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Emmy’s Best Dressed

Oh how I love a good awards show. The good, the bad and the ugly…. It is a stylist’s time to shine and a star’s time to suck it in. All of this equals out to a good time for the viewer.

This year the Emmy’s were pretty as usual. I feel like because it is so early in the awards season (January is when it really gets going!), that most celebs stay safe. This year was no different. Basic silhouettes with straightforward colors allow very few of them to end up on the worst dressed list.

But then there are the few that take a bit of a risk and pray that it pays off. This year’s risk takers: Blake Lively and January Jones. And as far as this stylist is concerned, their respective risks definitely paid off.

I LOVE Blake Lively’s look. It is sexy (amazing boobs anyone?), it is sleek, it is the color of the moment and it is different. Her hair borders on alien invasion, but somehow it really does work with this look. I think the sleek front mixed with the messy braided pony tail are a slam dunk. Paired with an amazing silhouette of a dress that simply fits her body like a glove, Blake Lively looks the best she ever has. Gold star.

And then there is January Jones. Space age meets Hollywood glamor has never looked so good. Who knew that these two genres would make such a glorious team? The hard edge of the beading combined with the structured hip were an amazing compliment to her flowing train. With such a strong top half, it was important to pair it with a more feminine bottom half.

She brought the feminine feeling up through her soft hair and makeup reminding us that she is a classy lady with a touch of retro funk. She created a classically Mad Men look with a 2009 twist. You also receive a gold star January Jones.

Tights with Open Toe Shoes? It Works.

I am actually a BIG fan of tights with open toe shoes. It is an instant way to make your look high fashion. Let’s be clear though, we are mixing OPAQUE tights with funky, bold high heels. I am not pulling out stockings with bad seams and putting them with silk Nina dress shoes that I dyed to match my dress. Ug. That is high fashion v.s. Grandma fashion. Sorry Grandma.

It really is a simple combination that can put your look over the top. Just look to the right and check out how much more fabulous each of these looks instantly became by funking out the bottom half. Love it. It is a trio of fab. It is also a great way to see how to start simple, push yourself a little and then (ahem, Heidi Klum) push yourself a lot! These three fashionistas have given us a good look at how to “make it work” depending on your level of style.

Now let’s not stop there with the high fashion possibilities of this particularly potent combo. Gwyneth Paltrow’s awesome look might be my favorite “tights with open toe shoes” ensembles ever. She seriously rocked it. Her choice of doing a completely monochromatic bottom half, including the lower part of her dress, was genious. She was able to be trendy and sassy without making her shoes the focal point. This is often hard when you wear tights with open toe shoes because it is such a funky mixture. By doing a gray shoe with gray tights, she allowed you to be intrigued but not blown over. Try this monochromatic look out with a pair of your new fabulous open toe booties and you will come out with the same fantastic result, awesome. This trend lets you wear your spring and summer shoes right into fall and if you are crazy, even winter.

But remember my very strong warning, no seam of your stockings or tights should EVER be seen. If you look closely to the right, you will see that this possibility for a great Louboutin and stockings combo went horribly wrong. I spy a stocking seam going straight across her toes! Her sexy ensemble just went straight to Grandmaville…. Again, sorry Grandma!

Photos courtesy of eighty81.com, Instyle.com and thefashionpolice.com

Rachel Zoe: Love Her or Hate Her?

I guess people always need to find a new favorite person to hate and this year it seems to be Rachel Zoe. Why I ask? Yea, she is a bit over the top and acts like the world is going to collapse if the right dress doesn’t show up, but isn’t that the draw of her in the first place? I have tried to explain to people that I can feel her pain, that the level of styling she produces is so pressure filled it is ridiculous. The real problem is, not many people seem to care… And yet the funny thing is that obviously people are intrigued, because the second season of The Rachel Zoe Project just aired. I equate it to the people who say they don’t care about celebrity gossip and then secretly buy (and love) US weekly. I am very open about my addiction.

