heidi Klum’s AMAZING Oscar Gown

This dress was absolutely fabulous in every possible way. I may or may not have screamed like a little girl when I first saw it. Now, I know that she wore an architectural style ruby red gown last year, but I don’t care. The color choice is based on her support for a charity! So you get off your fashion high horse right this instant!

She is literally right on cue with what is hot right now. The oragami-like affect of the straight lines and fold-overs is reminiscent of old-school Vivienne Westwood, but it is brought to you by modern day Roland Mouret. The color clearly set her apart and the dress fit her like a glove. It is insanely difficult to have a slit that high that doesn’t look like she is about to “show us her goodies” at any second. Good job Roland. Alright, it doesn’t hurt that Heidi Klum looks like Heidi Klum.

As for accesories, I love that she mixed a pale pink stone with such a vibrant red. It was certainly an unsual choice and I am all about making the surprising and unlikely work. I love myself a good layered look and her wrist looked like it was about to fall right off with all of the weight from her bracelets. Taking off one of her cocktail rings would have been my only alteration. As Coco Chanel once said, “Take off one thing before you leave the house!” Going along with her good samaritan role, one of the bracelts was a ruby and diamond piece that was specifically designed for Coke and her joint charity. It was meant to look like a lady in a gown, but I just saw a big red bow.

Moving on down, her red shoes were the perfect accent to this fun and vivacious look. If she had chosen to wear shoes in any other color, it would have taken away from the rest of the look. (Note: I do not usually like matching satin shoes. I feel like I am at my bat-mitzvah). She needed to have a certain flow quality to the bottom half of her ensemble, she did it perfectly.

Topped with a sleek new do, Heidi Klum proved to be modern, sexy and overall, just straight-up glamourous. Oscar himself would have approved.

Photo courtesy of Moviefone on AOL.com

Wonderful Wedge Shoes

Are you tired of your feet killing you all day and night from wearing your high heels? Do your tired toes need a break from supporting you? Then maybe it is time to invest in a pair of shoes that give you the height and not all of the pain! Your new found shoe best friend, the wedge…. I have always wanted to be the voice on an infomercial, but I think this might be the closest I will come:)

Back to what I know about, fashion! The wedge is a great answer to the (what I believe to be) serious problem of being a sexy lady. You know that you look better in your high heels. They literally make you carry yourself differently. But, if you are anything like me, I actually hate the little suckers. This whole pain for beauty thing is ridiculous!

I own a million beautiful pairs of high heels (I just counted) and I wear them very infrequently. Obviously my life is not very conducive to wearing very high heels throughout my day because I walk the city for a living. (Not a street walker a street shopper, if the latter of the two were true then high heels would very much be a part of my wardrobe:) If your life is working in an office, then high heels are much more appropriate. Even so, our feet are truly not made for this type of positioning. The wedge allows you to still feel sexy and elongated without putting all of the pressure on the ball of your foot.

In order to keep the feminine feel of the heel, your new wedges should be very sleek and slender. None of that chunky stuff with a pencil skirt! The back of the wedge should be no more than an inch to an inch and a half thick. In addition, the front should be rounded or pointed.. No square toe here.. No square toe ever!!! Just like this pair by Jessica Simpson (I admit, her shoes are not that bad), patent leather gives that extra umph that will keep your entire look sexy and sophisticated. Save your feet.

Jessica Simpson Black Patent Nesco

The A-Symmetrical Ruffle Shirt

I cannot stop dreaming about this beautiful style of a shirt. It is romantic, flirty, sexy and flat out fun all at the same time. You know how I like to hit multiple style types with one item! I want to be everything!

Since this shirt has so many possibilities, it also has a multitude of opportunities for styling! So much fun for me. Clearly her sad right wrist is crying out for a bangle. Even two or three…. Layer it on to even out the triple ruffle ladies! Why not? The other great option is to throw on a gigantic pair of statement earrings. Load up on the dangle and color. This shirt may be a busy silhouette, but because of the neutral tone, it screams for a pop! This is where free-will comes into play… You are in charge of your pop, make it good. I would also play up the “cha-cha” feel of the shirt if you have the guts. I feel I have been inching you into the fabulous world of fashion and you are ready for the plunge… Time to dive in! By adding a red accent you will automatically bring out your ‘Maria from West Side Story’ inner diva. “I want to be in America….” Can you hear it?

What I would not do is pair this with a belt or a necklace. Hello Banana Republic, did your stylist have off for the day? There is a certain flow that is halted by cutting off your waist or adding to much bling to the top. Both detract from the fabulous ruffle at the top of the shirt. You always want your silhouette to flow….. Now go and cha-cha your way right out and buy yourself a ruffle shirt.

Banana Republic Monogram Silk Asymmetrical Top

The New Trend: Pleated Cropped Pants

This is one of the ugliest trends I have come across in a while. I also understand that because it is a trend, people will still try and pull them off no matter how they really look. So, as a fashion stylist and advice purveyor, I feel it is my duty to give you the best possible style I could find. I searched high and low for these suckers, you can thank me later:)

A drop crotch, pleated and cropped pant just seems like a mean joke… But no ladies, this is for real. There is an easy comfort and flow to this style, but in the end it really only works on the super tall and super skinny. So basically, only the supermodels walking the runways can really (sort of) pull these pants off.

This pair, from Victoria’s Secret, is the only answer to this trendy problem. They are not too over the top and the crotch is not down around your knees. Mistaking your pants for a bathroom problem is never a good look and this pair is a good middle ground. Not too droopy:) The pleats are also not so defined that you look like you are 3 months into or out of pregnancy. “Are you pregnant?” has never been a good question unless you are 100% positive the person is!

So there you have it. If you must rock this trend, at least do it in a reasonable way. Keep the overall look simple with a sleek tank or flouncy blouse (not puffy, loose and airy!). Add bold bangles or a long beaded necklace to keep the look playful. Do not wear boots with these pants. There should be some leg showing to break up the bottom half so a sexy pair of stilettos will definitely work!

The Marisa Fit Pleated Crop Pant