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’50s Style Swimsuits

I love a good throwback and I definitely love it even more when it compliments a real woman’s body! A la the “Mad Men” era, women were sultry, sensual and most of all, complimented for their curves! Their real, round, voluptuous curves. Ah, the days of yonder.

One of the most fabulous things about this era is that styles were really meant to fit and accentuate these oh so wonderful waves. The up, the down, the contour of every angle. With actual curves being a fad of the past, it is often hard for the rest of the real world to find beautifully tailored items that show off their ’09 curves.

Swimsuit season is certainly no exception. The one piece seems to have become even more scarce in reference to providing material. So, I did my homework ladies and found you a suit the is here to protect and serve! This ruched body, sweetheart neckline and halter strap is screaming for a curvy lady to throw it on! It has all of the ingredients to be stylish and comfortable on a sunny day for any lady that isn’t necessarily a fan of the pool.

Let’s talk details here. The ruching effect is a perfect compliment to anyone who feels their mid-section isn’t up to snuff. The loosely bunched material gives a distracting effect that actually draws attention away from any overt imperfections. Moving up… The criss-cross bust is a perfect support system for any women that feels her chest sometimes has a life of its own. It actually gives the effect of a full-blown bra by having under breast support. And now that the girls are so nicely held up, it is no surprise that you would want to show off a bit of your sexy, curvy cleavage! The sweetheart neckline is a busty girl’s best friend. Support, style and sex-appeal all in one! Add a halter strap for complete support and your curves have never been so happy to be on display! And of course I have to give a shout out to the coverage on the bottom half of the suit. It is rare these days to find a swimsuit that has all bases covered, but this seems to have curvy women running for water!!!

Jantzen “Vamp” Maillot Swimsuit

The Wonderful White Suit

For many years now I have been completely obsessed with owning the perfect white suit. To me, it is the ultimate ensemble to own for the warmer months. Chic and simple, it truly offers the opportunity to be styled a million and one different ways!

As with any great suit, it can be used as separates. So, not only do you have a fantastic pair of trousers, you also have a hot, white blazer! Especially with the white suit, you truly can use each of these pieces in multiple ways, both casually and to work. Each individual item is a sure bet to up the awesome level of your outfit. White is such a clean and bright addition that is a complete neutral so it really works with just about anything! What a recession proof styling idea???

This particular suit is insanely high-waisted, but if that isn’t your thing, don’t worry! The greatest thing about a suit is that you can find the best cut for your body shape and still be on point with the trend as long as it remains sleek. This means no boxy cuts or dense, unflattering materials! For the summer months, a linen blend is a perfect choice to cheap you easy and breezy. Basically, let’s not have a sweating contest!

For casual evenings out, you can pair your suit with a basic t-shirt and some fun bangles as this model is showing. No need to break up the separates depending on where you are going. A white suit automatically lends itself to a more casual feeling and by pairing it with a t-shirt you are only exemplifying this idea. If you are going for a more professional feel, I would add a flouncy underlayer, preferably it should be loose and airy. Chunky v.s. delicate jewels is purely up to you!!! This white suit with be your go to look of the summer!!!

The Trouser Fit Suit in Linen Blend
Pants: $79.99
Blazer: $99.99

Wedding Bee Post: Headpiece Heaven

  • by Amy Salinger
  • May 27th, 2009
  • My Style

I am sure that all of you brides out there are thrilled that I am now an official Wedding Bee Pro because now you will have wedding style advice from yours truly! This time I dove head first into the wonderful world of headpieces! So many to choose from, so little time, what to do? Read my post at Wedding Bee, that’s what!

Bright Summer Nail Polish

I am not usually mentioning beauty products, but some of them really do make or break an outfit. With summer un-officially here, it is time to break out the fabulously fantastic florescent flavors of nail polish! Obviously a nice tan makes these crazy hues look oh so much better so be sure to be slightly bronzed (spray tan!).

As Ms. Rihanna showed us only a short time ago, these fun colors can seriously amp up any look. You do not necessarily need to be a rock star (although I pretend), but this is a simple way to push the envelope. When warmer months are upon us and a little is actually a lot, accessorizing with bright and fun nail polish can be just the touch that your less-clothed look needs.

As for colors that suit you, anything that is in the coral, pink or orange family is much more main stream. Once you venture into the yellows, blues and greens you might as well throw on your ripped leggings and grab a mic. Hell ladies, if you can do it, go for it.

Sephora by OPI: Digital Diva Collection

Great Charm Necklace for Boating!

I love to think of new things that I want. Yesterday, as I was flying to Columbus, OH, I thought yet again about what I want. So many things, so little time. On occasion, I will come up with an idea without having recently seen it anywhere or read about it. This time, I wanted a gold anchor charm necklace.

As I awoke this morning I decided I would do double duty by not only finding what I want, but blogging about it as well. Who said having a hobby couldn’t pay the bills? Love it.

With this being the unofficial weekend to kick off the summer months (thank God), I am thinking everything warm, sunny and close to water. Being that I will be residing in OH this summer this is quite hilarious, but I will find a lake since the ocean seems a bit far off:)

With all of this fun in the sun, it seems only appropriate to cutely play into the theme of the next three months. I love kitschy. Choosing a “theme” for a piece that will be worn often is a fun and playful idea without being obnoxious and cheesy. Switching up a simple charm that is merely a touch of your daily ensemble is a great way to have people remember you and your AMAZING style. Trust me, it will be the first thing people ask you about after your name, job and marital status. Hell, some people just go right for the gold and ask where they too can purchase such a lovely item. Of course yours truly writes the make and model of the piece on the back of my business card to spread the Sass N Style word…. Always thinking:)

Seawear 14Kt Gold Anchor Jewelry

Small to Large: $95-$270