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Santa Fe: Tips for Travel Shopping

I love to shop. Obviously. Shopping locally in a dope ass place where amazing jewelry is abundant and the style is bananas??? I’m done for it. I have tricks and tips that I use every time I shop, and more specifically, when I travel. These are the little nuggets of information that you, as my loyal readers, deserve to know. So here are the goods on how to shop like a local, Santa Fe edition.

Santa Fe is amazing. I fell in love pretty immediately. The scenery, the energy, the architecture and of course, the shopping! It was unbelievable how good the fashion was. I was immediately hooked. I’m not crazy into the navajo look, but a flare piece here and there will make anyone a little more fashionable. You just have to figure out what your look is, what is YOUR Sante Fe style? And of course, what will work in your “real” wardrobe back at home.



Obviously turquoise is all the jam in Santa Fe. I quickly realized that it is also hella expensive. Apparently I have never bought real turquoise before because I has some serious sticker shock. My approach was clear. I created a budget ($500) for my shopping excursion and set out to find at least one piece that would make me smile every time I looked at it for years to come. That is what travel shopping should do, take you back to the happy memory AND look rad with your outfit.



Everywhere I turned, there were options. Options for different stones, different styles, different metals. The number one rule of travel shopping is to WAIT FOR THE RIGHT PIECE TO FIND YOU. Often times we go in wanting to buy something and end up settling on something because the goal was to BUY something. You feel defeated if you don’t. Stop, this is crazy. Wait for the right piece to find you and then buy it. Going home empty handed is way better than spending a bunch of money on something that is just taking up room in your closet and reminding you of your failure every time you look at it. Shrink session complete.




My first piece was this fabulous pair of jet and turquoise earrings, price tag $300. I love shopping from street vendors more than anything in the world and yup, that’s where I found these. From the designer himself. How much cooler is that than buying them at a store with a huge markup?? Go to the source, it is always better, both price and story-wise. I wanted something that had some edge to it, this meant literal edges. I wanted more angular and architectural pieces. That is how I knew I would make it work with my NYC wardrobe.




My second and final piece was a ring. I came across Marcus Slim, a young and amazing designer of contemporary navajo jewelry and I fell in love. It was as if Santa Fe and NYC had a baby and it was Marcus Slim’s rings. Believe it or not, the vision in my mind did not really fit what was being sold, so I soldiered on convinced I could find it, and I did…..



At $150, I came in under budget for my Santa Fe shopping trip. I set out to buy one piece of jewelry that would make me smile and I came out with two. Double smiles for years to come…..


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Shop Now! Post Holiday Sales

If you know anything about me, you know I love a good deal. Well guess what folks? It’s good deal season, otherwise known as post holiday sales. Now is the time to shop. Shop for things you have been wanting, shop for things that just catch your eye, shop for things that you absolutely have been longing for. Get it girl. No seriously, get it, these items won’t last long at these prices!!!!!




Aquatalia boots for $378??? This is a no- brainer. Aquatalia is hands down my favorite brand of boots because they are not only stylish, but they are weather-proof. I’m talking go out into a blizzard, step in an ankle deep puddle proof. This is a sick price for something that will last you for seasons to come.


Pajar snow boots for $97 down from $220, WHAT?? I’m having trouble not buying all of my suggestions because these prices are flat out crazy. Buy snow boots, you need them. This is my favorite brand and they are under $100! Cute, comfy and reasonably priced, what more can a girl ask for?



Teddy coats are in, why not get one on-sale? For trendier items, I ONLY shop sales. This might be a more expensive option at $1529, but it’s still 15% off and it is a luxury coat by Yves Salomon. Be comfortable with a price point that fits your lifestyle, but no matter who you are, you know you love a good sale!



A shearling leather bomber for $878? My head just exploded. If you know anything about shearling, you know it’s hella expensive. I have been looking for a shearling coat for years, but even on sale the price tag usually scares me. This coat is totally worth it. You are basically getting a two-for-one, a shearling coat AND a leather bomber. Two staple wardrobe items in one. Hell yea.




Want a splurge item that doesn’t have the splurge price tag? Well bam, here you go! This All Saints snake print leather bomber is on sale for $180. You read that right. I have actually never seen a good quality leather bomber so reasonably priced and I shop ALL the time. Now is the moment to buy your “fun” items because the price tag finally has the right number on it……





Stella McCartney on sale! Happy days are here. This neutral (yes, I said neutral) Stella McCartney cross-body bag is going to sell out at $499. She (the bag of course) looks a little crazy, but this animal print IS in fact a great neutral. And this print works both in the trendy and classic ways, this will be money well spent.



Buy a leather backpack, it will change your life. And the best part (besides the $350 price tag for Longchamp) is that it is a spring color!!! You will get to rock this fun, stylish and functional bag in the coming months. No waiting until next season girl. Don’t underestimate the power of a stylish and luxurious backpack, it is life changing. You are not to old to carry a backpack, trust.



