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Top 5 Tips To Clean Out Your Closet



Out of sight, out of mind. You should do this twice a year, when it is getting warmer out and when it is getting colder out. Or each season, depending on how much you own. Pack things away in plastic bins or put them in the back of your closet. You do not need your wool sweaters when it is 80 degrees out. If you ONLY keep items you are wearing visible, the easier you will make your life. You won’t need to dig to find what you are looking for.



Put all your similar items together. Skirts go with skirts, pants with pants, you get the idea! Below are the typical categories I put together so you can always find what you are looking for. If all your pants are together then you can always find any pair of pants at any time! Crazy concept!
  • Pants
  • Shorts
  • Jeans
  • Blouses/T-Shirts
  • Blazers
  • Sweaters
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Beach Stuff
  • Formal Wear
  • Workout Wear
  • Comfy Clothes/PJ’s
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Bags
  • Coats/ Scarves/ Gloves/ Hats




It’s time to NEVER lose anything in your closet again. If you know where everything is, then you will always know where to find it. For tops, sleeveless tops go together, short sleeves go together, followed by long sleeved tops together. The second step WITHIN tops is to put like materials together. Cotton with cotton, silky with silky, etc. Now take it even further, within JUST the tops, organize by color. First white, then black, next solid colors and finally patterns together. The goal is to see similarities within each category and put those things together. Focus on silhouettes, materials and colors. You can decide on your own sub-categories based on what you own. Everyone’s closet is different and that is a good thing!

This is your moment to FINALLY get rid of things. ONLY go through your spring/summer stuff. Doing it all at once is too overwhelming. Create 3 piles: Donate, try on and tailor.
  • Donate: Things you know need to go ASAP. Just toss it!
  • Try-on: Things you aren’t sure about, try it on and then decide.
  • Tailor: Things you might be able to save through tailoring. Refer to #5.
Most people wear about 20% of what they own MEANING they are fighting through 80% of things that they don’t love, don’t fit and they will never wear again. ASK YOURSELF:
  • When is the last time I actually wore this?
  • Do I LOVE everything about this? If you love the color, but hate the way it fits, the answer is NO.
  • Be hard on your closet. Getting rid of things that don’t make you happy WILL make you happy.
  • If you aren’t sure, ask your best friend. They will be honest with you.
  • If you really aren’t sure, keep it one more season. If you don’t wear it, say goodbye. For real this time!
  • Invite your friends over to dig through your treasures (they bring the wine!). Consign to ThreadUp.com. Or, for more expensive pieces, consign them at TheRealReal.com.


A great tailor can be your best friend. Your wardrobe often has potential to become what you want by just a tweak here and there. Change the buttons on your favorite blazer to update it immediately. Shorten your favorite skirt to flatter your figure even more. Let out the chest in that gorgeous blouse you USED to love and give the girls a chance to breathe. Only focus on items that are good quality and look expensive. You don’t need to tailor your dress from the GAP circa 1995!







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Santa Fe: Tips for Travel Shopping

I love to shop. Obviously. Shopping locally in a dope ass place where amazing jewelry is abundant and the style is bananas??? I’m done for it. I have tricks and tips that I use every time I shop, and more specifically, when I travel. These are the little nuggets of information that you, as my loyal readers, deserve to know. So here are the goods on how to shop like a local, Santa Fe edition.




Santa Fe is amazing. I fell in love pretty immediately. The scenery, the energy, the architecture and of course, the shopping! It was unbelievable how good the fashion was. I was immediately hooked. I’m not crazy into the navajo look, but a flare piece here and there will make anyone a little more fashionable. You just have to figure out what your look is, what is YOUR Sante Fe style? And of course, what will work in your “real” wardrobe back at home.



Obviously turquoise is all the jam in Santa Fe. I quickly realized that it is also hella expensive. Apparently I have never bought real turquoise before because I has some serious sticker shock. My approach was clear. I created a budget ($500) for my shopping excursion and set out to find at least one piece that would make me smile every time I looked at it for years to come. That is what travel shopping should do, take you back to the happy memory AND look rad with your outfit.



Everywhere I turned, there were options. Options for different stones, different styles, different metals. The number one rule of travel shopping is to WAIT FOR THE RIGHT PIECE TO FIND YOU. Often times we go in wanting to buy something and end up settling on something because the goal was to BUY something. You feel defeated if you don’t. Stop, this is crazy. Wait for the right piece to find you and then buy it. Going home empty handed is way better than spending a bunch of money on something that is just taking up room in your closet and reminding you of your failure every time you look at it. Shrink session complete.




