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Santa Fe: Tips for Travel Shopping

I love to shop. Obviously. Shopping locally in a dope ass place where amazing jewelry is abundant and the style is bananas??? I’m done for it. I have tricks and tips that I use every time I shop, and more specifically, when I travel. These are the little nuggets of information that you, as my loyal readers, deserve to know. So here are the goods on how to shop like a local, Santa Fe edition.




Santa Fe is amazing. I fell in love pretty immediately. The scenery, the energy, the architecture and of course, the shopping! It was unbelievable how good the fashion was. I was immediately hooked. I’m not crazy into the navajo look, but a flare piece here and there will make anyone a little more fashionable. You just have to figure out what your look is, what is YOUR Sante Fe style? And of course, what will work in your “real” wardrobe back at home.



Obviously turquoise is all the jam in Santa Fe. I quickly realized that it is also hella expensive. Apparently I have never bought real turquoise before because I has some serious sticker shock. My approach was clear. I created a budget ($500) for my shopping excursion and set out to find at least one piece that would make me smile every time I looked at it for years to come. That is what travel shopping should do, take you back to the happy memory AND look rad with your outfit.



Everywhere I turned, there were options. Options for different stones, different styles, different metals. The number one rule of travel shopping is to WAIT FOR THE RIGHT PIECE TO FIND YOU. Often times we go in wanting to buy something and end up settling on something because the goal was to BUY something. You feel defeated if you don’t. Stop, this is crazy. Wait for the right piece to find you and then buy it. Going home empty handed is way better than spending a bunch of money on something that is just taking up room in your closet and reminding you of your failure every time you look at it. Shrink session complete.




My first piece was this fabulous pair of jet and turquoise earrings, price tag $300. I love shopping from street vendors more than anything in the world and yup, that’s where I found these. From the designer himself. How much cooler is that than buying them at a store with a huge markup?? Go to the source, it is always better, both price and story-wise. I wanted something that had some edge to it, this meant literal edges. I wanted more angular and architectural pieces. That is how I knew I would make it work with my NYC wardrobe.




My second and final piece was a ring. I came across Marcus Slim, a young and amazing designer of contemporary navajo jewelry and I fell in love. It was as if Santa Fe and NYC had a baby and it was Marcus Slim’s rings. Believe it or not, the vision in my mind did not really fit what was being sold, so I soldiered on convinced I could find it, and I did…..



At $150, I came in under budget for my Santa Fe shopping trip. I set out to buy one piece of jewelry that would make me smile and I came out with two. Double smiles for years to come…..


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My Favorite Fun Designer: Cult Gaia

Yup, that’s right, I said FUN. Cult Gaia really is just that, FUN!!!! They blew onto the fashion scene with their plastic fan hand held bag and have expanded into clothing, shoes and jewelry this season. Do you know who that is most fun for? Us.




Their classic fan bag is dope. I have one in white and it made every outfit I wore this summer better. They have multiple styles and colors to make any one of your looks better (and more fun). I thought it might be annoying to carry this bag, not to mention it looks totally breakable, but I was wrong on both accounts. Tried and true, this bag is for you.





Ah, the sexy, sleek sweater dress. She is cozy, she is fabulous, she is your winter fashion best friend. This style is SO good because the off the shoulder silhouette makes this comfy gal sultry as well. No easy feat to combine the two. But, thanks to Cult Gaia, they have created the perfect “it’s freezing as hell outside” date night dress.





Obsessed. A stacked architectural heeled bootie is my jam. It should be yours too. This style is business in the front, party in the back. Meaning, even a fashion newbie can pull these off. They are a conversation piece for days…..



Right now, silk skirts are in. Paired with a cozy, cropped sweater or a leather bomber, this is chic as shit. If you are extra curvy, this style might be tough because it is a bit clingy. But for the straight as an arrow gals, add this trend to your winter wardrobe.






Neutral and fun, these spiky hoops can make any look better. Some people think white should go away for the winter, I say NO! It will lighten and brighten all the black you are drowning yourself in. This style is neutral and light enough for the daytime, but just edgy enough for nighttime.



Now this is a bag. Metal handle, yes please. And that neutral color? Oh, hell yes. Your bag does not need to be boring to go with everything. Owning only black bags is SO last year. This bag will easily be the cherry on top of your outfit sundae. Try something different!!!





Favorite Designer: Tamara Mellon

People are always asking me about my favorite designers. I have so many that I love, from shoes, to bags, to coats, to well, everything! To spread the good fashion word, I’m doing a 5 part series on my top 5 favorite designers right now. First up, shoes…..

I’m obsessed with Tamara Mellon shoes. She was the co-founder of Jimmy Choo so she definitely knows her stuff when it comes to style. There are two things I LOVE about her new namesake shoe line. First, Mellon understands that simple design combined with interesting details are the bomb. Her shoes are incredibly wearable AND stylish. Secondly, the price point is right for the amazing quality. For example, designer heels are usually around $700. Mellon’s heels are a cool $350, totally worth it!

Dare I say these are the perfect black flats? They are dope. Basic yet edgy, perfect for any scenario from work to a sexy date shoe that ISN’T a heel. I’m obsessed with all things clear, it adds that perfect punch to all footwear.




Cool, comfortable and stylish? Um, yes please. Moccasins and sneakers seem to have had the perfect shoe baby. Weekend style has never looked so good. Pair them with skinny jeans and an oversized sweater to look casually cool as hell….



