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Bohemian Chic Fab Photo Shoot

It is so on. Oh yea, that’s right, I am back in the photo shoot game. It is too much fun and my creative muscle is finally being flexed to it’s max again! My muscles like to be flexed:) My last photo shoot has already been picked up for publishing which only eggs me on to do more and more and more…. It certainly helps that I have found an AMAZING team of people to work with. We seriously get it done. We did 10 looks yesterday and I still managed to return all of the clothing before the end of the day! For those of you that are not in “photo shoot world”, this is completely unheard of. We work so well together that we not only produce incredible shots (of course this is our mutual opinion:), but we grind it out without missing a beat.

See for yourself…. Our model Shannon was nothing short of fantastic. Not only did she look good, but she was incredibly easy to work with and very happy. This is not always the case:) We went with a bohemian chic look choosing anything that the wind could pick up. This means lots of flowy materials, long hair extensions and unbelievable rocky jewels by Brittany Rawlings. Her stuff was out of this world and really was the icing on the cake of every look.

Next up, earthy chic mama from the 60’s…. Shannon would have been the most stylish hippie around. The long white dress underneath is actually a prom dress if you can believe it. See how amazing styling can be!!!!

Obviously you know these are working pictures since there is a random hand in the shot! This was such a fun look because it was actually a one-piece bathing suit and long skirt put together! Everything was covered in colorful stones which really brought out the earthy quality of the shoot. What do you think?

I think this may have been a favorite for the group. It is SO not my style and that is why I was so proud of myself for how it turned out! I loved how laid back it easy and how many thing are going on in one look. It really shouldn’t make sense, but somehow it all came together and that is what made it so perfect. This is bohemian chic at its best!!!

Um, swing in your loft? Yes, please. How cool is this??? Meagan Cignoli, the photographer, literally has a swing in her studio/loft. This makes for phenomenal photo shoot opportunities! Not to mention a whole lot of fun for the team when we are not working:) I was hanging out on that swing for most of the day because I love reverting back to a ten year old.

And to wrap it up, here is my favorite shot of the day!:) Shannon, post hair extensions, love it. Aminah, my fabulous assistant and myself. Of course I am the ass who decides to actually hang off of the swing. What else would I do? Just stand there???? Nope, not me. Hope you enjoyed the shoot!!!!

The Worst of the Golden Globes 2010

Let me preface this post by letting you know that there really were no frocks that made me cringe and bite my lip. With that said, I was still “concerned” by a few of the gown choices.

First up, Julianne Moore’s Balenciaga dress was way off… Where was the shape, the curve, the silhousette? Why would you diet and excercie frivilously and then choose this gown just so you can cover it up? At least she slightly saved the ensemble with a fab pair of earrings. It ALMOST (not really) made up for the bizarre neckline and unfortunate and unkept hair-do. I know it was raining, but don’t you have a stylist following you around?

Next up is the hottest woman to hit television in a long time, Sophia Veranga. Unfortunately, she chose a Carolina Herrera dress that did absolutely nothing for her. The material was my first big issue because it looks like that of a high school prom dress from Jessica McClintock. Sorry to all those girls who love Jessica:( My second issue is that it was just way to much material for such a small lady. It was like she had another dress following her around all night…. She had every opportunity to show off her incredible sex appeal and beauty, but this dress did neither.

Oh Anna Paquin. This is a simple case of when a dress is incredible and the styling almost ruins the entire thing. Stella McCartney created a fabulous gown and Anna (or Anna’s stylist) decided that a clunky pair of gladiator sandals was the appropriate shoe choice. This was NOT the appropriate shoe choice. It was way too much going on and a much too heavy choice for a shoe option. Plus, these shoes are meant for a summer look, not a red carpet.

Finally we have Tina Fey in Zac Posen. A good idea in theory, but this is WAY too much dress for such a small woman. Too much pattern, way too much length and too much “bow-y” shoes. All in all, too much! If it had one less tier on the bottom, it would have substantially helped her cause… Unfortunately, they decided to keep the tier. Sorry Tina, this just wasn’t your best fashion choice….. You are still funny though:)

So that is it for my ranting and raving about the Golden Globe fashions. There was no total blunders, which made me smile. Obviously there will always be a few that are off, but what would an awards show be without that? Um, boring. I commend you all for trying to look your best and braving the scary waters of internet commentary. Good job.

