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How To Pack For A Weekend Getaway

Stop stressing over packing! Follow Amy’s easy Labor Day weekend packing checklist to style tons of looks (without bringing the kitchen sink).


3 BAGS YOU NEED (and how to pack them!)


When talking about the ultimate packing list, I always talk about bags. They can completely change an entire look (which is why you need 3 just for a weekend getaway). They should cover all categories of possible activities including the beach, daytime adventures and nighttime fabulousness. And that’s it, do not try and squeeze in any more. We are trying to streamline your packing with reality in mind! Watch the video below for quick and easy tips on how to pack your 3 awesome bags. And be sure to click on my checklist to shop some look-alike options for your next trip!




You need at least one hat for a fabulous weekend getaway. This is not optional, this is a necessity. Your face is your money maker and sun damage is not conducive to this concept. Plus you are WAY more fabulous with a hat on. Think of this styling choice as a daytime activity topper in addition to your beach days. Does the threat of packing said hat cause you to leave it in your closet? Stop no more. Watch this video and learn how easy it is to bring your awesome (and protective) hat with you.




Getting ready for the beach should not be an uphill battle. It can definitely be a daunting experience if being half-naked around strangers is not your thing. So let me make it just a little easier (and more fabulous). Just a few basics will have you feeling good, looking good and showing off your sassy sense of style while still being comfortable. Check out the video below to create the ultimate beach look no matter your body type, budget or lifestyle!