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Meet Make-Up Artist: Laura Nadeau

  • by Amy Salinger
  • April 28th, 2009
  • My Style

Get excited. I am about to introduce you to an amazing make-up artist who not only is GREAT at make-up, but she blogs about it too! Just like me, she works with “real” women who want to look fabulous. Laura is not only great at her craft, but her energy and entertainment value match mine… This is not an easy feat:) At her website LoandCo, she also provides instructional videos (just like Sass N Style) where she demonstrates things like how to correctly apply fake lashes. Did I mention she was also entertaining?

Now here is the really great news! Laura and I seem to have too many similarities in our businesses to not provide complete head to toe tips for our readers. So, coming soon, Laura and I are going to offer our expertise on completely fabulous looks and how to completely achieve them! ALL IN ONE FAB!

So, as you await our amazing joint blog posts to have our readers feeling and looking good from top to bottom, make sure to check out her blog……


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