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Find a Button Down that Buttons!

It is a miracle!!!!! Finally, a company has designed a button-down shirt that actually closes. No tank tops underneath, no safety pins, no nothin’… It really just closes. How have they come up with such a fascinating answer to an age old problem? It is easy, they created and bought the patent for designing button-downs that are actually made based on your bust size. How damn ingenious.

Everybody knows this problem. It fits your shoulders and your mid-section, but it will not even come close to buttoning around the girls. Or, you buy it bigger so it does actually button and then it is huge through the middle only making you look bigger. So much fun!

No more madness. No more boobie spillage. I am sure many men will shudder at the thought that they can no longer peak inside that annoying opening between the top two buttons, but thanks to Rebecca and Drew, your button downs will now fit properly! See, I told you it was a miracle!

The sizing is really quite simple. You give them your bust cup size, your rib cage measurement (like 34 or 36) and then long or regular in length. See, they even think of tall people! Of course you choose your style and color/material choice and boom, a personalized fit that cannot be found anywhere else. Trust me, I have looked.

Although you may think these lovely little gems are a little pricier, they are completely worth it. Truthfully, they are completely competitive with Theory and they actually fit. What a novel idea. Ladies, this is a foundation piece that can be worn multiple ways with multiple ensembles. I am a sassy and funky girl and I own about seven. They are the type of piece that stylists love because they can be whatever you want them to be!

Michelle Sleeveless Band Collar Shirt with Ruffles $138.60
Long Sleeve Trio Pack $399

Men’s Cowboy Shirts: Saddle Up Boys!

We all know (and if you don’t, I am here to tell you!) that cowboy shirts are a big trend this year. People is the south must laugh at this because cowboy is not a style, it is a way of life! But either way, the rest of the universe is swinging back around and grabbing themselves one of these fun and themed little pieces.

Men are definitely not outside of this trend. They can be cowboy-riffic as well! There may not be a strong need to pull out your cowboy hat and pistol, but obviously this lovely gentleman to the right is really enjoying his! He is very serious about his cowboy style.

This look is not meant to be super-themed. Wearing a cowboy shirt alone is theme enough! Possibly adding in a pair of tattered cowboy boots would be a nice, and not a completely overdone touch. They should be worn under your pants so you are really only seeing the front of them. Truthfully, if you were wearing them with your pants tucked in that would be a whole different post… Most likely it would be labeled under “Fashion Faux Pas Central”. Let’s keep it simple here boys, I know that is how most of you like it anyway:)

You are cool, accessible and understand that being trendy is not wrong. You can show off your stylish side and still look like you are not trying to hard. Wow Matthew Mcconaughey, you really do understand what it is to be a big, strong man and still show a woman that you have your own sense of style. If you un-buttoned your shirt any futher though, I might have to place you with your above counterpart in my “Fashion Faux Pas Central” section. Let’s keep the nipple viewing for running on the beach….

When buying your new, trendy cowboy shirt, you should have fun with your color and pattern choice. Obviously you don’t want to buy something that is too far out of what you would normally wear, but push yourself a little. Think trend, not costume! This French Connection shirt is perfect for a guy that wants to try something new, but doesn’t want the whole party to stare at him when he walks in the door. This is the, “I know what is up and I am not afraid to show it” shirt. Confidence is the sexiest quality in a man and wearing this shirt shows you have it.

French Connection Check 72 Woven $39.99

Photo courtesy of Halloweenit.com
Photo courtesy of Moderngear.tv

Fashion Faux Pas Central: Fake Bags

Look at them, they are so sad. They know they are the bad copy of something that is fabulous and lives an amazing life. They sit on the streets or in stores that don’t know any better and wish they could travel the world in style like their much more expensive (and amazing) counterparts. I feel for them, I really do.

Now ladies, you know exactly what I am speaking of here…. Fake bags. Does anyone remembers the Sex and the City episode where Samantha goes to great lengths to find her fake Fendi, only to land in some guys backyard staring into a trunk? It is a sad scenario, and yes, these poor little bags are just as sad. They will and can never be the real thing.

