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Bright Summer Nail Polish

I am not usually mentioning beauty products, but some of them really do make or break an outfit. With summer un-officially here, it is time to break out the fabulously fantastic florescent flavors of nail polish! Obviously a nice tan makes these crazy hues look oh so much better so be sure to be slightly bronzed (spray tan!).

As Ms. Rihanna showed us only a short time ago, these fun colors can seriously amp up any look. You do not necessarily need to be a rock star (although I pretend), but this is a simple way to push the envelope. When warmer months are upon us and a little is actually a lot, accessorizing with bright and fun nail polish can be just the touch that your less-clothed look needs.

As for colors that suit you, anything that is in the coral, pink or orange family is much more main stream. Once you venture into the yellows, blues and greens you might as well throw on your ripped leggings and grab a mic. Hell ladies, if you can do it, go for it.

Sephora by OPI: Digital Diva Collection