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My First BIG Sass N Style Workshop!

  • by Amy Salinger
  • July 8th, 2009
  • My Style

Finally, I have a REAL audience listening to me! I held my first BIG Sass N Style workshop on fashion and style at Ohio State University Alumni Association. Over a hundred women showed up to hear yours truly chat about everything from recession proof style to looking skinny All the time. They handed me a microphone and I was off!

Coming from New York City to Columbus has made me into something of a big fish in a small pond. There aren’t many people who do what I do out here so I am lucky because I seem famous:) I was able to be connected with the OSU alumni association by accident and I blindly pitched myself and received a gracious invitation to speak. Why am I here you ask? I am living with my boyfriend for the summer who resides here so I decided to do something besides clean his house everyday:) A self-starter I am.

I have recently developed the Sass N Style workshops and they are being done as an at-home party. Basically a reason for women to get together, drink wine, chat fashion and learn from an expert….me! A tupperware party, but way better:) The facts are simple: Pull together 10 or more of your fun friends and receive 15% off of all of my initial services. We are talking closet consultation, shopping and styling. Pretty good deal:) Each lovely lady can attend for the bargain basement price of $25. If you know anyone in NYC, Chicago or Columbus, send them my way! I am expanding to other places so let me know if you want me in your town…..

And ladies, don’t forget that I can speak anywhere and anytime about everything fabulous and fashionable. For those that are involved in conferences or womens networks, I am always ready to provide fun facts about looking and feeling great for all shapes, sizes and ages. In this world where we seem to take care of everything but ourselves, it is always nice to know that putting on the right ensemble can take you right out of that rut you are in. Take my blog from the written word to the stage with a simple phone call…. I will be hearing from you shortly:)

Shoe Stretch Spray: Bye Hurting Feet!

  • by Amy Salinger
  • July 2nd, 2009
  • My Style

I rarely discuss products (if ever) on this blog, but this was just too good to not spread the word. I am a big believer in the fact that you should by shoes that fit appropriately. None of this, “Oh, they will break in” crap. If they hurt when you buy them, most likely, they will hurt when you wear them… Which will be never!

A client showed me this miracle product yesterday (I should have been showing it to her, shame on me!), and I had to share the love. Instead of trekking to the shoe maker to get your shoes stretched, purchasing this little product and stretch them yourself! Instructions are as follows: Spray on entire shoe. Wear for 15 minutes. And voila! Your shoes will fit your feet. Repeat as needed. The best part about this product is that you have enough to stretch more than one pair of shoes and it can be used in conjunction with actually going to the shoe maker for professional stretching.

So, lessons to be learned from Amy: Buy shoes that fit, but if you make that mistake because they are just soooo beautiful, buy shoe stretch spray. The worst fashion crime (aside from a bad ensemble) is to keep your beautiful items stored away….. Oh the atrocities!

Shoe Stretch Spray
$3.95- $15.95

Something Borrowed: Vintage Veils

  • by Amy Salinger
  • June 16th, 2009
  • My Style

Let’s talk recession proof wedding style. Is there any better way to look fantastic and give a shout out to your mom than with her borrowed veil? I think not! You have covered three bases in one, something borrowed, acquiring a headpiece and spending NO money! I love innovative styling!

Many women have nothing to do with their beautiful gown and veil after the big day. They pack it up and tuck it nicely underneath the bed hoping that one day they will have a daughter who will wear it proudly. One huge problem, the likely hood that your daughter will not only be the same size, but actually like the dress is next to impossible! Styles come and go and trying to don a dress exactly as it was around 30 years after its original wear is a difficult task.

So, what better way to show off your mother’s beautiful wedding taste than to re-wear her veil and skip over the dress. There are options to re-work it in order to modernize it without taking away the heartfelt sentiment. Adding in a new head piece such as a broach, comb or crown is the simple way to make it your own and still show mommy that you love her.

Everyone is trying to cut corners no matter where the spending is happening, so why not think outside of the box for your wedding day as well. There are plenty of vintage pieces lurking around your grandmother and mother’s closets so jump on them fast! Work them not only into your wedding look, but your everyday look as well!

Photo courtesy of Queensofvintage.com

Great Blog: The Daily Julie

  • by Amy Salinger
  • June 12th, 2009
  • My Style

Yes folks, I have found another great blog. Why do I love this blog? First things first, lots of fashion. From Julie’s everyday ensembles to her favorite finds, she has a quirky and eclectic sense of style. And, as she so eloquently puts it, “I’m just a 27 year old southern woman trying to navigate her way through life.”Real, stylish and most of all, fun! Check her out at The Daily Julie.

Shopping with Someone Else’s $

  • by Amy Salinger
  • June 5th, 2009
  • My Style

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. Everybody has their good days and their bad days, but overall, my life is pretty ridiculous. Let’s be honest, I designed it that way. Here is a basic fact: I get paid to shop with other people’s money. Now here is the way I read that: I get paid to shop until my heart is content feeding off the thrill of the hunt and loving beautiful clothing, enjoying the rush AND actually making money to do it. Isn’t buying it more than half the fun anyways?

When you love all things fashion related, shopping on someone else’s dime really does help feed your addiction. Example number one: Do you see the ten pairs of shoes pictured that I bought, but didn’t personally pay for? From Louboutin to Prada, they make me salivate just looking at them. I often joke that I have not made it until I am actually able to shop like one of my clients. No, my closet is not full of Louboutin’s:(yet).

Now although shopping at Barney’s is always a treat, I do shop mostly at the more realistic stores on a more realistic budget. My speech goes something like this, “I shop anywhere from Loehmann’s to Neiman’s, it just depends on the client’s budget”. Truthfully, the best shopping is done when you mix it up. Why do you think high powered celebrities love to hit the flea markets? They have all the money in the world and even they love to get a good deal.

So, if ever you are shopping in NYC or Chicago and coming soon, Columbus, OH, I am there to guide you:) Hell, I also travel to your great parts of the universe. As one of my fabulous clients told me yesterday while shopping at Top Shop, “I don’t shop without you, why would I when you buy all of the “right” things and I actually wear it all?” A good ego booster never hurt, but I really do hear that all of the time.

Truthfully, the best part about it all (aside from playing with pretty clothes) is that people leave feeling differently about themselves. I actually feel like I have done some good in this world by slowly boosting people’s self-esteem and letting them see how fabulously beautiful they really can look!!!!