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Wedding Guest Chic

  • by Amy Salinger
  • May 5th, 2009
  • My Style

I don’t know why I never thought about this before? I dress up for different occasions all of the time and consider myself (and my clients) a walking billboard for my styling business. With that said, it is only recently that I began to post pictures of some of my favorite looks that I think you lovely readers could learn from. So, from here on out, I will make it a habit of taking shots of outfits that I truly love. Outfits that really make a statement. Outfits that serve as a learning tool. Basically, outfits that rock.

This weekend I traveled out to Cleveland, Ohio to attend a wedding. I knew not a soul there, including the bride and groom, aside from my boyfriend. To me this only means that I have even more of an opportunity to make a splash! When one’s career is to dress people, it is highly important to look the part especially when the audience has never met you before!!!

This lovely recession has even hit this fashionista so my first mission was to borrow a dress. Find a stylish friend… Check! Find a stylish friend who is my size… Check! Find a stylish friend who is my size and will lend me a dress for a weekend… Check, check, check!!! The lovely Miss Erin Donnelly (Star of Sass N Style: Shop Your Closet) was kind enough to lend me this purple frock. The yellow tie is from J Crew and had nothing to do with the dress… That is until we started looking through her closet for something to cinch the dress and this jumped out! Most people would never have paired the two together, but that is what really makes “a look”. A dress and heels is one thing, but creating an ensemble is quite another.

I trecked home (across the street:), toting the dress, yellow peacock feather belt and peep toe pumps. I knew I needed to complete my very stylish wedding guest look, but wasn’t sure what would be the perfect fit. Everyone always goes for a shawl at weddings, stop the craziness! A shawl is fine, but you and twenty other people have one on. Go for something a little more interesting. I paired my purple dress with a tuxedo jacket from H & M that I have had for almost 5 years. By folding up the sleeves, I not only made the look a bit funkier and personalized, but I also added in another accent color of pink. My vintage citrine ring pulled in the yellow of the belt perfectly and my ’50s style clutch was the sassiest topper! The shoes and purse off-set the look for a more classic feel.

Overall, there were a lot of elements going on, but they all flowed perfectly. It was a fun and flirty ensemble that set me apart from the crowd without putting a spotlight on me. They tell me that weddings are the bride’s day so I never want to completely out-do them:)

White Hot: The Triangle Top Bikini

Now, I wouldn’t usually make it a habit of putting a picture of myself in a bikini on-line, much less next to a barely dressed Marissa Miller. But, for the sake of teaching you, the reader, I will sacrifice:) The real purpose of me making this painful comparison is to show you that the triangle bikini top is flattering on many different bust sizes. The real key to why a triangle bikini top works has more to do with the placement and shape of your boobs. They must be closer together so you have some sort of natural cleavage and also still maintain some natural lift. The triangle top leaves little to the imagination, no support or coverage, so your breasts must still be in tact!

Choosing a string bikini bottom, as the lovely and curvaceous Marissa Miller is rocking, is sometimes a scary concept. It is actually more flattering than some other styles that have more coverage. The first thing that it promotes is creating hips for a straighter figure. Adding a tie on each hip give your body that extra illusion of curve by extending your hips. Also, the string bikini does not cut into your stomach which often times actually only accentuates that you have a few more inches on your mid-section. Obviously, if your stomach is beginning to hang over the top of your bikini bottom, this might not be the best option for you!!! Just remember that string bikini does not always mean teany tiny. There can be a good amount of coverage to keep your derriere properly covered.

As far as your white hot look goes, keep it heavily lined! The last thing anyone wants to see on the beach is ALL of you!!!

Victoria’s Secret Triangle Bikini Set
Separates: $24

Meet Make-Up Artist: Laura Nadeau

  • by Amy Salinger
  • April 28th, 2009
  • My Style

Get excited. I am about to introduce you to an amazing make-up artist who not only is GREAT at make-up, but she blogs about it too! Just like me, she works with “real” women who want to look fabulous. Laura is not only great at her craft, but her energy and entertainment value match mine… This is not an easy feat:) At her website LoandCo, she also provides instructional videos (just like Sass N Style) where she demonstrates things like how to correctly apply fake lashes. Did I mention she was also entertaining?

Now here is the really great news! Laura and I seem to have too many similarities in our businesses to not provide complete head to toe tips for our readers. So, coming soon, Laura and I are going to offer our expertise on completely fabulous looks and how to completely achieve them! ALL IN ONE FAB!

So, as you await our amazing joint blog posts to have our readers feeling and looking good from top to bottom, make sure to check out her blog……

One Dress, Two Ways

So here I am making you more jealous. Not only did I go away for a week and lie on a beach, now I am going to show you pictures too:) I don’t want to hurt your feelings too badly, so I will just talk about my fabulous vacation style!

One thing I really hate is when people store clothing away for certain occasions… “This is my dress for evening weddings”. Or, my personal favorite, “This is my funeral outfit”. Seriously? Well, just take one look at my cute dinner ensemble and you will see that taking something from cocktail hour at your 3rd cousin’s wedding to a date night in Florida isn’t that difficult! You just need to own the right pieces and have a great online stylist to teach you how!

I bought this maxi dress at a vintage warehouse sale about 3 years ago. I actually paid just to get into the sale and spend money on clothing. I am crazy, but this stuff was amazing!!! This dress is circa 1970 and it still looking hot today. Usually I wear it with gold rope high heels, a long gold chain necklace (actually from a hardware store) and a gold clutch also circa 1970. But I ask you, why would I keep this fabulous frock tucked away in the back of my closet just for fancy occasions?

With the maxi dress being the hottest trend of the summer season, it is time to put this baby on display! By pairing it with a casual cropped white jacket and flat gold sandals, I have instantly made it more casual. Pulling in a white leather clutch with a tassel and layering on multiple bangles, I have pushed it even more into the “date night” category. My tousled hair and light make-up make this look perfect for a dressy, yet casual summer evening.

Love the pieces you own and let them shine!

Holy Crap, I am 30 Today.

  • by Amy Salinger
  • January 27th, 2009
  • My Style

For those of you who have hit this milestone, congrats. I am now a proud member of the “I made it through my ’20s and I am still alive to tell about it” club. After seven years in this business, I only love it more everyday. With all of the trials and tribulations of starting your own business, it is a miracle that I am still here:) The truth of the matter is that you must love what you do, believe that you are good and know that you will be great. They say that your ’30s are truly the beginning of the rest of your life and if that is true, let’s get this party started! Thanks for reading and even if my style matures with my old age, I vow to always understand “the young people” and what is hip and cool. I said hip, I must be old:)