I will give Rachel Zoe this, she can pull some crazy stuff. And by “pull”, I mean get some FABULOUS clothes! The sign of a really great stylist is not necessarily the actual fashion sense, but what they can get their hands on. I watched the season 2 premiere last night and was blown over by the fact that she managed to have Karl Lagerfeld, head designer at Chanel, change a runway design for her at the last second. She literally had him commission a design change because she didn’t like the original dress for Cameron Diaz. It was amazing to watch.

The truth is, she must be doing something right because she styles half of Hollywood, has her own show, a book and is apparently coming out with a clothing line. It is rumored to be called, “I die”. If you watch the show, you certainly understand why.

So everybody, stop the hate. I do agree that being an emergency room surgeon is overtly a much more obviously stressful job, but I dare you to try and do what Rachel Zoe does for a day. You really just might have a heart attack. And, let’s be real, this woman is doing it. When has the world ever really known a stylist? She is the woman behind the stars and now she is a star herself. She is obviously good at her job and a gal who has made it to the top. Show her a little respect and admit you like her show:)

Photos courtesy of stylehop.com and ehow.com

Michael Jackson Inspires All Fashion

As we all have already noted, Michael Jackson’s legacy will live on. Most people are discussing his music or his personal life, but his style really is a very close third. He invented his own look that often times was extremely unusual, but none the less, he always seemed to rock it.

A true showman, no matter where he was, he always seemed to be dressed to perform. This defined his true fashion sense and overwhelmingly represented his personality because that always seemed to be the heart of him, performing. Of course I can recount the various confused pajama looks and strange face masks that draped his later, more recent years, but if we really look at the hey day of this great performer, his style pushed the envelope early and paved a new fashion path.

Even recently his very recognizable military look has been gracing not only the runways of Balmain, but the stars themselves. Be it Beyonce or Rihanna, their emulated looks are almost uncanny. This picture almost makes you do a double take guessing who is who! His love of military style combined with the glitz and glamour of a showman defined the base of his infamous wardrobe. Over the years he continued to reinvent this defining look making each ensemble more outrageous, over the top and incredible than the one before it.

I have always noted that style should represent who you are. You are your own best canvas and fashion is your medium. It is possible that no one better represented this than Michael Jackson during his prime years. Who else seriously could have gotten away with one shiney glove, cropped pants and silver socks? People were copying this look all over the world and to this day, it still is associated with Michael Jackson. He introduced the world to the showman that we all know and love and will be forever etched in our brains. The style is his and he certainly made it his own.

Photo courtesy of Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Outfitters

The Country Music Awards Strike Again

I try and be nice, I really do. My mother and father raised me to be a sweet girl, but sometimes the fashionably challenged push me too far. And this time, Martina McBride is the culprit. What on earth was she wearing to the country music awards and even better, why does it seem that this awards show is always the most confused fashion wise?

I know these people have stylists, I really do. They are rich, they are famous and yet, they seem to miss the ball quite often. I am all for the overdone look of country even if it might not be my thing, but at least get it right. Nashville is a far way from Hollywood, but beautiful clothing travels well and designers are eager to show off their best pieces. Stylists are the middle man, so either Fed-Ex never delivered the package or the stylists never received the message. The tragedies are obvious.

Oh, Martina. Why the over-done beach tunic? A Vegas pool for a pina coloda maybe, but an awards show? To add insult to injury, you (or your stylist) paired it with a peep toe pump. A PEEP TOE PUMP!!!! When has ’50s style chic and Vegas showgirl beachwear gone together? Your very overdone Native American style earring are doing nothing but overwhelming your already insanely embellished neckline. At least you wore your hair done to mute the gaudiness of this ensemble. The ring on your pointer finger and layered bangles, although a crime, go almost unnoticed against the other atrocities of this look. And for my final blow, I will bring attention to the fact that you are a wrinkled mess. Oy, my eyes hurt.

Photo courtesy of tvguide.com