I am certainly not suggesting that you go and spend your entire paycheck on a beautiful Gucci bag. Oh no! If you have the funds to allow that time of habit, then more power to you girlfriend! Own that amazing designer bag and wear it proudly! Now if you don’t, that is alright, but don’t go slumming it and try to pull off something that is not, will not and cannot ever be Gucci, Prada, Fendi or any of the other fabulous designers.

Let’s be real here (every pun intended), you are actually completely cheapening your entire look by grabbing a fake bag to top of your ensemble. Anyone who knows anything about fashion is well aware that your bag is not real. Let me be clear, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BAG WITH THE LETTER G ALL OVER IT. These copycats are so blatant about their “fakeness” that they are trying to create a Coach/Gucci bag… Huh?

What I do promote is spending that hard earned cash on a fabulous, individual, real bag! And by real, I mean real leather, real hardware, real awesome. Having a designer name on your handbag does not make you the most fabulous girl on the block. Having a fantastically incredible bag that screams individuality, class and style does!

Please, heed this lesson and help take fake bags off the streets. The other truth ladies, if I can be serious for a moment, is that the fake bag industry is a billion dollar a year business run by terrorist organizations. If you thought for one moment that your purchase was not only ruining your fashion sense, but also aiding terrorists, would you buy it? I certainly hope not! Selling fake bags can get you arrested by the cops, but buying one can have you cited by the fashion police!!!!

Sassy N Stylin’: Cropped Sequin Blazer

I love easy and breezy fashion. Finding that one piece that puts it all together without it looking like you were trying too hard. That stylish accessibility that makes it look like anybody could pull together such a fabulous frock. That really is when you know you have made it in the fashion world…

This Bebe cropped sequin blazer is that item. The “piece de resistance” that you will reach for over and over because well, it just seems to go with everything! How much do we (by we I mean my very stylish audience) love those pieces?!? This sassy blazer seems to make it all come together so effortlessly. Over a black t-shirt, over a dress, with a high waisted shirt, it just seems to work.

Just as this lovely model is showing up, you have a few options for styling. You can choose a longer layering item for under your new, awesome cropped sequin blazer OR you can choose a higher waisted bottom piece (pants or skirt) to meet the bottom of the blazer. The only in between is a one-piece jumper dress. The greatest thing about this item is that it is fancy and casual at the same time! This gives you the option to style it up or down depending on your destination. The sequin is that little bit of sass that makes your entire ensemble pop. Cropped layering pieces fill a void in your wardrobe… Anything that is empire style or cut at the waist needs a layering item that mimics this silhouette. Cropped pieces might just save your wardrobe (trust me ladies!), and this might just be the savior itself!

Bebe cropped sequin blazer

Home Made Fabulous

Inexpensive, fun and fabulous! Three words I often use to describe my own style. Now it is time to infiltrate these 3 little adjectives into your very own wardrobe. It often does not take millions of dollars to be stylish and interesting. In fact, some of the richest people I know have the worst fashion sense. It is not always about the dollar amount, it is about how you creatively put it all together!

Over the years I have scoured not only my own old jewelry boxes, but my grandmothers jewelry and any local salvation army store I can find. All with one purpose in mind, to find some awesome stuff. This is most easily done when looking for accessories, specifically jewelry. You can find the most random, amazing pieces that are just looking for a home. Someone to love them again… You can be that person!

The truth is, not all pieces are fabulous when they stand alone. BUT, mix them up with other interesting and creative items and you might just create something outstanding. The easiest way to make this happen is to put some of your fantastic (or not so fantastic) finds all on one chain. Like a good ensemble, it can heighten the style quotient of some of the other pieces by mixing and matching otherwise not so fabulous charms. One of my personal favorite charm necklaces combines a leaf made out shell material from NYC street shopping, a round charm that says “Betty” on it and a totem pole head that I got in Alaska. Each of them separately have personal meaning but are not outrageously great, but together they are a true party conversation piece! Who is Betty? I have no idea, I got it at Salvation army along with the chain. I just let people know that I am a “Betty”, a quote straight from Clueless…. Fashion is what you make of it so be creative in your definitions as well as you ensemble items!

Knife Multi-Chain Brass Necklace with Black Chain by Cecilia Gonzales