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Color on the Last Warm Day of Fall

I felt so damn cute when I wore this that I had to share it with you! For some reason I always end up is more subtle colors (which is crazy because my personality is so loud!), so this was really fun for me. Why am I not wearing more color when it looks so freakin’ good?!?

You may recognize this dress from my hosting gig as Rebecca and Drew for Fashion’s Night Out. Part of the benefit of hosting events is that often times you get to keep what you wore. I am glad I wore this because it looks so good hanging in my closet, not to mention when I wear it! I paired it with another piece you might recognize, my Club Monaco lime green cardigan purchased at a consignment store. The color combination is not only chic, but completely eye catching. Too add a little bit of edge, I added a pointed toe black flat and layered gold and black bangles. Wearing a black bag as well would have been a bit harsh and overpowering, so I went with a more neutral camel color Sabina bag.

Overall I felt cute, sassy and completely appropriate for any situation. This is the type of look that will stand out and receive compliments without overpowering whomever wears it. It is also a great outfit because it will look good on most body types. A button-down dress is a comfortable choice for most sizes. The cinched style allows any woman to show off her curves properly. Love thy curves.

So next time you are deciding what to wear, think outside of the box. Pair together items that you never would have thought about. You just might surprise yourself and create something fabulous…