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Rachel Bilson Does Shorts-Chic Right

Rachel Bilson might be one of my favorites little fashionistas in Hollywood. She just always seems to get it right and put your own spin on it at the same time. She is young, trendy, hip, stylish , sexy and fun, all without looking like she is trying too hard. And she is now writing a column for InStyle as well so clearly others agree!

This outfit is a perfect example of how she effortlessly pulls things together. It is really just basics that she put a twist on. Everyone within her age range should own these foundation pieces, jean shorts, a white tank top and a longer sweater. The combination of throwing them together with easy longer chains and an off-set color of brown shoes is the difficult part. Or is it? Her outfit seems so simple and yet there is the touch of interesting, calming colors and earthy materials that make it her own. Her choice of an over-sized purse make it completely accessible and a realistic ensemble for everyday fashion.

Rachel Bilson always seems to get it right and this is just another glowing example. So pull out your basics and see what simple and chic combinations you can come up with. You may not have paparazzi following you around to document your every look, but isn’t that what Twitter is for anyway?

Photo courtesy of urbanupdater.com

Best Dress at MTV Movie Awards

Well, it is better late than never….. I knew I had a post to write! This dress may have been controversial because of how many cut-outs there were (her tush is definitely exposed), but I thought she looked amazing. And this is my blog to rant and rave on, isn’t it? I love a place where my opinions are king!

This girl is hot, let’s just face it. She is obsessed with wearing really short things and why not? She has the awesome legs to pull it off. Plus it doesn’t hurt that she is young and at the top of her career. Bitch. Just kidding Leighton, I love you.

This dress by Emilio De La Morena is one of the hottest pieces I have seen in a while. It definitely hits the mark without revealing too much (aside from a hint of a butt cheek as previously mentioned). It is the LBD gone insanely right. Clearly you cannot be any bigger than a size 4 to wear this very tight little number. Leighton seems to have been working out.

Her boots are Brie by Brian Atwood and damn girl, they are HOT. It is a little late in the season to be wearing booties, but she seems to do it effortlessly. I have a “no boots past mid-may” rule, but she has broken it well. They are quite simply the perfect compliment to her sexy mini. They are actually a purple suede that you can’t see in this shot. Ug, another rule broken and done so well. I also try and veer away from suede in the warmer months. But as they say, rules are made to be broken and I say, “especially in fashion”. If you can make it work, then you really are the fashionista you claim to be!!!

Photo courtesy of JustJared.com

Are Shouler Pads Really Back?

When the ’80s ended I was very pleased to say goodbye to a few things… Big hair, ice wash jeans and shoulder pads. With two of the three being back in style, I feel like I should whip out my cripping iron and just give up.

As a stylist I do understand that trends come around in a 20 year loop. So, inevitably, what happened in the ’80s was sure to back in some form during this decade. I just wish that some things had remained in the closet; literally.

As I flip through high fashion photos of celebrities on the red carpet this year, I am amazed to see how many designers have dug into their ’80s bag O tricks to resurrect styles that were never flattering to begin with. The shoulder pad? Seriously? In what world does widening a woman’s shoulders to football player status equal out to feminine proportions? At least Gwyneth Paltrow picked this Balmain blazer that is more delicately cut. As opposed to her Dynasty counterparts, this silhouette is a bit more flattering.

If you must wear this over the top ’80s trend, here a few tips (to make it less painful for the rest of us!). You CANNOT mix the latest boyfriend blazer craze with this trend. It would be dreadful and a full blown throw back to JR and his possy. You must keep the proportions no longer than waist length to off set the fact that your shoulders are twice as emphasized. You will loose any sight of a waist otherwise. We still want a curvy, feminine figure here ladies!

Now if you must, go answer the phone… The ’80s are calling and they want to drape you in shoulder pads.

Photo courtesy of alothmanblog.com

Lo and Amy: Spring Fling

So here it is! Our first head to toe fab blog post. Lo and Amy together. What do you get when you have one part amazing hair and make-up extraordinaire and one part sassy stylist? You get absolutely fabulous!

Amy says: Spring may be here, but that certainly does not mean that mother nature knows it! With changing temperatures from day to day, this may be the most difficult time of the year to get dressed. Even for a seasoned stylist like me, it can get really annoying…. So why not have some tried and true looks that will always keep you stylish and weather proof!?!

