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Check me out at a Gossip Girl Party

  • by Amy Salinger
  • January 13th, 2010
  • My Style

Ok, so as far as awesome nights go, yesterday was pretty up there. It was quintessentially NYC, in a way that only NYC can be. If you talk to any NYer, they will throw out the statement, “Only in New York” quite a bit. This just refers to how ridiculous things are always happening here and you should just learn to expect the unexpected….

Here is the run down: My BF Courtney asked if I would be interested in attending a party for the book launch of the costume designer from Gossip Girl, Eric Daman. The handsome fashionista that we are posing with (promoting his book very prominently, thanks Court). We contacted a mutual acquaintance who just happens to be the head of marketing for Henri Bendel’s where the red carpet event was being held. Yes, we are that cool. It was invite only so she had to put us on a very special list. Again, so cool.

I put on a skirt that you have all seen before, but who cares, I look hot in it. Of course I always feel skinny until I get to these hoity toity fashion events. It is like you imagine. Everyone is rail thin and has on the most amazing ensembles. Of course there is always one or two crazies that really believes their outfit is the bomb, when really it is just an actual bomb.

Any slight insecurity (I just drink and pretend I am the hottest one there:) went away once I saw my friend from high school across the gigantic room. What are the chances? I attacked him, per my usual style, and gave him a huge hug. He is familiar with my crazy antics and I believe he truly appreciates them. His outfit was bananas (ode to Rachel Zoe). I was seriously impressed. Just check John out! When I asked what he was up to he let me know he works in the wardrobe department at Gossip Girl and is allowed to borrow whatever he wants. Um, come again? I think my jaw hit the floor. Not only did I run into my old friend, but he works in the wardrobe department at the hottest show on television and can borrow anything??? As I said, “Only in New York”. I will be bothering him:)

So here comes some more crazy…. After I was done hounding my dear friend John, I realized there was T.V. camera’s filming everywhere. Where they there for me? No, not quite. Apparently MTV’s, “The City” was filming. Now I knew I must have been at the coolest party in town. This level of fabulous is not usually my life so I was sucking it in as much as possible (both literally and figuratively:).

Now, I am not a stalker (at least of celebrities), but once they were done filming God made it apparent that I was suppose to take a picture with Olivia Polmero. I was off in a corner looking at accessories and talking to Courtney when Olivia very quietly was also checking out the goodies. I jumped into stalker mode and asked if she would mind taking a picture with me. As loud as I am, this is truly out of character. I hate bothering people that constantly get hounded and being “that girl”. So readers, this celebrity stalking was strictly for you to enjoy how ridiculous this party was. You want me to tell you she was a bitch. You are hoping for some juicy story. Well folks, I just can’t give it to you! Not only did she graciously take a picture with me, but she offered to take another one if it didn’t come out! What I will tell you is that I am a size 4 and I look like a heffer next to this girl. Refer to the picture if you don’t believe me. Courtney would not stop talking about how Olivia’s thigh was the size of her own arm.

And now for my sidebar shout out to a favorite outfit of mine from the night! This is Biz (short for Elizabeth, love it!) from the marketing department at Henri Bendel’s. She was not only totally stylish, but she was lovely as well. You work that chic preppy look! Blair Waldorf would be soooooooooo jealous.

Here is my finale moment on the red carpet. Most people make their way down this paparazzi filled experience at the beginning of the party, but obviously I am NOT as cool as I previously thought… They were actually taking down the set as Courtney was taking this shot. Oh whatever! This is my first red carpet moment with many more to come…… Look for my big debut in the background of “The City”. They even made me sign a waiver:)