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Jazzy Jumpsuits

We may not be two years old anymore, but we can still love ourselves a onesie. You know what I am talking about girls, the one piece, one garment, one look miracle of a jumpsuit. They can be your easiest, most stylish go-to piece yet.

I see the fear in your eyes though. I can feel the anxiety rushing through your body. “A jumpsuit!” you say. Yes, a jumpsuit. It provides endless opportunities for styling because it is a basic and simple silhouette that you can make fabulous in many, many different individual ways.

For those of you who are feeling the uncomfortable tingle in your midsection, stop. I certainly can understand that this style is not always tummy friendly. We have two options here: One is to buy a jumpsuit that has a bloused mid-section. This means that the band around your waist is fitted while the top half of the jumpsuit is loose and flouncy allowing room for that extra cookie. The second option is this lovely jumpsuit behind door number two. It actually has a shaper built in. That’s right, your undergarment that smooths out all of those nooks and crannies is sewn right into your new, awesome jumpsuit. Does life get any easier than this? I think not.

Now that you have accepted the fact that you may have to pull out your ’70s vibe with a brand spanking new jumpsuit, you might have to go and buy some roller skates. Although a belt at your waist or some fun, crazy earring may be appropriate accessories, elbow pads are not!

Control Palazzo Jumpsuit

Men’s Shopping Tips

As I’ve noted before, everybody (this includes men) wants to look good, the level of effort put into this subject is certainly based on the individual. Fact is fact, men are not usually prone to LOVING shopping. This is fine ladies, do not force the issue upon them, but a little encouragement never hurt! The key is to make the experience as painless as possible. If a shopping day is needed, make it about them. You will NOT be shopping that day, can you handle it?

Create a lovely list that you (by “you” I am referring to the shopping assistant or the actual shopper himself) will have drafted prior to your excursion. Search the closet first and decided what you feel you are missing, don’t go into the store blindly. Trust me, this makes life a lot easier and feeds upon a man’s need for single-focused activities. This is not a dig on you gentleman! Rather, it is utilizing the very little I know about men and putting it toward a happy and stylish shopping experience:) In my professional defense, every man I have ever shopped with, be it personal or professional, has always left saying the he was shocked at how easy I made it. See, I do know what I am talking about!

Once you have entered the store (choose one that has everything under one roof, think department store) focus on sections on your list. This means you should go to one department at a time and get it done in an orderly fashion. No wish washy behavior here! If your list is too long to keep your focus and shop well, break it down and separate it out. Some shopping might have to be done on a different day, that is fine!

My final thought is to always ask for help. It is kind of like directions only the opposite! These salespeople know what they are doing and want to earn their commission. Yes boys, that means you stick with one person and they will help you even better. Let them do the hard work by running around and grabbing items. The toughest job you have is being able to explain what you are looking for and actually trying it on. Show them your list and let them know what you do most of your time… This means telling them your job and your weekend activities, not your entire social schedule! You can do it!!!! If not, go out and bag yourself a girlfriend with style immediately and go shopping on your first date:) Trust me, she will probably enjoy it!

Photo courtesy of Style.com (John Varvatos collection)

Ski Bunny Chic

After a long hard week of skiing for new years I cannot think of a better post than fashion for snow bunnies! Unless you are in Aspen, looking hot on the mountain and the lodge are more like undercover missions. I have only skied in Vermont and I can tell you that having a matching pink jumpsuit with earmuffs is NOT smiled upon. Yet remember folks, looking good no matter where you are always leaves you feeling good… and lets you meet lots of mountain men (not that I have any experience in this:). I try to make it a rule of thumb to be fashionably appropriate wherever I am. This means I am not wearing high heels with over-sized hoops to dinner at Applebees in no-where USA. It also means that my idea of cute must alter with my destination.

I love, no matter where I am, to stand out in a fun yet reasonable way. These great Pajar fur boots are a completely acceptable way to show off your snowy chic style, be a conversation piece and still fit in. All of my mountain boyfriends were very intrigued by them:) It is also always a necessity to wear a cute ski sweater when tramping on the mountain because a themed outfit is a fun outfit (within reason!!!!). Look the part without wearing a sign on your head that says, “I am here to rock your sexy ski porno dreams!”.

Pajar Women’s Anchorage Fur Boots

Billabong Snow Bunny Full Zip Hooded Sweater

Show Off Your Cojones… With a Watch!

Ah, the holidays are over and it is finally time to put away the credit cards…. Or is it? I am talking sales here people, BIG sales! This time of year is my favorite time of year to exercise one of my all-time best shopping strategies: Get the deal no matter what the season. Purchase the piece even if it wasn’t at the top of your list. If you found it and the price was right, God wanted you to have it. That’s right, there is divine intervention going on here.

Watches can be a sign of wealth, kind of like the bag you are carrying, but cut the crap here. It is just like a bag, buy one that is fabulous and reasonably priced. Wearing ten grand on your wrist might be a bit of overkill unless you are trying to overcompensate for something else… Let’s leave that up to the men though ladies:)

I love this particular watch because I am obsessed with the male inspired style working for women. Why can’t we wear the pants in the boardroom? Or the bedroom…. Truthfully, this is a mens watch. The funny part is that on a lady this watch looks fun and trendy adding a bit of bold to any look, while on a guy this would just look cheesy. It screams, “I really, really, really wish I lived in the era when Charlie Sheen kicked ass in “Wall Street”. This watch really lends itself to feminine power by making the bling aspect (the metal) a little too blingy for a (straight) guy. I would suggest purchasing a watch that is slightly over-sized for your own petite wrist. Go big, go bold, go gold.

Armitron Men’s Gold-Tone Sub Dial Watch

Sweater Dresses

I love easy, comfortable and functional garments, the sweater dress is the ideal combination of these qualities. Not to mention that it is super cute and stylish!

It is often hard to wear dresses in the colder months, but the sweater dress keeps you warm and sexy at the same time! Adding tights and boots will keep you warm all the way down to your toes. In the freezing parts of the country I would even get crazy and wear two pairs of tights. Think opaque tights under textured tights. It adds a bit of bling to your look while being completely realistic.

This particular dress is perfect because it is right for the office or for dinner and drinks. Pile on the accessories for your night out with a bunch of bangles and a big pair of hoops. The neckline on this dress should be kept naked because you don’t want to take away from the button detail. I would also consider throwing on black tights with tall brown or bronze boots because it is not the obvious choice. Stand out in a fabulous, sexy and functional way!

Nine West Agent Sweater Dress