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Trendy Fun: Top Shop hits the Mark

Top Shop is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I just went there last week (I wanted to avoid the craziness when it first opened) and it was definitely a fun experience. Positives: Fun and trendy items that were not TOO expensive. The quality is better than H & M. Negatives: Slightly TOO expensive for what you actually expected. The overly trendy pieces scarred me and are apparently their best sellers! Oy.

What I did find though are some cute and sassy pieces to brighten up your wardrobe immediately. This isn’t exactly the place you go for foundation pieces, but if you are looking a pick-me-up piece, this is your spot. It really was a pretty good experience even if I did get yelled at for being a stylist. Apparently this very fancy store has their own in-house “style advisers” who don’t want you stepping on their toes. Truth be told, sales people always welcome my presence because I bring them lots and lots of money. Hello 20 year old salesgirl, I am here to make you money so stop your whining. Alright, I feel better.

This cute sailor dress is just an example of the fun and cheeky garments Top Shop is now offering NYC. A one piece skirt and top combo, it is a mindless pick for those days that getting dressed seems overly daunting. The fit was actually fantastic and the material was quite comfortable. It is a complete knock-off of a Theory dress, but isn’t that why you are shopping at Top Shop anyway? If short skirts aren’t your thing then this store is not for you. I could not find a skirt past my client’s lower thigh in the entire store. Seriously.

So, if you want trendy and cute clothing that is mid-range quality with mid-range prices, this is your store. Have fun dressing like Kate Moss.

Stripe Block Poplin Dress


She’s Stacked… Lots and Lots of Rings

You know I love to layer. Lots and lots and lots of things together is so much fun! Not too much now ladies, let’s not go crazy. Just enough to stand out in a fabulously wonderful way.

If you are a follower of this blog you also know that I love to dig in the trenches to find a great new purchase. That piece that jumps out at me and WANTS me to put it on. I usually oblige, why fight it? Flea markets are full of incredible things that are thrown by the wayside like yesterday’s trash. TRASH!?! My ultimate favorite is when the vendor just dumps a pile of jewelry on a table with no rhyme or reason and it literally stares up at you so full of sadness. No need to cry jewelry, I want to buy you!

With the stacked ring trend sweeping the nation, the price tag can sometimes get out of hand. Buying 4 or 5 rings at a time is expensive! So let’s think outside of the box here, as I often do, and dig deep into nana’s jewelry box. Stop by that estate sale down the street, they clearly don’t want it anymore so it is up to you to negotiate! Get those stackable rings and don’t buy them all in one place. This is a mission folks and you are on it. Think about it as a treasure hunt for fantastic jewelry. I can’t think of a better reason to go on a treasure hunt!

As time passes and your hunt continues, so will your finger full of stackable rings. I have a friend who created her own beautiful stack from ended marriages (not hers:) and childhood presents. All real, all fabulous and (mostly) all free! Her hunt took some time, but it was certainly worth the wait.

Of course if hunting ain’t your thing, you can go out and buy a set just like these Juicy rings and call it a day:)

Juicy Couture “Dazed and Coutured” Stackable Rings

Lo and Amy: Spring Fling

So here it is! Our first head to toe fab blog post. Lo and Amy together. What do you get when you have one part amazing hair and make-up extraordinaire and one part sassy stylist? You get absolutely fabulous!

Amy says: Spring may be here, but that certainly does not mean that mother nature knows it! With changing temperatures from day to day, this may be the most difficult time of the year to get dressed. Even for a seasoned stylist like me, it can get really annoying…. So why not have some tried and true looks that will always keep you stylish and weather proof!?!

Cameron Diaz has done a fabulous job of rocking a look that can go anywhere from sixty to eighty degrees. It is all about the layering folks! Her light spring scarf and chic blazer make this a realistic outfit for the vast range of temperatures that this time of year can bestow upon us. Nothing about this outfit is too far off range that any person could feel comfortable in it. Truthfully, look at the foundation of the ensemble: Jeans and a t-shirt. Seriously folks, that is it! She punches up the look and makes it appropriate for spring by adding in pops of color. The purple scarf and yellow flats make the basics of the outfit really sing. The simplicity of her bobbles, her necklace and layered bracelets, keep the look fun and flirty. By piling on or peeling off any of these sassy layers, you to can weather the storm of mother natures ups and downs!

Lo says: As we throw off our socks, hats, and gloves it can be a little frightening to see what we have covered up for the last six months! Fear not, as I have a few simple things to help the transition to warmer weather.