Cameron Diaz has done a fabulous job of rocking a look that can go anywhere from sixty to eighty degrees. It is all about the layering folks! Her light spring scarf and chic blazer make this a realistic outfit for the vast range of temperatures that this time of year can bestow upon us. Nothing about this outfit is too far off range that any person could feel comfortable in it. Truthfully, look at the foundation of the ensemble: Jeans and a t-shirt. Seriously folks, that is it! She punches up the look and makes it appropriate for spring by adding in pops of color. The purple scarf and yellow flats make the basics of the outfit really sing. The simplicity of her bobbles, her necklace and layered bracelets, keep the look fun and flirty. By piling on or peeling off any of these sassy layers, you to can weather the storm of mother natures ups and downs!

Lo says: As we throw off our socks, hats, and gloves it can be a little frightening to see what we have covered up for the last six months! Fear not, as I have a few simple things to help the transition to warmer weather.


It can be frightening to bare your limbs after a long winter so one of my tricks is to use Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. This is a great multi-tasking product which hydrates your skin and gives you a little glow. We don’t want a “fake tan” we just want to take the glare off! The subtle self tanner will warm up your skin gradually and is great for dry skin. Don’t forget to step up you SPF now that the sun is out – you will thank me in a few years!


Time for cut and color ladies! Nothing puts a spring in your step like a fresh cut and why not add some subtle highlights or color those pesky grays. Think fresh, not fake.


Don’t you dare bare your toes in flip flops without a little spring pedicure. A fabulous pedicure can lift your spirits and make your skin tone look gorgeous. I always wear a red tone, but I also love a great pink, coral or French manicure. Heck, go with blue as long as you add a little pep in your step.


Lips and Cheeks!

As you stroll through the department store every sales person is trying to sell you the new spring colors! Guess what, you probably already have them because they are basically the same as last year’s spring colors! Your neutral eye shadows and eyeliners can carry you through every season, but you want to change up your cheek and lip color. Spring colors are cooler in tone and tend to be sheerer than winter makeup. Take a clue from the pinks and purples that we wear for spring clothing. The colors may look too bright but because they are sheer, they can look more like your natural pigment than the duller looking colors.

Lo’s Recommends for Lip and Cheek colors:

Stila Papaya Lip Glaze, Laura Mercier Peony Stick Gloss, Bobbi Brown Brightening Lip Gloss in Lilac, Prescriptives Nectar Matte Blush, Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Blush.

Image source: www.drugstore.com

Best and Worst of the MET Gala

I cannot believe it myself. Have I seriously chosen Katy Perry as my favorite dressed of the evening twice now! She rocked the Grammy’s and has shown her fashion chops yet again at this year’s Met Gala. As for worst dressed, I really don’t think I had much choice. I truly stand by the idea that this is the event to make a statement, but what on earth does Madonna think is a statement? She looks like a hooker in the bird exhibit at Busch Gardens.

So let’s begin with the good since the ugly is oh so ugly. It is too early to stomach it yet, I need at least five minutes to wake up first. Katy Perry is a futuristic goddess. As I noted, I LOVE the fact that stars have at least one event where they can truly go over the top and it is not only accepted, it is revered! This is the time to put those editorial fashion dreams into motion and show ’em what you got… Fashion wise that is! Katy Perry is doing just that. She has taken a themed idea and make it Vogue-fabulous! From head to toe, this look is killing the competition. Her sleek, modern take on the bob is a perfect finish to a perfectly robotic ensemble. I love her cuff which only promotes her fantasy futuristic princess outfit to a tee. Katy Perry you are my robot god.

Now Madonna….. Fire your stylist. I know you have worked with her for years and she has usually steered you in the right direction, but this is so horrific that it is worth severing ties. Either you have become so pushy that she didn’t feel like fighting the good fight or she just flat out lied to you and told you that you look good. This look is so overdone (as if any part of it was even right) that I don’t know where to begin. Why not start with the obvious, the hat. It appears that you have two robin birds that landed on your head and laid an egg in a nest… and that is just what I notice at first glance. Pan down…. Your dress is actually a very well-structured, beautiful creation…. If you were 20 years younger! Stop forgetting you are fifty and add some inches to your dress. And to top it all off, you borrowed Julia Robert’s hooker boots from Pretty Woman. I guess you could call them vintage?

Photos courtesy of Zimbio.com