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I LOVE Hoop Earrings

I think I own at least 10 pairs of hoop earrings.

Why you may ask? The answer is simple, depending on the style and size, you are dealing with an entirely different beast. Hoop earrings come in so many fabulous versions that choosing the perfect pair for your look can literally change everything. This may sound a bit dramatic, but have you met me? This is par for the course.

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I am TOTALLY obsessed with this new pair of hoops that I just got at H & M. Let’s be real, the quality is not so great (I need a rubber back just to hold them on), but I feel so “ghetto fabulous” (totally un-PC) when I put them on that I don’t care. I pretty much instantly become “Jenny from the block.” Don’t you see it? The large hammered gold material puts me into another world of style. A hoop earring can not only change your look, but the right one can change your mood. “Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still Jenny from the block……”

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Strangely, this pair is from H & M too. I only say “strangely” because I don’t even shop there that much. But, if you are looking for a quick “pick-me-up” emergency shop fix, then jewelry at H & M will do the trick. You know the feeling, “I need to buy something now or I will die!!!!” You won’t die, but $10 spent on a small and fun trinket will give you your mojo back. This pair of hoops are my ode to tribal fun. The fringe is adding a fashionable and fun change from a basic hoop. Paired with a simple white T and leather bomber, they change a simple look into something fantastic.



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Above is just a small sampling of my hoop collection. Yes, size matters. The smaller the hoop, the daintier the style. The bigger the hoop, the louder and more crazy things become. Choosing a hoop size is very personal. My more refined clients go for a thin, small to medium size. I usually choose a BIG size because I am sassy and outgoing. As you can see from this collection, depending on my mood and my audience, I do own a bevy of sizes. I can play any part I need to based on my hoop size, hell, that is what fashion is all about!

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I always get questions about WHAT to pair your hoops with. Well again ladies, this choice is personal. Above are a few options…. For the funkier, younger gal, a fabulous head scarf will do the trick. You can easily refine this look by tying the knot at the bottom of your head instead of the top. It is a perfect look for the beach or the pool. A fabulous floppy hat will also work. You can access your 70’s flower child instantly. A big question I get is about pairing your hoops with necklaces. A longer style is always going to be the easiest option. It separates the jewelry out so you don’t have too much in one place. Choose a smaller size hoop to not over-complicate things. If you are insane like I am, go for a statement necklace WITH your hoops. Why not? Choose a basic style hoop in this case so you don’t completely overwhelm your beautiful face. So start building that collection now ladies…….

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On Arise.tv: SAG Red Carpet

My favorite thing in the world to do is judge celebrities on the red carpet, even better when I am doing it on camera with Barbet instead of doing it on my couch. Watch us on Arise.tv dolling out our favorites and those that didn’t quite make the cut:)

Best and Worst Dressed: 2011 Emmy’s

This year at the Emmy’s I was seeing red. Not because I was so angry that the celebrities gracing the carpet looked so bad, but because they actually were all wearing the vibrant color. It was almost ridiculous, dress after dress came down the carpet and 50% of them were red!

The actress that topped the long list of stylish “reddies” was Lea Michelle. I was completely obsessed with her Marchesa floor length gown. The front was simple with a fabulous structured shoulder and the back was to die for. The draped shoulder perfectly complimented the swooping drape on the back of the dress. It really was sheer perfection. The simplicity of her hair and make-up allowed the dress to shine and keep her overall look young and sexy. And kudos to her trainer, you have to be in seriously good shape to pull off a floor length sheath dress. That sucker doesn’t hide anything!

And now for the worst dressed (according to me:). I do dearly love Gwyneth Paltrow and her ability to choose bold and interesting red carpet options, but I felt this was a miss. I actually think that as skinny and toned as she is, the Pucci dress looked too tight. It showed off squeezed skin around her midriff. And what was with showing that area off in the first place? This would have been a great Grammy’s dress, but Gwyneth, we are at the Emmy’s here! The tulle shooting out from the bottom of the “top” part of the dress only solidified for me that it was WAY to crazy with this classy awards show.

And then there was the condom dress. Apparently “safe” dressing was on Julianna Margulies mind when preparing for the red carpet, only problem is that the dress was anything but! I also really love her and her style, but this strange space age concoction was just weird. I am often times much more constructive in my criticism, but sorry, it was just strange:) She could barely walk it was so tight! I think the final straw that threw it completely off was the structure of the bodice and the large, crystal beads. It really did remind me of a couture space suit.

So there you have it. My professional opinion has graced the internet and I am sure the world will be rocked. No matter what I think, the truth is that great amounts of effort go into the decisions of stylist’s and their clients and I commend them for all of their valiant fashion attempts!

Oscar’s Best and Worst

The year’s biggest fashion show was last evening and the stars did not disappoint. There was sparkle, there was shine, there was bright, there was nude, but, there was very little risk. I guess when you have people like me splashing our opinions all over the internet, magazines and television programs, it get a little intimidating to try something new and different. That aside, stylists put their best foot forward this season with some fabulous frocks.

At the very top of my list, Mila Kunis. She was sheer perfection in this purple lace and chiffon number by Elie Saab. The fit was spectacular to start. Do you know how hard it must have been to tailor the lace on her chest?!? Not to mention that the color was stunning and romantic. Her team did a great job of truly creating a look. It is never just about one thing, it is about the entire package. Her hair and make-up truly complimented the grace of the gown. I expected something louder with more of a WOW factor from Mila, but this choice could not have been better. It certainly had the WOW without the Holy Cow. LOVE.

And now for my least favorite… Nicole Kidman’s dress almost killed me. I know that Jessica McClintock is a perfectly fine designer for proms across the country, but on a red carpet for the Oscars is not a proper spot. Now truthfully this was a Christian Dior frock, not Jessica McClintock, but you could have fooled me. It was tacky and looked like an overdone bejewled gown. Mr. Dior, really? Every element of this dress made me stop and shake my head, even more so because it came from the usually incredibly fashionable lady, Nicole Kidman. Not sure what motherhood has done to her, but of late, her choices have seriously concerned me. Sorry to be harsh Nicole, you know I still love you.

Now here is the love it or hate it moment. I am not really going either way because there are things I really love and admire about this dress and things that petrify me. Mainly, the keyhole making her breasts a moving target just put her on the worst dressed list for most. Cate Blanchett is a fashion forward lady who paves the way when it comes to edgy fashion, but this frock just missed the mark ever so slightly. I think it is interesting and and beautiful, but I just wish that it had been a square cut out, not a circle! The blush color mixed with the pop of yellow is so eye catching and different. I absolutely love the almost Star Trek like cut of the dress with criss cross back, but I continually come back to the boob circle. Make it stop!

So with awards season officially over, I will now hold my judgments…. for the moment. Style is subjective and I appreciate the effort that every starlet took this year to put some fabulous looks together (even if it was the work of their stylist). Fare the well until next year!