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A Wonderful Wallet Wedding Gift

  • by Amy Salinger
  • July 31st, 2009
  • My Style

A few years ago I was in one of my best (and most stylish) friend’s weddings. She gave each of her bridesmaids a beautiful Kate Spade metallic wallet. I have loved mine so much that it is barely metallic anymore. It was a perfect bridal party present because it actually was useful (and fashionable) in my everyday life.

A wallet is such a funny thing. No one really sees it unless you are grabbing for it. It is often times an after thought (like shoes) even though you literally take it out and show it to the world a few times a day. It is a “hidden” accessory that is low on the totem pole of need.

NO, NO, NO! A wallet is like that piece that is just the right touch to cap off a perfect look. It is the diamond in the ruff accessory that can be as fun and crazy as you like. Go nuts, the fact that it is a “below the surface” item allows you to really have fun with it. Have it represent your style, your inner you, the girl that says, “Look at me!”.

I know that it can be pricey and why pay so much for something that isn’t always front and center? Well, that is why it is a perfect bridesmaid gift! You want to buy something for them that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves but will use everyday, all day. Something that they always wish they would swipe their card for, but never have the courage. Plus, they will think of that wonderful wedding every single day…. Keep your ladies happy:)

Kate Spade Pasedena Nadette Wallet

Fashion Faux Pas: Too Tight Clothes!

I know this is not what you expected to see when you clicked on my blog today. I am hoping that your guttural reaction was to hold back from throwing up. This was at least my goal. I want your reaction to be so strong that I truly get my point across with no ifs, ands or buts. This is the beginning of my series, “Fashion Faux Pas Central”, so be ready and prepare yourself….

Fashion faux pas number one: Wearing your clothing too small. Of course it may not be as obvious as this particular picture, but I am trying to make a strong point here. At no time or age is it acceptable to wear your clothing too small. You need to accept the size that you are and buy appropriate clothing for that time in your life. Unfortunately most of the world does fluctuate in size and your wardrobe needs to reflect this. That does not mean that you keep your size 2 dress from 1984 packed in your closet because you might, just might, fit into it again. It ain’t happening sister, move on and pass it on. This does mean that you need to have a range of sizes for the reality of your everchanging figure. Stuffing yourself into a top or buying something that is 2 sizes too small as incentive to lose weight is a big faux pas! Accept yourself and your curves because dressing appropriately for them will not only make you look your best, it will give you the courage to actually lost weight! You don’t want to consistenly remind yourself that you need to lose a few, you want to use positive reinforcement to get you on the “lose a few” bandwagon! When you look and feel good, it encourages you to continue moving in a positive direction. Sausage stuffing clothes are never good for your own psyche or for the eyes of those poor people around you. Love your awesome, sexy self and buy the right size.

Photo courtesy of askmen.com

The Jean Western Shirt: A Do or a Don’t?

I have such mixed feelings on this. Truthfully, this can be a super hot piece if done correctly. And oh God, it can be painful when done wrong. The problem is, it is SO easy to get this one wrong!

Over the years of working with private clients and digging into the deep, dark depths of many ‘O closets, I have found lots of scary things. The jean shirt is definitely one of them. I will admit that in my day I have trashed quite a few and now, lo and behold, they are back on the trendy wagon. Even I can be wrong sometimes:)

The problem with this piece is that it can be so damn hick that unless you completely funkify it, it looks like you should be at a hoe down in the back woods of Alabama. Not that that is a bad place to be, but there is a very specific look that only works at such a soiree and will not fly anywhere else!
There should be a warning label when purchasing this shirt, “DO NOT EVER WEAR WITH JEANS”. I think many manufacturers forget to attach that tag. How harmful for the very delicate eyes of so many people. It pains me to see the jean tuxedo done so deliberately.

Take a cue from Vanessa Hudgens, show off your sexy, funky, fun side when working the denim western shirt. By pairing it with short shorts and boots you are playing up the western element while touching upon a modern trend. How I do love a themed outfit, not like you are going to the hoedown, but maybe just merely passing by…. She even goes as far as to pull in some western styled jewelry with her cuff bracelet. And look at that fringe bag, LOVE the added effort Vanessa!

So pull out that jean western shirt and start styling. But, be wary and heed the lessons that I have so deliberately taught here. Walk on the right side of fashion and pull off this trend correctly.. Giddy up!

Topshop Bleach Denim Western Shirt: $55.00

Picture courtesy of AlmostAmanda.blogspot.com

Date Night: Salvation Army "Vintage"

I can think of any reason to put together a fabulous ensemble, but this time there really was a reason, my big 6 month anniversary! We are talking long term here folks:) My dinner date was upon me and I certainly did not feel like getting a whole new get-up (the economic state is killing me), so it was time to dig. I wanted to look pretty and sweet, not usually my M.O. Funky sexy was for another time because that night I was playing the role of the sweet and doting girlfriend. My outfit had to match my “classy” act, I had to make it believable:)

I went straight for a dress that I bought at Salvation Army in Chicago around 4 years ago. 4 years is already considered an older piece, now add in how many years it must have been loved by someone else prior to me. I was going vintage here. It was pretty, it was sweet, it was perfect. Plus my boyfriend seemed to like it!

I didn’t stop there. I went for one of my favorite 50’s style clutches which quite possibly is from the 50’s. I bought it at Salvation Army as well. I am crazy. I think it cost me $4. It is not in perfect condition, but it has literally seen the light of day (and night) so many times while I have owned it. Talk about cost per wear!

Now you ask, “Where did you get that amazing necklace!?!”. Yup, that’s right, Salvation Army. I have gone full-on inexpensive second hand thrift store FAB for almost this entire date night look. Who says you can’t find anything at Salvation Army? What’s that saying? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure? I think I have proved this theory without a doubt. Search at your local Salvation Army, your next great treasure is waiting there for you for the bargain basement price of $5!

Let Your Umbrella Shine

It is crappy here. It is raining, it is cold, it just stinks. So why not talk about fabulously amazing umbrellas?!? It makes everything appear shiny again:) I love a good fashion pick-me-up.

Apparently so did Mary Poppins. She not only loved her bag, but she was quite fashion forward with her stylish umbrella as well. And so I ask, why is it that most people refuse to spend any money on this very worthy item? I am a culprit as well. Living in NYC, it is easy to pick up a $3 umbrella on any street corner, on any rainy day. It is also easy to lose this $3 umbrella on any street corner, on any rainy day. So I guess that is my answer. Why would one spend money on an item that is so easily lost?

And here is my answer: You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shades that has the same “losability” as your umbrella. Yet, you go for it and purchase the hot Gucci sunglasses. For around $30-$50 you can have your very own super stylish umbrella that, just like a great bag, will up the ante of any rainy day look. In crappy weather it is a necessity to look hot!

Carnival Rain Umbrella
Photo courtesy of Stylehive.com