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The Best Christmas Day Outfits

What to wear on Christmas day??? This concept is a new one in my life. I’m a nice Jewish girl with an all Jewish family. That is until my brother married my now favorite Shiksa on the planet and Christmas entered our lives. Personally, my outfit is defined by one major factor, food consumption. How can I eat as much as possible while looking cute and not having my clothing remind me of my “day off” from my healthy lifestyle? Other families may have different stylish holiday traditions…..

There are a few factors in choosing your holiday look. What is the dress code set forth by your host? What is the location of your holiday meal? And finally, is comfort and stuffing yourself full of holiday joy part of the equation? Once you have the answer to these three questions you can prepare your festive look.


Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 12.54.50 PM

For the most fabulous of Christmas dinners I would suggest an outfit akin to the one above. There are not many days when a poofy skirt and a lacey sweater create the perfect outfit, but December 25th is one of those rare days. This is the dressiest of options and clearly does not mark high on the comfort scale, but if looking fabulous and showing your family that you are living an amazing life (even if you are most definitely not) is your goal, go big or go home. Make sure to tuck in the sweater (it should be thin NOT chunky) into your high-waisted skirt to create a waist. Add the most flare with a super metallic, very high heel. Damn girl, you look hot on Christmas!!!

Gold HeelsSkirt,  Sweater, Earrings

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 10.56.20 AM

For those looking to be a little sassy on the birthday of Jesus, the look above is for you. Please note, this sweater is a dress, NOT a tunic. Meaning, it should be at least mid-thigh length. We are not looking to create a scandal at Christmas dinner. For the extra sassy, the sweater should be a bit shorter and the boot a bit taller. For the “more conservative”, go for a knee high boot instead of a thigh high option and choose a sweater dress that is just above the knee. Pair it with a bold bracelet for a bit of flare. I love this option because the green-ish stone mixed with the red-ish dress is a nod to Christmas spirit without being so obvious. I love a good Xmas sweater, but sometimes a  good theme is all that is necessary….

Gold Bangle, Boots, Sweater Dress, Textured Tights

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 12.59.49 PM

Now this is my kind of outfit. Super comfy, super winter”y” and stylish. I could definitely shovel at least 2 plates of food and half a pie in my mouth without my outfit even noticing. A patterned legging is a quick and easy way to get the right kind of attention. I have one pair and every time I wear them random people come up to me to comment on them. This option is as close to Dancer and Prancer as you are going to get without looking like Santa barfed on you. No need to spend tons of money on them, you will probably wear them 3 times a season at most. Pair them with a longer, fabulous yet simple sweater for maximum effect. This off-the-shoulder option is not only right on trend, but will look great throughout the winter season with everything you own. More bang for your buck! Looking good while over-eating your way through the day has never been so stylish.

 Sweater, Leggings, Silver Pendant