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Christmas Style by Body Type

Ah, Christmas. A time for cookies, presents, eggnog and family cheer. Should choosing your outfit for the big holiday be the most stressful part? I think not. Dealing with your Great-Aunt asking why you still live in a studio apartment with 4 cats and no husband is sufficient enough.


I decided to bring back “styling for your body type” so you can look and feel great while you over eat your way through December. At least that is how my holiday season is spent! Remember, you are never just one body type. Check out the options below and see where you best fit in….






The hourglass baby. This shape implies you are curvier through the chest and hips/butt with a smaller waist. The best way to show off the hourglass shape is to cinch your look in the middle. The outfit above showcases this perfectly by pairing a high-waist skirt with a cropped leather bomber. Your waist is clearly defined by having both the top and bottom meet at your middle.










The rectangle, straight from top to bottom. This shape is defined by one’s shoulders, waist and hips being close to the same measurements. A great way to style the rectangle shape is to create curves through your wardrobe choices. The above look does this by pairing a silhouette-conscious dress (NOT TIGHT) with a longer accessory. The LONG necklace actually creates a waist by drawing the eye to the center of the body.









Good old inverted triangle. This lovely lady is broader in the shoulders with narrow hips. The best way to balance out the inverted triangle shape is to wear something more structured on the top half. In this case, the long faux fur vest is giving some balance to her more narrow hips. Feel free to tuck the blouse for a more defined waist or leave it untucked if you are about to eat to much!










Oh yea apple shape. This body type is defined by being rounder in the middle with slimmer arms and legs. The proper way to style the apple shape is to give forgiveness to the torso and highlight those long limbs. The above dress is aline creating a waist for the apple shape by cinching in the middle and then flaring outward through the bottom half. Add a long sweater for comfy coverage.











And for the grand finale, the pear shape. This lovely lady will have a narrow upper half with a more curvaceous bum and hips.  To best style the pear shape you want to create a balance between the top and bottom half of your figure. Often times a true pear shape can be different sizes in tops and bottoms so separates are your friend. The outfit above highlights go to “pajama-chic” leggings with a more civilized structured blazer giving that sought-after balance AND comfort!


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