The BEST Golden Globe Gowns 2010

Ah, awards season is here again! I LOVE this time of year. It is all about glitz and glamor and everything fabulous! Bring on the bling.

I know my first pick for “best dressed” at the Golden Globes is going to come with some criticism. My boyfriend has already chastised this choice. Drew Barrymore looked stunning in her Atlier Versace gown. The shoulder and hip detail bordered on that of a sea creature, but I still thought it was to die for. It was chic and elegant with a funky, individual twist. Nude is not always the best choice for the red carpet, it is easy to look washed out, but I really just loved the elegant detail on this dress. Her hair and make-up also perfectly complimented the simple sexiness of the overall look.

Next up for “best dressed” is January Jones. She always tries to do something just a little different and I truly appreciate that. Black is never one of my favorites on the carpet, it just doesn’t read well on camera. That is why I was so drawn to this look, because it DID look different and interesting. Not an easy feat. I was thrown off by the hair ribbon at first, but it really grew on me. I think it added to the “chic” quotient by a million. She took a simply elegant black gown and made it her own. This Lanvin dress was nothing short of spectacular when styled correctly… which it was! Kudos to your hair and makeup team as well for extending the classic elegance throughout the entire look.

Now for some color! Diane Kruger hasdefinitely proven herself to be something of a fashion icon. She is almost always interesting and hits the nail on the head with her fashion choices. This Spring Christian Lacroix gown is fierce in every way possible. Look at that neckline for God’s sake! How insanely fabulous is the construction of this dress. Keeping her hair off her neckline was also ingenious because that is the most busy part of her gown. You really don’t want to mess with it in any way. Show it off!

I guess looking good is easy for her. It doesn’t hurt that she is an amazingly stunning woman who can really pull off anything. Damn you Diane Kruger!

And now a double whammy of beauty and style, Christina Hendricks and Kate Hudson. Both were light and lovely on the red carpet. Kate wore a fabulous Marchesa gown, one of my absolute favorite designers for anything gown-related! Let’s not forget to give her shoes a shout out. They seriously helped enhance the funk factor of this look. Christina rocked a Christian Siriano dress.. Oh yes, the winner of Project Runway. Can you believe it? He really is proving to be the most successful winner of them all! To get on the red carpet at the Golden Globes is huge. The fact that this dress was one of my favorites right from the start without even knowing it was Siriano’s dress is even better. I love to root for the underdog and he is certainly still just making his way into this crazy world. Good for you Christian!

So there you have it. Feel free to criticize my choices for “best dressed”, but remember, this is my blog and all about my opinions:) Overall, this was a great kick off to the awards season and I think everyone did a pretty good job at looking fabulous. Usually there is a safety factor involved in the Golden Globes because it is the first show of the season. I actually think people dove into their fashion choices this year and I commend that! Can’t wait for more….

Check me out at a Gossip Girl Party

  • by Amy Salinger
  • January 13th, 2010
  • My Style

Ok, so as far as awesome nights go, yesterday was pretty up there. It was quintessentially NYC, in a way that only NYC can be. If you talk to any NYer, they will throw out the statement, “Only in New York” quite a bit. This just refers to how ridiculous things are always happening here and you should just learn to expect the unexpected….

Here is the run down: My BF Courtney asked if I would be interested in attending a party for the book launch of the costume designer from Gossip Girl, Eric Daman. The handsome fashionista that we are posing with (promoting his book very prominently, thanks Court). We contacted a mutual acquaintance who just happens to be the head of marketing for Henri Bendel’s where the red carpet event was being held. Yes, we are that cool. It was invite only so she had to put us on a very special list. Again, so cool.

I put on a skirt that you have all seen before, but who cares, I look hot in it. Of course I always feel skinny until I get to these hoity toity fashion events. It is like you imagine. Everyone is rail thin and has on the most amazing ensembles. Of course there is always one or two crazies that really believes their outfit is the bomb, when really it is just an actual bomb.

