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The Updated Boho Chic for Spring

Moo moo dresses are done damn it, I have declared it so! Of course this does not mean that loose and airy clothes for Spring are not still on the fashion radar. Spring and Summer (and the rest of the months too as far as I am concerned) will always be about comfort. The difference this year, as opposed to the last few, is that the silhouettes will not allow your acquaintances to question if you are preggers. Put the pregnant fashion back.

As Sienna Miller is showing so perfectly here, you outfit must have shape and a clearly defined body lurking somewhere under your ensemble. She has done several things very well here: First off, she is off-setting the bounce and flow of the top half with a very slender jean on her bottom half. If jeans this tight are not your thing, you CANNOT wear a very over-sized top! You will just look like a big balloon if you try and wear big items with big items unless you are rail thin and even then it truly isn’t that flattering.

Secondly, Sienna is defining her shape by adding a cropped vest to her flouncy top. This additional piece hangs nicely below her bust (otherwise known as an empire cut) drawing attention to the chest area. This is always a good idea when you wear a top that could overwhelm your petite frame. The vest fits perfectly because it is snug around her arms and then hangs in such a way that compliments the flowy nature of the shirt without having an excess of material. The two tones of the garments are earthy and complimentary to one another, plus, the difference of color again defines her shape even more.

Adding in a larger bag and simple ballet flats make this a completely stylish and appropriate dog-walking outfit! No one ever said wearing sweatpants to walk your dog was alright, just pretend that the paparazzi are right around the corner at all times to put your mug in US Weekly… I know I always do:)

Photo courtesy of Soundoffcolumn.com

A Spring Dress With the RIGHT Idea

Stripes can be your enemy. The thought of them can haunt you through the night and well into the morning. The very curse of their presence can be like a ten pound weight on your shoulders. Oh the insanity!

Ladies, everything can be wrong until you make it right! Most fashionable concepts can be made to look good on you if you find the right silhouette and/or pattern combination. You will learn my little pupils, you will learn.

This striped frock is a very clear example of stripes gone right. Now take out your pencils and take notes! Stripes done horizontally are bad, stripes done vertically are good! You know you have heard this urban legend before, but why you ask? Very simple. Horizontal lines are drawing the eye outward to your widest part. Vertical lines are giving you length and height therefore slimming your silhouette out. Or at least giving the illusion of this weight loss miracle!

The fact that this dress combines the bold, vertical stripe with a waist tie is only additionally complimenting your smallest part, your waist. I love that the stripes drape downward on the arms only accentuating your very straight and slender middle. The barely there necklace encourages your eye to focus on the center without taking away from or overpowering the dress. Is Spring here yet? I am ready to put on this damn dress!

BCBG Striped Boat Neck Dress

Make Yourself Skinny: The Perfect Tank

Every girl loves a good skinny trick and those ridiculous infomercials about losing 10 pounds in 10 minutes are not what I am talking about! Step away from the television and get ready to shop because wearing the proper clothing is TRULY the way to drop pounds instantly! As I have noted before, I wear many hats and now apparently “dietitian” is one of them.

Woman truly underestimate the power of a proper silhouette. Wearing your clothing correctly, meaning that the fit and shape are complimentary to your body type, is the best makeover you will ever give yourself. Looking frumpy is not always your bodies fault, it might truly just be your bad shopping habits!

This tank top is a perfect example of how a garment can make you look smaller. Oh ladies, start the drumroll please and let me explain! Draping, as this shirt does so perfectly on each side, can be the best blessing! If you notice, each side has very thin draping that points not only inward, but upward. Is this literally not where we want all of our parts to be? Stomachs in, boobies up! The other fabulous and deceiving part of this shirt is the large band straight down the middle. This, along with the inward and upward draping, are focusing the eye to the middle. NOT TO YOUR SIDES, which would only widen you. Add a V-neck to open up your chest and a thicker strap which not only covers your arms, but also creates more of a visual toward your middle and boom, skinny. Or at least much more flattering! The truly great part is that this style of shirt will not stick to your middle so it is form-fitting, but not showing off TOO MUCH of your “curves”. The longer length is perfect because it adds to the illusion that you have a more slender torso. It literally lengthens your body.

Have I sold this damn silhouette yet?????

Nine West Poison Ivy Ruched Front Tank

The Chain Link Purse

Coco Chanel must have known a thing or two about style, her brand is still a thriving pillar of fashion society decades after she created it! One of the staples of the Chanel empire is the longer chain link purse. It is a trend that certainly goes in and out of style and if you asked me what I thought about this piece 2 years ago I would have laughed… or vomited:)

But alas, it is 2009 and the ’80s are back with a vengeance. So, whip out your collection of chain link Chanel backs and shop your closet for the best pieces you thought had gone away. This does not mean that shoulder pads are going to make a return debut, be realistic!!! Save us all.

If you don’t have a collection of vintage Chanel bags, no need to fret. There are some companies making great, reasonably priced chain link bags to give you the fashion fix you are looking for. This style is from one of my favorite chain stores, Banana Republic. It is trendy and chic with the touch of ’80s flare that we all deserve (and want!). It is clean yet the hardware and clasp make it a bit tough and edgy. Most any type of gal can pull of this style and the greatest part is that is is hands free! Wear it during the daytime (the size is perfect) or at night so you can hold two drinks at once. Style and function meet again!

Bridgeport Snake-Embossed Shoulder Bag

Sassy Spring Scarf

I know it is freezing outside, I live in New York City, but let’s at least think warm. Let me set the tone… It is a crisp, sunny day. The birds are chirping, mother’s skip with their children down the street and I twirl round and round through the park enjoying the fabulous day a la Mary Tyler Moore. I am also 5’9, 125 and resemble Stephanie Seymour…. Hell, it is my sunny fantasy!

Dreaming of warmer times only makes me brace myself for Spring shopping. I adore the Spring scarf, it is a representation of the hot months to come. It is a transitional piece that has many lives because it can be worn both indoors and outdoors. It instantly creates a messy bohemian look that would easily make Mary-Kate Olsen jealous. Plus, it is a simple way to put your own stamp of style on your outfit. Be creative and be you.

This easy and fun scarf reminds me of Missoni without the hefty price tag. At $85 it isn’t cheap, but it rocks neutral tones that can really be worn with most basic looks and different styles of jackets. You can be a sophisticated bohemian, when mixing it with long gold chains and simple studs or be an earthy bohemian with mixed gold, wooden, and beaded bracelets. Throw on a huge pair of hoops to top of the outfit. Scarves, like jewelry, are a quick fix to the age old problem of, “I have nothing to wear!”. Yes you do.

Tolani Brown Weeds Scarf