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Oscar’s Best and Worst

The year’s biggest fashion show was last evening and the stars did not disappoint. There was sparkle, there was shine, there was bright, there was nude, but, there was very little risk. I guess when you have people like me splashing our opinions all over the internet, magazines and television programs, it get a little intimidating to try something new and different. That aside, stylists put their best foot forward this season with some fabulous frocks.

At the very top of my list, Mila Kunis. She was sheer perfection in this purple lace and chiffon number by Elie Saab. The fit was spectacular to start. Do you know how hard it must have been to tailor the lace on her chest?!? Not to mention that the color was stunning and romantic. Her team did a great job of truly creating a look. It is never just about one thing, it is about the entire package. Her hair and make-up truly complimented the grace of the gown. I expected something louder with more of a WOW factor from Mila, but this choice could not have been better. It certainly had the WOW without the Holy Cow. LOVE.

And now for my least favorite… Nicole Kidman’s dress almost killed me. I know that Jessica McClintock is a perfectly fine designer for proms across the country, but on a red carpet for the Oscars is not a proper spot. Now truthfully this was a Christian Dior frock, not Jessica McClintock, but you could have fooled me. It was tacky and looked like an overdone bejewled gown. Mr. Dior, really? Every element of this dress made me stop and shake my head, even more so because it came from the usually incredibly fashionable lady, Nicole Kidman. Not sure what motherhood has done to her, but of late, her choices have seriously concerned me. Sorry to be harsh Nicole, you know I still love you.

Now here is the love it or hate it moment. I am not really going either way because there are things I really love and admire about this dress and things that petrify me. Mainly, the keyhole making her breasts a moving target just put her on the worst dressed list for most. Cate Blanchett is a fashion forward lady who paves the way when it comes to edgy fashion, but this frock just missed the mark ever so slightly. I think it is interesting and and beautiful, but I just wish that it had been a square cut out, not a circle! The blush color mixed with the pop of yellow is so eye catching and different. I absolutely love the almost Star Trek like cut of the dress with criss cross back, but I continually come back to the boob circle. Make it stop!

So with awards season officially over, I will now hold my judgments…. for the moment. Style is subjective and I appreciate the effort that every starlet took this year to put some fabulous looks together (even if it was the work of their stylist). Fare the well until next year!

Top 5 Trends for Spring

It may still be freezing outside, but it is time to start thinking warm! Well, at least warmer. Spring trends are starting to make their way to stops around town and it is time to choose your favorites. Every season there are a few pieces that always stand out, trends are what make the fashion world go ‘round. Knowing these trends and understanding what works best on you will constantly keep you ahead of the fashion curve. Here are the top five fabulous styles making their way down the runway for spring:

They say orange juice is good for you, well apparently so is the color. Bright, citrus shades are all the rage this spring. Out with the bland neutrals and in with fun, deliciously loud color! Aside from being vibrant and brightening anyone’s day that you may encounter, the look also allows you to never get lost in a crowd! High fashion, fabulous color, useful in large groups, the choice of orange really seems like a no-brainer. If you are overwhelmed by the shade or feel that it washes you out, choose accent pieces like a purse or jewelry to stay on trend.
This style of jeans loves to make a comeback. Much like John Travolta, just when you think they are officially over, here we go again…. High waisted and extremely tight through the thighs before flaring out to widths unknown, bell bottoms are not for everyone. It certainly explains why the trend lasts a few years and then mysteriously disappears, only to re-appear once designers have forgotten this fact again. There is a love for bell bottoms, but it is from ladies with slender, long legs. If you are lucky enough to be in this category, rock the look like it is 1975. They are fun and flirty and can instantly add a youthful feel to your look.
And yet another style that has made its way from the ‘70s into 2011, clogs. Apparently the time travel machine was large enough for a few pieces. Often looked at as an orthopedic option or service industry footwear, the clog has never fully gone away, it just wasn’t exactly “a trend”. Spring 2011 has changed all of that, clogs are in. High, low, bedazzled, studded, these shoes are out in a big way. One of the best parts of this particular trend is that they are quite simply one of the most comfortable options you can buy. Seeing as they are designed for people with bad feet or individuals that stand all day, you can bet that strutting your stuff in these babies will be pretty cozy. Looking hot and comfortable never felt so good.
Sexy and sophisticated are two words that deserve to go together and with the explosion of sheers this spring, they can. It is just the hint of skin that classy ladies all over the globe are looking to show off. No need to put it all out there, just the idea is enough to get hearts racing. Whether it is draped, flowing or taught, sheer materials give an element of sexy danger with a feminine touch to any look. Be wary of cheaper versions as they can lessen the value of your outfit. Tailoring is very important in any piece with sheer materials because it is so easy for them to fall incorrectly. So choose wisely and add sexy sophistication to any ensemble!
Jackie O made the trench coat uber-famous years ago with her easy, breezy style. Now in 2011, the coat has been revamped from its original glory. Don’t worry, the trench coat is not ever going to completely make an exit, it just has a new face. The trench dress is ready for spring! The classic ease of the coat makes altering this piece a simple and smart idea. The trench coat has always been a great option for any body type because of the body skimming style with cinched waist. Not too tight, not to loose and it accents your waist allowing your curves to shine. The trench dress will show off your shape in the same positive way making you spring ready for any day to evening event. Accessorize your look with big, bold bangles and you are officially on point this coming season.

