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My Cold Island Rainy Day Chic Look

  • by Amy Salinger
  • August 18th, 2009
  • My Style

How hilarious is this? Only I would put a pissed off picture of myself freezing my nonnies off in the pouring rain…. on a weekend getaway. Here is the story: We all know that I am in Ohio this summer so the word “vacation” is different than what I am used to. My boyfriend took me to an island (yes, there is an island here:) called Put in Bay. Seriously, that is the name! Who wouldn’t want to go there with such a fabulously amazing name? I had no choice but to follow his lead as I had never been there. It is always tricky when you are being led into the unknown, specifically, what do you pack? My goal is to always be the most fabulous, appropriate and comfortable person within in a 10 mile radius of where I am. I was given this information by him: “It is a small island where you don’t need a car and people drink their way through the weekend. It will be raining for most of the first day we are there. Remember Amy, it is VERY casual.” Done and done.

So here is how it really went. We drove 2.5 hours and put everything we had on his back, literally. Yea, I didn’t really carry anything.. I think he was tired of hearing me complain:) We were camping, taking bikes and had our clothes, but leaving the car on the mainland and taking the ferry over. Just picture that. Did I mention it was pouring and 60 degrees? So much for an island vacation. I had to think quickly with what I had brought, luckily I was prepared….. and stylish:)

Now, aside from the garbage bag my boyfriend claims is a poncho, I actually looked pretty cute given the absurd circumstances. Drinking for hours straight not only made me feel better about the situation, but I think I actually started to look better:) My cold island rainy day drinking chic look had to be layered. I was in and out of bars, it was freezing out and I was soaking wet. Did I mention I drank a lot that day? I am all about being functional and stylish and apparently God was challenging me with this particular scenario. But did I quit? Did I throw in the towel and just look like crap? No! I looked fabulous for myself, I looked fabulous for my boyfriend, I looked fabulous for my faithful blog reading audience!

The ensemble was this: A garbage bag poncho (hot), my super hot pink windbreaker, a purple Forever 21 fitted hoodie, my longer American Eagle lace trim tank (I needed some “fancy”), my peace sign gray and white summer scarf, American Apparel leggings and my FAVORITE gold Reef flip flops. Thank God it was cold, because where would I have packed all of this stuff????

The best part of it all is that I am wearing a garbage bag, drinking at a shady bar and holding a bird…. all while looking super stylish! And, if you notice, my expression becomes much more joyful as the day went on. Was it the fact that it had stopped raining or that I was on my 8th drink that made me so smiley in the picture on the right? You decide:)


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  • Ahahahahahahaha!!! What a great post. We have spent summer vaca on Kelley’s with ferry trips to PIB. I must say, we lucked out with the weather, though last summer the bugs were a little much. Most people don’t think “island” when they think “Ohio.” But what a great bonus. And you really were stylin.

  • I love that you are reading my blog! Yes, Put in Bay was quite an experience:) Keep reading Sass N Style and spread the word!!

  • I hope you weren’t subjected to the awful Ohio wine that they sell there. Perhaps not, though, since PIB is all about drinking beer and doing shots, right? You must really be in love….

  • Oh, you look great in the photos, btw!

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