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Gray is the New Black

If Serena loves gray, then it must be the new black. With colder months coming, we need more then just the normal neutrals. Black is so yesterday. Truth be told, I am never opposed to the simplicity of black or brown as your choice for a neutral, but try something new. Try gray.

I am absolutely loving this look on Blake Lively for her character in Gossip Girl. It is gray, gray, gray and it looks good, good, good. I seriously cannot seem to stay away from it this fall. Every look I put together ends up so darn gray. So I am just going to go with it and consider it my signature of the season. And now it can be yours too…..

There are so many options when choosing how to bring the lifeless color into your look. It may seem drab, but it is just the thing that is going to set your look apart from your sea of friends. Take Blake for example, most people would have chosen a black boot, she went gray. Go for slightly different by choosing this color, but not jumping from the cliff. Push yourself stylishly…. just a little:)

Another option that I absolutely love is doing a brown boot with gray tights. Reese has it spot on. It throws off the look from “normal” just the right amount. Tights are an important accessory during the colder months and can not only add excitement to your look, but they can extend the wearability of a lot of your pieces. Like dresses and skirts!
Stop buying black everything all of the time. If you try one new thing this season, try gray tights.

Not ready for a super leap yet? Gray jeans are a safe way to enter the world of “new neutrals”. Try out this pair by Seven. They are fantastic because they can go with black or brown. This makes a pair of gray jeans the most versatile you will ever own. If that isn’t a selling point, I don’t know what is!

And finally, the perfect topper to any look? An indoor/outdoor gray jacket. This piece will be useful from fall all the way through to spring. It can be worn as your jacket when it is a bit warmer out or under your coat as a layering piece for your look. The gray color makes the jacket transferable from warmer to colder months. What a perfect investment piece this Helmut Lang jacket would make to any gal’s wardrobe.

So I think my argument has been proven. Gray IS the new black beyond a reasonable doubt. Search just slightly outside your comfort zone and you will quickly find that adding some gray is just the sunshine your wardrobe needs.


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