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Running Errands in Style

Last night I did a Sass n Style party with a lovely (and entertaining) group of women. One of the women (who has attended twice!) told me about a tweet that Clinton Kelly did about how to look good even at the grocery store. Not to be outdone, I wanted to show off my version of “Errand Chic”.

I have often spoken to clients about how comfort and style SHOULD go hand in hand. People have this idea that unless you have on super high heels you are not looking excessively fashionable. Sex and the City is a TV show people and NO ONE walks miles in 5 inch Manolo’s. Oy, my feet hurt just thinking about it.

The fact that you do not have on your pumps does not mean that the rest of your look should go out the window. It is time for what I refer to as “my pajama look”. It feels like pajamas, but it certainly does not look like them! For those days when getting dressed seems like a task, or you just don’t have to go anywhere that fabulous, you can still look fabulous. In fact, you should always look fabulous! Always.

Pull out those leggings, they are seriously your savior for days like this. If leggings aren’t your thing, jeans are a great second option. One of these two items will work for almost all body types so have your pick. The ideal combination for achieving this stylish “pajama look” is to add a longer, looser top. Remember, you want to be as comfortable as possible so wearing something that is looser through the middle will only promote this. As to not look pregnant, choose a style that has some sort of cinch at the waist, like a belt, or wear a longer necklace to break up the looseness of the shirt. Throwing on a trusty pair of ballet flats will keep the look insanely comfortable and still channel your chic side. A hat and sunglasses are a choice for the day based on how hungover you are or if your hair is way past the point of no return.

So there you have it. There are no excuses and no reason why looking stylishly fab is not a rule for life….. No matter how crappy you feel or where you are going. Done and done.

Image by brokeinthecity.com

The Jean Western Shirt: A Do or a Don’t?

I have such mixed feelings on this. Truthfully, this can be a super hot piece if done correctly. And oh God, it can be painful when done wrong. The problem is, it is SO easy to get this one wrong!

Over the years of working with private clients and digging into the deep, dark depths of many ‘O closets, I have found lots of scary things. The jean shirt is definitely one of them. I will admit that in my day I have trashed quite a few and now, lo and behold, they are back on the trendy wagon. Even I can be wrong sometimes:)

The problem with this piece is that it can be so damn hick that unless you completely funkify it, it looks like you should be at a hoe down in the back woods of Alabama. Not that that is a bad place to be, but there is a very specific look that only works at such a soiree and will not fly anywhere else!
There should be a warning label when purchasing this shirt, “DO NOT EVER WEAR WITH JEANS”. I think many manufacturers forget to attach that tag. How harmful for the very delicate eyes of so many people. It pains me to see the jean tuxedo done so deliberately.

Take a cue from Vanessa Hudgens, show off your sexy, funky, fun side when working the denim western shirt. By pairing it with short shorts and boots you are playing up the western element while touching upon a modern trend. How I do love a themed outfit, not like you are going to the hoedown, but maybe just merely passing by…. She even goes as far as to pull in some western styled jewelry with her cuff bracelet. And look at that fringe bag, LOVE the added effort Vanessa!

So pull out that jean western shirt and start styling. But, be wary and heed the lessons that I have so deliberately taught here. Walk on the right side of fashion and pull off this trend correctly.. Giddy up!

Topshop Bleach Denim Western Shirt: $55.00

Picture courtesy of AlmostAmanda.blogspot.com

Your Bottomless Bag Made Easy

I am a self-admitted big bag snob. I love them. I carry my damn life with me all over NYC so I really have no other option. Wallet, check. Keys, check. Lipstick, check. Cell phone, check. Now if only I could find any one of these items in a quick and timely manner that would be nice!

Well apparently, I can. A lovely woman named Suzanne contacted me about a serious life saving product that she represents. I often get these phone calls as I am a hugely famous stylist (working on it!) and then I decide what would best serve my fashion audience. Truthfully, I don’t know who this wouldn’t serve. It seems like such a basic idea and yet so few of us have thought about finding one to save us from our discombobulated lives.

As an insert in any purse (this might be a tough one for a clutch:), you can literally transfer your life each day. I am actually “that girl” that changes her bag everyday to amp up each individual ensemble, but I realize I do not have anyone to take care of but myself and that makes a difference. Childless=Bag change. So what if you had this neat little contraption? What if you had the opportunity to change your bag everyday? Seems like an investment piece to me….

Switch it by Nan is a hidden piece that will rock your fashion world. Kind of like the hanging jewelry organizer that I love, it is your life saver that no one will even know about. Sometimes the best pieces (like Spanx) are the glue that holds it all together. No one see it, but everything would fall apart without it!!!!

Switch it by Nan

Creative Jewelry

I am always up for new and creative products, especially when they are fashionable. My wonderful and amazing film guy, Nate, sent me over a website full of crazy rings. Some had expandable cups, some had buildings, but in the end, they really were all pretty stylish. I was also surprised.

This “date” ring was one of my favorites. Not only can you never forget what day it is when you have it on, but it is also a great conversation piece. That really was the point of most of the pieces on this fun site. All of the rings are a great way to be different, interesting and basically the center of the party conversation. If you are anything like me than that is exactly where you want to be:)

Check out the full selection at A Beautiful Life

She’s Stacked… Lots and Lots of Rings

You know I love to layer. Lots and lots and lots of things together is so much fun! Not too much now ladies, let’s not go crazy. Just enough to stand out in a fabulously wonderful way.

If you are a follower of this blog you also know that I love to dig in the trenches to find a great new purchase. That piece that jumps out at me and WANTS me to put it on. I usually oblige, why fight it? Flea markets are full of incredible things that are thrown by the wayside like yesterday’s trash. TRASH!?! My ultimate favorite is when the vendor just dumps a pile of jewelry on a table with no rhyme or reason and it literally stares up at you so full of sadness. No need to cry jewelry, I want to buy you!

With the stacked ring trend sweeping the nation, the price tag can sometimes get out of hand. Buying 4 or 5 rings at a time is expensive! So let’s think outside of the box here, as I often do, and dig deep into nana’s jewelry box. Stop by that estate sale down the street, they clearly don’t want it anymore so it is up to you to negotiate! Get those stackable rings and don’t buy them all in one place. This is a mission folks and you are on it. Think about it as a treasure hunt for fantastic jewelry. I can’t think of a better reason to go on a treasure hunt!

As time passes and your hunt continues, so will your finger full of stackable rings. I have a friend who created her own beautiful stack from ended marriages (not hers:) and childhood presents. All real, all fabulous and (mostly) all free! Her hunt took some time, but it was certainly worth the wait.

Of course if hunting ain’t your thing, you can go out and buy a set just like these Juicy rings and call it a day:)

Juicy Couture “Dazed and Coutured” Stackable Rings