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Business Meeting Chic in HOT Weather!

I know that my version of what one must be dressed like for a business meeting is definitely varied from that of the “normal” workforce, but that’s why God invented styling!:)

Yesterday I went to a meeting with a production company (not for my own show, at least not yet:), and knew that I had to look stylish, professional, fun, trendy and overall, hot. This leaves an interesting mix of adjectives that would make most people’s heads hurt. Luckily, I had just the dress!

Here in NYC (I believe they have a few others on the east coast and in LA), we have a great store called Zara. You really should check it out. It has reasonable prices for trendy yet fun and professional clothing. Weren’t these three of the words I used in my description? I got this dress last year, not because I went to the store, but because it didn’t fit a client I had bought it for. This is yet another danger of my job because I think everything I buy is cute, no matter who it is for, if it doesn’t fit them I sometimes end up owning it. Oops.

This light, linen, jean colored dress hit all of my descriptive notes on how I wanted to woo the production company with my awesome ensemble. The ’50s throwback with the silhouette hit my trendy mark. Think Donna Reed and funk her out 2009 style. The classic, simple ring on my left hand kept it office appropriate by not overdoing it with jewelry (something I tend to lean toward:). What you can’t see if that I do have on a large, thick pair of ornate gold hoops so that I still put my stamp on the whole look! Now, I do have on sandals (studded for that matter!), but this is an informal meeting that took place in my friends office and I am selling myself as a fashion stylist. I am not trying to be a lawyer here! The point is, sandals may be inappropriate for most meetings, but not for this one.

Overall, this dress would be appropriate for any office. My client that I bought it for was actually a lawyer! Add a waist-length cardigan and a cute pair of flats and you would be good to go. I love looking fabulous all of the time and so should you!

Are Shouler Pads Really Back?

When the ’80s ended I was very pleased to say goodbye to a few things… Big hair, ice wash jeans and shoulder pads. With two of the three being back in style, I feel like I should whip out my cripping iron and just give up.

As a stylist I do understand that trends come around in a 20 year loop. So, inevitably, what happened in the ’80s was sure to back in some form during this decade. I just wish that some things had remained in the closet; literally.

As I flip through high fashion photos of celebrities on the red carpet this year, I am amazed to see how many designers have dug into their ’80s bag O tricks to resurrect styles that were never flattering to begin with. The shoulder pad? Seriously? In what world does widening a woman’s shoulders to football player status equal out to feminine proportions? At least Gwyneth Paltrow picked this Balmain blazer that is more delicately cut. As opposed to her Dynasty counterparts, this silhouette is a bit more flattering.

If you must wear this over the top ’80s trend, here a few tips (to make it less painful for the rest of us!). You CANNOT mix the latest boyfriend blazer craze with this trend. It would be dreadful and a full blown throw back to JR and his possy. You must keep the proportions no longer than waist length to off set the fact that your shoulders are twice as emphasized. You will loose any sight of a waist otherwise. We still want a curvy, feminine figure here ladies!

Now if you must, go answer the phone… The ’80s are calling and they want to drape you in shoulder pads.

Photo courtesy of alothmanblog.com

One Piece Cut Out Swimsuits

So much for a two piece bathing suit being the sexiest, most revealing thing you could wear on the beach. The one piece cut-out swimsuit may actually have more material on your body, but there is no denying that this style certainly will get many pulses going. I am personally writing this blindfolded because the model’s bathing suit is making me nervous.

If any of your watch as much bad television as I do, then you may recognize this. As worn by Kelly Bensimon on “The Real Housewives of New York”, this suit is not for the faint of heart. I mean, I truly feel like I could hide more about my imperfections if a had on tooth floss. But alas, there are some women who take no prisoners and apparently do not fear the all mighty tan line. Oy, what they hell would you look like after a day in the sun wearing this thing?

The one piece cut out swimsuit is still the trendiest of suits right now. I believe that it was designed by a man who knew many rich and skinny models who only did spray tan and sat with a big, floppy hat and over-sized sunglasses drinking Evian by the side of the pool. Did I mention the Evian is in a wine glass?

If you can pull this sucker off, go for it! The real issue is that any shadow of a love handle or my favorite, back fat, is going to be overly accentuated in this type of swimsuit. You also must have fairly small hips because the cut of the middle, being down the center, will actually make your hips look bigger. Adding a tie on each hip certainly does not help your cause.

So, be brave, be bold and go out there and find the perfect one piece cut out bathing suit to compliment your sexy self. But make sure to have your yacht and SPF 45 ready to go, both must be included when rocking this vampy suit!

Sexy (Yes that word is really in the title) Crochet One-Piece Swimsuit

Cheap and Chic Finds ALL the Time

  • by Amy Salinger
  • May 18th, 2009
  • My Style

I had to do it. I fought it. I kicked and I screamed. And yet, I caved. Yes folks, it is time to Twitter.

Alas, I always aim to be different and truly entertaining/useful in this world. So, there will be no Tweets about drinking coffee or telling you what my sandwich consists of, no, these Tweets will do nothing more than help your stylish wardrobe. As I roam the streets of NYC everyday, I always stop and wish I could tell the world about the fabulously dressed people I meet, or the amazing ensemble I am wearing that day. Or even shout from the rooftops about the crazy sale going on at a well-known store. Well now I can! And it benefits all of my readers, you too will now be in the fashion loop. You too can be the first to know about the cheap and chic deals going on all over town. You too can learn about the amazing outfits that would look oh so great on your back (copying is the greatest form of flattery:).

So without further adieu, sign up to follow me at Sass N Style on Twitter. And my dear followers, it is time to spread the word about everything Sass N Style! From Twitter to the blog to the episodes themselves, I recruit you to help Amy Salinger get that TV show you all want me to have! Imagine a full half hour of Salinger styling tips. I know, it is too exciting for words:)

Filming Sass N Style

  • by Amy Salinger
  • May 18th, 2009
  • My Style

So I know that all of you are dying to know about the glamorous behind the scenes stories from Sass N Style! Well here it is…. My awesome bedroom, Nate (my awesome film guy), my model and me. Super glamorous.

I took all of your fabulous suggestions for Sass N Style episodes and had to put together six shows immediately! Both myself and my awesome film guy, Nate, are going away for the summer. Coming up with that many episode ideas at once would definitely have hurt my brain. Nate and I joke that we are doing the jobs of a full team, location scout, hair/make-up, styling, filming, editing… You get the picture. Hopefully we hide it well with the finished product!:)

This particular episode is for the “Over 40 and Fabulous!” crowd. I was generously approached by Cathy, my model, to appear in Sass N Style. I know I always have girls that are in their late 20’s and early 30’s because they are all my friends! I am tying to recruit a more well-rounded model base so I can appeal to all types of men and women! Again, another hat I wear:)

Hope you enjoy all of the upcoming episodes and be sure the spread the word about Sass N Style! Go big or go home.