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Date Night: Salvation Army "Vintage"

I can think of any reason to put together a fabulous ensemble, but this time there really was a reason, my big 6 month anniversary! We are talking long term here folks:) My dinner date was upon me and I certainly did not feel like getting a whole new get-up (the economic state is killing me), so it was time to dig. I wanted to look pretty and sweet, not usually my M.O. Funky sexy was for another time because that night I was playing the role of the sweet and doting girlfriend. My outfit had to match my “classy” act, I had to make it believable:)

I went straight for a dress that I bought at Salvation Army in Chicago around 4 years ago. 4 years is already considered an older piece, now add in how many years it must have been loved by someone else prior to me. I was going vintage here. It was pretty, it was sweet, it was perfect. Plus my boyfriend seemed to like it!

I didn’t stop there. I went for one of my favorite 50’s style clutches which quite possibly is from the 50’s. I bought it at Salvation Army as well. I am crazy. I think it cost me $4. It is not in perfect condition, but it has literally seen the light of day (and night) so many times while I have owned it. Talk about cost per wear!

Now you ask, “Where did you get that amazing necklace!?!”. Yup, that’s right, Salvation Army. I have gone full-on inexpensive second hand thrift store FAB for almost this entire date night look. Who says you can’t find anything at Salvation Army? What’s that saying? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure? I think I have proved this theory without a doubt. Search at your local Salvation Army, your next great treasure is waiting there for you for the bargain basement price of $5!