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Let Your Umbrella Shine

It is crappy here. It is raining, it is cold, it just stinks. So why not talk about fabulously amazing umbrellas?!? It makes everything appear shiny again:) I love a good fashion pick-me-up.

Apparently so did Mary Poppins. She not only loved her bag, but she was quite fashion forward with her stylish umbrella as well. And so I ask, why is it that most people refuse to spend any money on this very worthy item? I am a culprit as well. Living in NYC, it is easy to pick up a $3 umbrella on any street corner, on any rainy day. It is also easy to lose this $3 umbrella on any street corner, on any rainy day. So I guess that is my answer. Why would one spend money on an item that is so easily lost?

And here is my answer: You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shades that has the same “losability” as your umbrella. Yet, you go for it and purchase the hot Gucci sunglasses. For around $30-$50 you can have your very own super stylish umbrella that, just like a great bag, will up the ante of any rainy day look. In crappy weather it is a necessity to look hot!

Carnival Rain Umbrella
Photo courtesy of Stylehive.com