It can be frightening to bare your limbs after a long winter so one of my tricks is to use Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. This is a great multi-tasking product which hydrates your skin and gives you a little glow. We don’t want a “fake tan” we just want to take the glare off! The subtle self tanner will warm up your skin gradually and is great for dry skin. Don’t forget to step up you SPF now that the sun is out – you will thank me in a few years!


Time for cut and color ladies! Nothing puts a spring in your step like a fresh cut and why not add some subtle highlights or color those pesky grays. Think fresh, not fake.


Don’t you dare bare your toes in flip flops without a little spring pedicure. A fabulous pedicure can lift your spirits and make your skin tone look gorgeous. I always wear a red tone, but I also love a great pink, coral or French manicure. Heck, go with blue as long as you add a little pep in your step.


Lips and Cheeks!

As you stroll through the department store every sales person is trying to sell you the new spring colors! Guess what, you probably already have them because they are basically the same as last year’s spring colors! Your neutral eye shadows and eyeliners can carry you through every season, but you want to change up your cheek and lip color. Spring colors are cooler in tone and tend to be sheerer than winter makeup. Take a clue from the pinks and purples that we wear for spring clothing. The colors may look too bright but because they are sheer, they can look more like your natural pigment than the duller looking colors.

Lo’s Recommends for Lip and Cheek colors:

Stila Papaya Lip Glaze, Laura Mercier Peony Stick Gloss, Bobbi Brown Brightening Lip Gloss in Lilac, Prescriptives Nectar Matte Blush, Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Blush.

Image source: www.drugstore.com

Purple Reign: Add a Punch of Color

I love anything that makes a good conversation piece. I am not talking about being that person at the party with a ridiculous dress on or a crazy looking, over the top hat… No, I am simply speaking of having that one show piece that people not only stop and stare, but they feel the need to make a B-line for you just to chat about it.

Choosing an accessory as that pop piece is the most safe option. It can be anything from a beautiful cocktail ring to a fabulous belt, but whatever it is, it has got to sing! If it is a great item, most likely it will sing opera:)

This purple suede bag is actually singing opera to me right now. It is singing (in Italian of course), I am hot, I am interesting, I am sexy. Most of all it is singing, “Buy me!!!!”. Such a clutch brings an interesting and colorful twist to any ensemble that you decide to utilize it with. I would stick to making this your funky dinner and cocktails go to bag as the tassle makes it a bit much for anything more formal. The great part about it though is that it can easily make its way from a brightly lit afternoon affair into an evening soiree. Do not be scared of it’s rockin’ design and exciting color. Use any pop piece as a stand alone item that makes your outfit shine! The key is to keep the rest of your look fairly basic and add your pop piece as the cherry on top of the sundae of your outfit!!!

Top Shop Tassle Detail Clutch

Men’s Layered Look for Spring

I know I have been neglecting my male readership (I am sure it is huge:), but here is a great look for all of you wives and girlfriends to pass along to your men… Or just dress them directly. Spring is coming up and we are all excited for a change in wardrobe, even men. Who doesn’t want to take off that big, bulky winter coat and reveal all of the lovely new and old items that have been waiting to shine! One of my favorite things about spring is that you don’t HAVE to wear a jacket, you can layer up enough to make a cute and warm (enough) ensemble.

Take “Joe model” over here. He loves his easy, layered look. He is so happy that he looks handsome, stylish and feels comfortable all at the same time. His smirk says, “I know what is up, but I am going to be coy about my incredibly stylish outfit and let YOU compliment me on it”. I love making fun of people that cannot talk back to me.

Let’s dissect Joe’s very functional and stylin’ ensemble. A white blazer may not be your thing, but don’t let the brightness of it scare you. Choose your own color palette, one that makes you feel hot. If you do not feel comfortable in your diggs when you leave the house, no one is going to convince you. Inevitably your pick-up rate will be far less. See, I look out for you.

This easy layered look is quite achievable and will look good on most men tall or short, fat or rotund. I love that the brightest color is coming from the lowest layer, the red polo. It is also fantastic because hopefully it will get too hot and you will get to show off that red polo! The key to a layered look is that every layer could stand alone. The thin navy zip up adds depth by placing a dark color between the red and white. In addition, the stand up collar is really the “cool” factor of the look that is very subtle. If stand-up collars are not your thing, put on a hoodie and have it drape down your back. Complete your look with a blazer (not a suit jacket!) and you will be ready for an afternoon of Sunday cocktails or dinner with your lady. Try, but don’t look like it!

Look available at Banana Republic