Army boots are the jam. These are not for the faint of heart, you are definitely showing off your bad ass side when you throw these on. Be the bad ass, I believe in you.


A sexy nude heel is a must in any ladies wardrobe. This may actually be the most perfect I have ever found. Why you ask? First, the heel is realistic and STILL sexy. Hallelujah. Second, the nude color is a great shade for many caucasian skin tones. And third, the clear part is an awesome detail people! Did I mention I love clear in any and all shoes???


Leopard is in with a vengeance, this trend is roaring right now. Yup, I said that. This heel is classic, sexy, fun, trendy, interesting….. It is EVERYTHING.


A classic black ankle bootie is a necessity in every ladies shoe collection. This one works because it is elegant and classic with a sexy twist. The back zipper adds sass and the low profile that dips down in the front of the ankle allows them to be styled with everything. From skirts, to dresses, to ankle pants, to skinny jeans, this baby is your new go-to.


Finally, your classic knee high black heeled boot done right. Heel, chunky but not too chunky. Toe, pointy but not too pointy. Leather, shiny but not too shiny. Perfect.







Amy’s Ultimate Styling Tips: Part 1

It’s time to stop being selfish and share all of my deep, dark styling secrets. I enlisted my assistant Sara to play fashion reporter to gather all of this incredibly important information. Here goes……From my brain to your closet, here goes a 2 part series of MY ULTIMATE STYLING TIPS!!!





I always look to Coco. You never want to look overdone, you go from great to tacky in an instant.




I LOVE J Brand skinny, high waist skinny jeans. They come in 2 styles, the Alana style for petite women (no hemming!) and the Maria style for ladies over 5’3″. They feel like leggings. Warning: They stretch A LOT so buy a size smaller then you think you should. I swear, they will be falling off of you otherwise. You will thank me later.


Alana, for the petite ladies under 5’3″


Maria, for those who were blessed with height over 5’3″


Chiara Boni La Petite Robe is the most perfect LBD (little black dress). Their dresses are basically created like a body shaper undergarment so they hold everything in! They are also timeless so you will have it for years. It is a pain in the ass to get on, but totally worth it.



Stuart Weitzman is one of my favorite shoe designers. They are great quality for the price point and always have a range of styles from classic to funky. My favorite high heel of all time is the Nudist style! They come in tons of colors and 3 different heel heights. The ultimate option for styling potential is the nude color, heel height choice is based on your pain threshold. Legs for days…..


Etsy.com is my go to place to shop from local artisans and support small jewelry designers. I find the best pieces at the best prices while supporting other fellow entrepreneurs!



Veronica Beard does the best blazers in town. They are perfectly fitted and a great wardrobe staple no matter what your day to day looks like. They immediately bring some sass to any look! Fun fact: They are sister-in-laws both named Veronica who decided to build a fashion empire together.






For fall I go for high waisted jeans, a body suit and layer on one of my many leather bombers. I choose accessories and shoes based on how my day looks. Simple, chic and easy is the best way to go no matter who your audience is.












Sneakers for everything! I believe function and fashion should be best friends. I truly love a high top because it will work from fall all the way until early spring.





Being uncomfortable! Your confidence level will plummet if you can’t breathe or your feet are killing you. Feeling good is your ultimate accessory, you can be stylish without having to suffer.





Sara Wolters is a wonderful wife and brand new mom to a very stylish little boy. She lives in Holland, Michigan spreading the good fashion word by assisting Amy and working on her own style blog, MySara.style. She and Amy share the same love for all things fashion and teaching people that EVERYONE has the ability to be confident AND stylish.

Inspired Style: Dress the Part

One of the most important things I tell clients when choosing an outfit is to think about WHERE they are going and WHO their audience is. It lessens the stress of choosing a look by a million percent. You should let your location and fellow “guests” inspire your clothing choices. You aren’t going to dress for a night out in NYC when you are going to Nashville are you???



July 4th is a great example. I’m not trying to rock red, white and blue everyday, but if it is a party to celebrate all things American then why not? One huge note: Inspired style DOES NOT mean putting on a costume. You are being INSPIRED by the holiday, party, location, etc. I go to a lake upstate every year so being on a boat is always part of the plan. July 4th lake look complete.





Speaking of being on a boat, it is not always all about a bathing suit. Sometimes I’m fabulous and I go to parties to eat truffles, drink wine and cruise around NYC. Ok, not really, but I did it once. I picked this white ruffle dress because it was just the right amount of “I’m on boat eating truffles, drinking wine and cruising around NYC” feeling. Seriously though, it was boater chic on fleek.





I don’t always go to country clubs, but when I do I definitely don’t wear dainty sun dresses. I never want to look like everyone else. But, with that said, I do want to “fit in” with the status quo of what is appropriate for the event, location and audience. Choosing a floral jumper said, “I can drink champagne and be all fancy, but ya’ll are gonna be jealous of my super awesome jumper and wish you had thought of doing it”. Half kidding:)





I was lucky to go to jazz fest in New Orleans this year. Concert attire is always a fun look to create. You want to be comfortable, style for the location and of course, have an outfit that is easy to get out of in a porto potty. Ug. Maybe a crop top is too much for 40, but if not at jazz fest in New Orleans then where??? Give yourself permission to go there if it is the right location and audience.


























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