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"I Have Nothing to Wear!" Mix It Up.

Yesterday evening I was having one of those days….. You know them, the days when you stare into your closet and although there are tons of possible ensemble choices, your brain just simply won’t quit saying, “I have nothing to wear!” Yes, even stylists have those moments and yesterday was one of them.

But as I am sure you all know, you and I surely do have something to wear! Although my brain hurt, I knew I could put together something fabulous from what was hanging right in front of me. The basis for any outfit choices should be made directly in relation to how you feel. I felt like I wanted to be sassy and comfortable, a little sexy and a little earthy.

I have always promoted with personal clients and at my Sass N Style workshops that you should try and begin an outfit with something besides an article of clothing. Pick a pair of fabulous shoes, a great piece of jewelry or even a fantastic bag. You don’t always need to start with the clothing!!! This allows you to think a bit differently when you are putting together a look and it should kick you out of that rut!

This whole look started with my necklace. I haven’t worn it all summer and it is one of my favorite, funky pieces that I bought on the streets of NYC from an amazing jewelry designer. This set the tone for the earthy element. I didn’t want to compete with the necklace, so I threw on a basic white tank top. The skirt was a quirky choice, because it clearly has a “cha-cha” element, but it was white and I was going to make it work! I continued to pull in the earthy element through my vintage, brown lizard bag ($12 at the flea market!), silver and red stone ring and my woven, leather Michael by Michael Kors shoes. I made silver and bronze mixed together acceptable because they were all underneath the “earthy” vibe. To top it all off, I layered the look with a structured jean jacket. I made it a bit more trendy and funky sophisticated. Not to mention that it showed off my shape allowing it to be sexy!

Overall, this ensemble was a success! I achieved the look of sassy, comfortable, sexy and earthy all by pairing together things I already owned! Now it is your turn, think outside of the box and mix up items that you never thought would go together. By carrying through a color or style in the top, middle and bottom using accessories, you are sure to make it work!!!

P.S. That awesome looking dog is Yukon. He is obviously stylin’.

Fashion Faux Pas: Mid-Calf Hemlines

I am starting to really enjoy writing this category for my blog! Yea, sure it is fun telling you about fabulously, amazing things, but I love to share my, “Oh God, please don’t do that!” knowledge. So here again folks is another post of what not to do….

Hemlines are a serious issue. Not serious like world peace and the current economic state, but they are definitely second in line as far as “serious” things go. I would scream it from the rooftops if I figured someone was listening, but I will just write it in my blog instead: Your skirt should end between your mid-thigh, just below your knees or somewhere in between. Wow, I already feel better. Of course the older you are the lower your hemline should be. I am 30 and moving toward the end of my mid-thigh hemline days…. Of course I think my defiance against this goes hand in hand with my inability to accept that I actually am older. That would mean I would have to actually BE an adult:)

Choosing a hemline that is lower than the bottom of your knees get really tricky. In fact, unless you are 6 feet tall and look like a supermodel, this style will almost instantaneously make you shorter and fatter. I really don’t think looking shorter and fatter has ever been a request of any woman. Think about it, you are cutting yourself off mid-calf making the bottom part of your leg look like a stump. This is taking away from the hourglass figure that we all desire. Of course, pairing a longer, mid-calf length skirt with a pair of flats is only promoting the problem. Now you have flat, stumpy legs. Bad, very bad.

Now here is the good news. If you must choose the mid-calf hemline, you must follow a simple rule: WEAR VERY HIGH HEELS. The 50’s style tea-length dress is great for curvy women, but lengthening the bottom part of your leg is a must. You don’t want the skirt to swallow you and that is what a lower hemline does. The piece wears you rather than you wearing the piece.

So quite simply put, having a good tailor to help you create the right hemline is a must. You have to include the cost of tailoring when you buy an item because without the proper fit and length, owning the item is a waste because it will not do your body justice. Stick to the suggested hemline and you avoid a lot of short and fat pain!

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Running Errands in Style

Last night I did a Sass n Style party with a lovely (and entertaining) group of women. One of the women (who has attended twice!) told me about a tweet that Clinton Kelly did about how to look good even at the grocery store. Not to be outdone, I wanted to show off my version of “Errand Chic”.

I have often spoken to clients about how comfort and style SHOULD go hand in hand. People have this idea that unless you have on super high heels you are not looking excessively fashionable. Sex and the City is a TV show people and NO ONE walks miles in 5 inch Manolo’s. Oy, my feet hurt just thinking about it.

The fact that you do not have on your pumps does not mean that the rest of your look should go out the window. It is time for what I refer to as “my pajama look”. It feels like pajamas, but it certainly does not look like them! For those days when getting dressed seems like a task, or you just don’t have to go anywhere that fabulous, you can still look fabulous. In fact, you should always look fabulous! Always.

Pull out those leggings, they are seriously your savior for days like this. If leggings aren’t your thing, jeans are a great second option. One of these two items will work for almost all body types so have your pick. The ideal combination for achieving this stylish “pajama look” is to add a longer, looser top. Remember, you want to be as comfortable as possible so wearing something that is looser through the middle will only promote this. As to not look pregnant, choose a style that has some sort of cinch at the waist, like a belt, or wear a longer necklace to break up the looseness of the shirt. Throwing on a trusty pair of ballet flats will keep the look insanely comfortable and still channel your chic side. A hat and sunglasses are a choice for the day based on how hungover you are or if your hair is way past the point of no return.

So there you have it. There are no excuses and no reason why looking stylishly fab is not a rule for life….. No matter how crappy you feel or where you are going. Done and done.

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Grecian Goddess Meets Biker Fab?

I am all about a good combination. Peanut butter and chocolate, sweet and sour, Thelma and Louise… Grecian goddess and biker fab? Um, yes please. I own it, so I make it work. People, I get bored with my clothes too. Everybody, including a stylist, has those days where they feel like they “have nothing to wear”. That is when I have to really step up to the plate and think about new and inventive ways to style what I got. I certainly cannot go out and buy something new everyday I feel bored with my wardrobe. That is not a reality for me and most of the universe out there! Make it work.

None of these pieces are too outrageous separately, but together they make one hell of an interesting and fun combo. White jeans, check. Grey tank top, check. Jean vest, check. Ok, maybe the jean vest is a push for most people, but almost everybody should own white jeans and a grey tank top! The jean vest is a creation that came simply from hating it as a jean jacket. I chopped off the sleeves and instantly created a biker chic jean vest. It certainly can be a bit masculine if it is not paired with a bevy of accessories. It is also definitely not a piece you want to wear if you have broad shoulders or thicker arms! The thick width of the shoulder on the vest will only accentuate these things!

To “feminize” my look and bring in the Grecian goddess feel, I added multiple bracelets, including my coin necklace worn as a bracelet. I also threw on my braided gold headband. I love a wrap around headband because it allows you to NOT do your hair that day:) I topped it all off with my tan leather and gold hardware handbag that is my go to piece for a neutral item that doesn’t ever compete with my look, it just adds that special something! It is like gravy on top of my look… Mmmmmmm, gravy:)