Any slight insecurity (I just drink and pretend I am the hottest one there:) went away once I saw my friend from high school across the gigantic room. What are the chances? I attacked him, per my usual style, and gave him a huge hug. He is familiar with my crazy antics and I believe he truly appreciates them. His outfit was bananas (ode to Rachel Zoe). I was seriously impressed. Just check John out! When I asked what he was up to he let me know he works in the wardrobe department at Gossip Girl and is allowed to borrow whatever he wants. Um, come again? I think my jaw hit the floor. Not only did I run into my old friend, but he works in the wardrobe department at the hottest show on television and can borrow anything??? As I said, “Only in New York”. I will be bothering him:)

So here comes some more crazy…. After I was done hounding my dear friend John, I realized there was T.V. camera’s filming everywhere. Where they there for me? No, not quite. Apparently MTV’s, “The City” was filming. Now I knew I must have been at the coolest party in town. This level of fabulous is not usually my life so I was sucking it in as much as possible (both literally and figuratively:).

Now, I am not a stalker (at least of celebrities), but once they were done filming God made it apparent that I was suppose to take a picture with Olivia Polmero. I was off in a corner looking at accessories and talking to Courtney when Olivia very quietly was also checking out the goodies. I jumped into stalker mode and asked if she would mind taking a picture with me. As loud as I am, this is truly out of character. I hate bothering people that constantly get hounded and being “that girl”. So readers, this celebrity stalking was strictly for you to enjoy how ridiculous this party was. You want me to tell you she was a bitch. You are hoping for some juicy story. Well folks, I just can’t give it to you! Not only did she graciously take a picture with me, but she offered to take another one if it didn’t come out! What I will tell you is that I am a size 4 and I look like a heffer next to this girl. Refer to the picture if you don’t believe me. Courtney would not stop talking about how Olivia’s thigh was the size of her own arm.

And now for my sidebar shout out to a favorite outfit of mine from the night! This is Biz (short for Elizabeth, love it!) from the marketing department at Henri Bendel’s. She was not only totally stylish, but she was lovely as well. You work that chic preppy look! Blair Waldorf would be soooooooooo jealous.

Here is my finale moment on the red carpet. Most people make their way down this paparazzi filled experience at the beginning of the party, but obviously I am NOT as cool as I previously thought… They were actually taking down the set as Courtney was taking this shot. Oh whatever! This is my first red carpet moment with many more to come…… Look for my big debut in the background of “The City”. They even made me sign a waiver:)

Belstaff: The Original Coat for a Man

Everybody’s doing it. Brad Pitt did it in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. Will Smith saved the world in it. Hell, even guys hating middle age (yes, that’s you John Travolta) have done it. And let’s not forget our little Shia, he looked pretty cute doing it too. What is it that they are all doing? Trying on their guy’s guy look by rocking a Belstaff coat. A very simple way for a man to get in touch with his rugged biker side.

Founded in 1924 in Staffordshire, England, Belstaff has remained the “it” coat for men who are looking to invest in a piece that really doesn’t lose it’s value. Not to mention that it seriously is pretty studly. I didn’t learn about this little gem of a brand until my boyfriend threw his Belstaff on and I almost hit the floor. Now I must admit that he is pretty damn cute standing alone, but wearing his Belstaff did wonders for his “hot” quotient. I suggest all women promote their man buying anything that will make them look even hotter.

The original Belstaff gansta, or at least the first movie star to make it popular, was Steve McQueen. He would wear the very popular Trailmaster while biking. In 2007, Belstaff released a new and improved Trailmaster in honor of Steve Mcqueen. He must have really loved his Belstaff.

Why all of this talk about Belstaff? Well, I wish they were paying me, but that is hardly true. I was in J. Crew over the weekend and they are now selling Belstaff! I don’t regularly walk into J. Crew (although I do like it), so I had no idea! As the price point of J. Crew goes up (thank you Michelle Obama for wearing it), so do the brands that they carry. Belstaff is definitely an investment with this particular coat being $795. But as I mentioned, it is definitely a worthy investment and does not lose it’s value! It is meant to look rugged and worn in. The one my boyfriend has is actually waxed cotton, which means every 2 years he has to re-wax it for $50 and it looks brand new. Pause for sexual joke.

So invest boys and buy yourself some manliness.

J. Crew Belstaff Trailmaster Jacket: $795