WIN Fashion Week Tickets

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Hosted by fashion photographer Meagan Cignoli and fashion stylist Amy Salinger.


1. Send a picture of your favorite personal look to Twitter account @MeaganCignoli (using TwitPic, YFrog, etc.) of you in your favorite outfit. Make sure to add #fashionphotographer to the Tweet.
2. We’ll upload the top 5 photos to visualcountry.tumblr.com and Amy Salinger’s blog www.sassnstyle.com.
3. Your entry must be submitted online between 9:01 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) on February 7th, 2011 and 11:59 p.m. PST on Feb 9 2011. Yes, you only have 3 days!
4. Winners will be chosen by a Meagan Cignoli and Amy Salinger and will be announced on Thursday Feb 10th at 9 am.
SassnStyle Twitter Contest Winner must provide own transportation to show.
Please, no images wearing fur.

January Jones: Style Star

A lot has been said about January Jones style. Love it or hate it, at least she always tries to be original! As a stylist, that is a huge plus for me. She really does always push the envelope and try to create something that sets her apart from the crowd.

Take her SAG 2011 ensemble above. I adored this Carolina Herrera look from head to toe. It is chic, sexy and stylish. The gold lace overlay gives it a classical feel with a funky and modern twist. The hair and makeup are perfection only adding to the look, not competing with it. With some of the over the top looks she has done recently, this was a nice change without taking away from her original sense of style. Yea January.

And then there was this little diddy. Now although the little girl in the “interesting” outfit behind her clearly doesn’t think much of the dress, I think it is absolutely spectacular!!! The bodice, the color, the architectural feel… Phenomenal. This mint green Atelier Versace from the 2009 Emmy’s is quite possibly one of my favorite January Jones looks ever. It is so impossibly different then anything we ever see on the red carpet, this factor alone should score her points. I love the structure of the top combined with the elegant flow of the bottom. It is literally wearable art. The bold hips with cut outs only make me jump even higher for joy. Love, love, love.

Alright I get it, people hated it. I can certainly understand why, but I do want to give credit where credit is due. This is a masterpiece of insane artwork. The construction of this Versace dress is so out of control that I can only imagine how fabulous it must be in person. The layers of fabric combined with the vibrant color make it a natural choice if you really want to stand out. The real question is “How do you want to stand out?” It is not always a positive to look SO different, but it did get people talking about her and she was in every magazine and newspaper. I think the real problem here was quite simple. The hemline should have matched in both the front and the back. I don’t care if it was short or long, just not both! Of course there is the issue with her breasts looking like shooting targets (with a matching pair on her back), but I can overlook that and consider it part of fine art.

Surely I am going to be lambasted for loving this dress, but when I saw her walk out onto the red carpet in this va va va voom Versace dress, I was awestruck. She is truly a vision of sexy vixen mixed with hot 50’s housewife. The juxtaposition of the soft retro hair to the modernity of this fringe dress is the perfect compliment. Honestly, who wears fringe except for flappers? January Jones to the Golden Globes, that’s who. I will admit that it is a bit much is the boob area (although they look pretty good!), but aside from that it is one hot dress. If there had been a slight alteration the the straps, all could have been solved. They are currently angled allowing for spillage on the outside of the dress, never good. If they had been straight up and down, it would have created a cleaner, more toned down line.

So there you have it, my top pics from January Jones that stirred the pot just enough to get people talking. Love that. If there wasn’t a bit of controversy on the red carpet, it would just be boring. So thank you Ms. Jones for always keeping it exciting and classy. It certainly doesn’t hurt that you look like you do.