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My Style for Episode 4 of MDS

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“Be Wary of Client’s with Whips” is the fourth episode of Million Dollar Shoppers and was named by me! I was hoping they used one of my quotes for a title:) I worked with Liz Gaspari, a yoga pant wearing supplement company CEO in need of a fashion upgrade. They chose just the right shopper for the job.

Liz showed me to her closet filled with AMAZING and expensive pieces. Chanel, Louboutin, McQueen, the whole family was there…. Unworn. My heart hurts just writing such awful words! Check out these $4000 Loutoutin’s, worn once. You hear that sound? It is my heart breaking. I rocked  an Alice and Olivia leather bomber (same as I had on for the interviews) and a red Parker dress. Of course I topped it off with Kara Ross NY jewelry!

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I headed over to Ports 1961 to pick out some basic foundation pieces to build Liz’s look off of. I wanted to stick to sheath dresses and separates including pencil skirts. She likes tight clothes so I was going to give them to her… But in an appropriate way! I wore a BCBG black blazer and Kara Ross NY gold horn necklace.

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 I layered on even more Kara Ross NY bracelets while pulling extremely expensive lace tops. I am all about some good arm candy!

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 6.36.03 PM I arrived at Liz’s New Jersey home with $70,000 worth of goodies. This in NOT my typical pull! But darn if it isn’t fun to get that much stuff. I had on Derek Lam for Khols pants and my favorite leather bomber. High and low is my mantra! This cream neck tie blouse is a no name designer that I got for barely nothing at Nordstrom Rack. The greatest part is that I wear it all the time!