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Michael Jackson Inspires All Fashion

As we all have already noted, Michael Jackson’s legacy will live on. Most people are discussing his music or his personal life, but his style really is a very close third. He invented his own look that often times was extremely unusual, but none the less, he always seemed to rock it.

A true showman, no matter where he was, he always seemed to be dressed to perform. This defined his true fashion sense and overwhelmingly represented his personality because that always seemed to be the heart of him, performing. Of course I can recount the various confused pajama looks and strange face masks that draped his later, more recent years, but if we really look at the hey day of this great performer, his style pushed the envelope early and paved a new fashion path.

Even recently his very recognizable military look has been gracing not only the runways of Balmain, but the stars themselves. Be it Beyonce or Rihanna, their emulated looks are almost uncanny. This picture almost makes you do a double take guessing who is who! His love of military style combined with the glitz and glamour of a showman defined the base of his infamous wardrobe. Over the years he continued to reinvent this defining look making each ensemble more outrageous, over the top and incredible than the one before it.

I have always noted that style should represent who you are. You are your own best canvas and fashion is your medium. It is possible that no one better represented this than Michael Jackson during his prime years. Who else seriously could have gotten away with one shiney glove, cropped pants and silver socks? People were copying this look all over the world and to this day, it still is associated with Michael Jackson. He introduced the world to the showman that we all know and love and will be forever etched in our brains. The style is his and he certainly made it his own.

Photo courtesy of Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Outfitters

Shoe Stretch Spray: Bye Hurting Feet!

  • by Amy Salinger
  • July 2nd, 2009
  • My Style

I rarely discuss products (if ever) on this blog, but this was just too good to not spread the word. I am a big believer in the fact that you should by shoes that fit appropriately. None of this, “Oh, they will break in” crap. If they hurt when you buy them, most likely, they will hurt when you wear them… Which will be never!

A client showed me this miracle product yesterday (I should have been showing it to her, shame on me!), and I had to share the love. Instead of trekking to the shoe maker to get your shoes stretched, purchasing this little product and stretch them yourself! Instructions are as follows: Spray on entire shoe. Wear for 15 minutes. And voila! Your shoes will fit your feet. Repeat as needed. The best part about this product is that you have enough to stretch more than one pair of shoes and it can be used in conjunction with actually going to the shoe maker for professional stretching.

So, lessons to be learned from Amy: Buy shoes that fit, but if you make that mistake because they are just soooo beautiful, buy shoe stretch spray. The worst fashion crime (aside from a bad ensemble) is to keep your beautiful items stored away….. Oh the atrocities!

Shoe Stretch Spray
$3.95- $15.95