LBD forever. Get your perfect for every event ever little black dress on sale, you can thank me later. Or now, it’s totally up to you. Chiara Boni La Petite Robe is hands down my fav LBD designer. Every dress is made of a Spanx like material meaning it’s a bitch to get on. BUT, and this is a big but, once it is you are sucked and tucked all night. Yup, it’s amazing.



A cashmere sweater is a necessity. Getting one on sale is a must. If you have never owned one then you are blissfully unaware of what you are missing. Cashmere is divine. You feel like a tiny baby wrapped in heaven with the sun shining on you. Yes, that good. I know it is expensive which is why sale time is buying time for cashmere!!!








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Christmas Style by Body Type

Ah, Christmas. A time for cookies, presents, eggnog and family cheer. Should choosing your outfit for the big holiday be the most stressful part? I think not. Dealing with your Great-Aunt asking why you still live in a studio apartment with 4 cats and no husband is sufficient enough.


I decided to bring back “styling for your body type” so you can look and feel great while you over eat your way through December. At least that is how my holiday season is spent! Remember, you are never just one body type. Check out the options below and see where you best fit in….






The hourglass baby. This shape implies you are curvier through the chest and hips/butt with a smaller waist. The best way to show off the hourglass shape is to cinch your look in the middle. The outfit above showcases this perfectly by pairing a high-waist skirt with a cropped leather bomber. Your waist is clearly defined by having both the top and bottom meet at your middle.










The rectangle, straight from top to bottom. This shape is defined by one’s shoulders, waist and hips being close to the same measurements. A great way to style the rectangle shape is to create curves through your wardrobe choices. The above look does this by pairing a silhouette-conscious dress (NOT TIGHT) with a longer accessory. The LONG necklace actually creates a waist by drawing the eye to the center of the body.









Good old inverted triangle. This lovely lady is broader in the shoulders with narrow hips. The best way to balance out the inverted triangle shape is to wear something more structured on the top half. In this case, the long faux fur vest is giving some balance to her more narrow hips. Feel free to tuck the blouse for a more defined waist or leave it untucked if you are about to eat to much!










Oh yea apple shape. This body type is defined by being rounder in the middle with slimmer arms and legs. The proper way to style the apple shape is to give forgiveness to the torso and highlight those long limbs. The above dress is aline creating a waist for the apple shape by cinching in the middle and then flaring outward through the bottom half. Add a long sweater for comfy coverage.











And for the grand finale, the pear shape. This lovely lady will have a narrow upper half with a more curvaceous bum and hips.  To best style the pear shape you want to create a balance between the top and bottom half of your figure. Often times a true pear shape can be different sizes in tops and bottoms so separates are your friend. The outfit above highlights go to “pajama-chic” leggings with a more civilized structured blazer giving that sought-after balance AND comfort!


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Image from myfashioncents.com



I have so much to wear!


So many outfits, so little time.


I love my wardrobe.


My closet is so organized I know where things are.


My Favorite Designer: Veronica Beard

I have been obsessed with Veronica Beard since the moment I set eyes on one of their blazers. Although they now have a full collection of awesome pieces, their blazer is what put them on the map. Even more than loving the collection, I love the story of the designers themselves. Sister-in-laws both named Veronica with a love for fashion design met, and thus, a collection was born. Don’t you wish you loved your sister-in-law that much???



Looking for a fabulous, perfectly tailored blazer that will be the showstopper of any outfit? Look no further, Veronica Beard has got just the fix you need. They have truly created what can only be described as the perfect blazer. If Balmain (also known for it’s fab blazers) is just a little too pricey starting at around $1600, Veronica Beard is the answer to your blazer problems.



A neutral animal skin belt can make everything better. Veronica Beard branched out into accessories showcasing that their talents went far beyond blazers. Animal prints are all the rage this season, why not add a touch through your accessories?  This is a great way to dip your toe in the animal print pond with diving in…..



High waist jeans are a staple, not a fad. Veronica Beard understands that a woman not only likes to look good, but she likes to feel good too! Why on earth did we ever wear low rise jeans??? I blame Britney Spears. This pair by Veronica Beard is their staple style showing off an exposed button fly. If you like fun and flattering, these are the pair for you.



A tweed mini skirt is just flat out fun. With the holidays almost upon us, finding a perfect dress is NOT the only option. You always want to make a fashion splash, stand out AND be appropriate for the occasion. Veronica Beard has designed the perfect party skirt. A touch of sophistication mixed with feminine fun.



A jumpsuit will always be awesome, period. If you follow me, you know I’m obsessed. Anything that can be fabulous, sassy, trendy, classic and sexy all in one is just basically perfect. Not to mention this long sleeve jumpsuit by Veronica Beard needs nothing buy shoes and jewelry. One and done fashion? Yes, please.