My first piece was this fabulous pair of jet and turquoise earrings, price tag $300. I love shopping from street vendors more than anything in the world and yup, that’s where I found these. From the designer himself. How much cooler is that than buying them at a store with a huge markup?? Go to the source, it is always better, both price and story-wise. I wanted something that had some edge to it, this meant literal edges. I wanted more angular and architectural pieces. That is how I knew I would make it work with my NYC wardrobe.




My second and final piece was a ring. I came across Marcus Slim, a young and amazing designer of contemporary navajo jewelry and I fell in love. It was as if Santa Fe and NYC had a baby and it was Marcus Slim’s rings. Believe it or not, the vision in my mind did not really fit what was being sold, so I soldiered on convinced I could find it, and I did…..



At $150, I came in under budget for my Santa Fe shopping trip. I set out to buy one piece of jewelry that would make me smile and I came out with two. Double smiles for years to come…..


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My Favorite Coat Designer: Mackage

Winter sucks. It’s cold, it’s dreary and it’s never ending. So why do I choose to stay in NYC? The answer is simple, I love a good winter coat. I’m only half kidding.

I have been buying clients winter coats for years so having a favorite designer has become a necessity. Mackage is literally hands down, without a doubt, my absolute favorite coat brand! The head designers are Canadian so they know a thing or two about cold weather. They preach my favorite combo, fashion and function should go together like peanut butter and jelly…. Or something like that.



One of my favorite things about the Mackage brand is their use of leather. It makes every coat just a little more fun. As this awesome leather bomber showcases, they know how to mix trendy fashion forward elements with classic pieces perfectly…. Say hello to your new leather bomber……






Oh the black wool coat. It can be so boring and depressing. But not when it is designed by Mackage!!! In years past, a winter coat meant you were forced to wear a bulky, unattractive piece so you could fit all your winter layers underneath. Not when Mackage hit the scene. Their coats are not only SUPER WARM, but they are stylin’.



A puff coat used to only be stylish if you were the Michelin Man. And then came the fabulous world of low-profile, more sleek down coats. Hallelujah. This sassy Mackage design highlights one of my absolute favorite things about their designs, YOU NEVER NEED A SCARF! Their necklines are typically high and warm so you never forget your scarf anywhere because you never brought one…..


Color, color and more color. Who says your coat has to be black? Not Mackage! Why not brighten up your day when you walk out into the hell we call winter. Think outside the black box and make red your neutral this season.




Anyone that lives in a place that gets below 40 degrees knows that a long puffer is not an option, it is a way of life. This coat has all the Mackage details. High neck with no scarf, yup. Sleek yet warm profile, duh. Leather detail to give some pizazz to your look, yaaaassssss. Have I made my case yet? Time to invest, buy yourself a Mackage coat now.






My Favorite Fun Designer: Cult Gaia

Yup, that’s right, I said FUN. Cult Gaia really is just that, FUN!!!! They blew onto the fashion scene with their plastic fan hand held bag and have expanded into clothing, shoes and jewelry this season. Do you know who that is most fun for? Us.




Their classic fan bag is dope. I have one in white and it made every outfit I wore this summer better. They have multiple styles and colors to make any one of your looks better (and more fun). I thought it might be annoying to carry this bag, not to mention it looks totally breakable, but I was wrong on both accounts. Tried and true, this bag is for you.





Ah, the sexy, sleek sweater dress. She is cozy, she is fabulous, she is your winter fashion best friend. This style is SO good because the off the shoulder silhouette makes this comfy gal sultry as well. No easy feat to combine the two. But, thanks to Cult Gaia, they have created the perfect “it’s freezing as hell outside” date night dress.





Obsessed. A stacked architectural heeled bootie is my jam. It should be yours too. This style is business in the front, party in the back. Meaning, even a fashion newbie can pull these off. They are a conversation piece for days…..



Right now, silk skirts are in. Paired with a cozy, cropped sweater or a leather bomber, this is chic as shit. If you are extra curvy, this style might be tough because it is a bit clingy. But for the straight as an arrow gals, add this trend to your winter wardrobe.






Neutral and fun, these spiky hoops can make any look better. Some people think white should go away for the winter, I say NO! It will lighten and brighten all the black you are drowning yourself in. This style is neutral and light enough for the daytime, but just edgy enough for nighttime.



Now this is a bag. Metal handle, yes please. And that neutral color? Oh, hell yes. Your bag does not need to be boring to go with everything. Owning only black bags is SO last year. This bag will easily be the cherry on top of your outfit sundae. Try something different!!!