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My Style for Episode 1 of MDS

Incase you missed the first episode of Million Dollar Shoppersfear not! You can watch the recap video here and learn about my what I was really thinking on Lifetime. Below are some of my favorite outfits I wore during filming. After each episode every week, be sure to look back here for my personal input on the show and my outfit choices! If you have any questions feel free to comment to receive personal styling advice.

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Do you like my hair? I totally have clip in pieces on the sides. I love fake hair!!!!

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I am totally obsessed with this Helmut Lang blazer. It is a must have in all my client’s closets. It is originally $600, but of course I managed to get it for $230. It is completely worth the price tag, it literally goes with everything. LOVE. The black jumper is from Aqua and was gifted to me for hosting an event at Bloomingdales. And don’t forget the bag… It is by Milly and was brand new at a consignment store where I snagged it for $120. I hate paying full price (for myself:).

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This fun sequin top is from J.Crew and was lent to me by one of my besties. I literally ran out of clothing at this point and production had very specific ideas of what they wanted us to wear during interviews. I paired it with hot pink studs and hot pink lips for just a touch of color.  I didn’t want anything to compete with my top!

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This short sleeve tuxedo blazer is from H & M almost 8 years ago. There are certain pieces from that store that seem to last, and then there is the rest of it. I paired it with a fav find from Loehmann’s, I love a good rhinestone necklace.

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This leather bomber is literally da bomb. Yup, I said it. I have never seen another one like it.. Cropped sleeves and a ruffle collar, yes please. I got it over the summer about 5 years ago for $200 down from $600. Off season buying is brilliant if you know it is going to be a staple in your wardrobe.

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This blue DVF dress with leather trim was a full price find, but I knew it would really pop on camera. Don’t you think? Honestly, I am kind of impressed with how I look since I accidentally stayed up way to late the night before. 12 hours of filming=go to bed early!!! Lesson learned.

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 Check out the HUGE bracelet on my left wrist. It is from one of my favorite designers, Kara Ross NY. She lent me a ton of stuff for shooting which is a perk of being me. I probably have on at least one of her pieces in almost every scene of the show. Lucky me:)

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Unlimited budget? Apparently so. This is not usually the norm in my real life, but I certainly don’t mind when it happens. Hope and Graceann were hilarious and a total pleasure to work with. They were fun, outgoing and SO excited to be a part of the show. They trusted me as a professional, but weren’t afraid to tell me what they thought. I loved working with them and would be happy to style them again!!